Hike & Relax at the Pachaug State Forest near Poquetanuck

Pachaug State Forest features over 20,000 acres throughout Connecticut for exploration. The area offers many recreational opportunities for nature lovers staying in the nearby area. With the expanse of the trails and water areas the park offers, visitors can enjoy time outdoors.

Pachaug State Forest
Route 49
Voluntown, CT 06384
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Hiking Trails

Visitors staying in a nearby Poquetanuck Bed and Breakfast can benefit from a relaxing day hiking in the Pachaug State Forest. The trails run throughout the area and provide different avenues for views. The four most popular trails in the region offer travel for several miles throughout the forest. The Nehantic Trail provides about 15 miles beginning near the Green Fall Pond. The trail starts around the trailhead of Pachaug and ends next to the Pachaug River near to Route 201. The other popular trails include the Quinebaug, Narragansett, and the Pachaug Trail. The trail lengths vary with the Pachaug being the longest at 30 miles. Scenic views offered by these trails allow visitors the ability to enjoy the natural surroundings and wildlife in the area.

Motorcycle Trails

Motorcycle riders can ride their own trail through the Pachaug State Forest while staying at a Poquetanuck Inn. The trail offers about 58 miles along the woods and public roads year round. The Chapman area provides the trail for motorcyclists, featuring scenic views of the wooded forest areas and the ability to enjoy nature while riding along the trail meant just for motorcycles.

Mt. Misery Overlook

Visitors to the Pachaug State Forest can view the location from the highest elevation point on Mt. Misery Overlook. The elevation rises to about 441 feet, according to the Department of Environmental Protection. The overlook provides a view of the fishing area and surrounding forest. The overlook offers accessibility through either driving to the parking area or through the trails that lead up toward the area.

The Rhododendron Sancturary

Rhododendrons offer their beautiful blossoms at the beginning of July annually. The budding plants offer a short walk through their place in the Pachaug State Forest among the ample swampland. The sanctuary provides unusual ecology, according to the Department of Environmental Protection, that provides the blend of different plants and natural land known throughout New England. Visitors staying in the nearby Poquetanuck area can benefit from seeing the natural beauty provided from these flowering plants when they show their foliage in the summer months.

Beachdale Pond

Anglers staying in the nearby Poquetanuck area can enjoy a day of fishing at the Pachaug State Forest. The pond features a stocked area with trout, bass, bullhead, and pickerel, according to the Department of Environmental Protection. The area offers a platform for anglers needing access to the area by wheelchair. A swimming area is located nearby within the Pachaug State Forest for those wanting to cool off during the summer months. The roped-off portion of the water features a sandy beach and area for picnics.

The Pachaug State Forest offers a lot of outdoor recreational opportunity for visitors in the nearby Poquetanuck area. Take along a picnic lunch while enjoying a hike and scenic views of the forest area or beach.