See the New Haven Green and other Charming Attractions

Visit New Haven Green while staying in Connecticut. BBOnline put together a great list of things to keep you and your loved ones busy. Don't sit around with nothing to do. Get out and explore New Haven Green and other fascinating attractions!

New Haven Green
Temple St
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 562-6312

New Haven Green is one of the Town Greens. Town Greens proudly represents the heritage and history of the town's people. New Haven Green is located downtown and is home to three significant 19th century churches. These churches hold significance based on their historical value and amazing architecture. The haven is also a place for concerts, commercialism and festivals.

Within New Haven Green you'll find the Memorial Monument Flagstaff, Bennet Memorial Fountain, New Haven Library, the State Supreme Court and three 19th century wood frame houses. There's also the old Yale College campus.

New Haven Green hosts many events and festivals, such as the Amistad Memorial. These festivities draw large crowds of visitors to the area. Such events are well-received by the local townspeople and vacationers. You may even have the chance to experience one of these events while vacationing in your New Haven Bed and Breakfast.

East Rock Park
Cold Spring and Orange Streets
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 946-6086

East Rock Park offers you a fantastic day of recreational activities away from your New Haven Inn. The park consists of 425 acres of things to do, such as nature trails for hiking, basketball courts and a playground. Here are a few sites to check out while visiting:

  • The Trowbridge Environmental Center
  • Pardee Rose Garden and Greenhouse
  • Soldiers & Sailors Monument
  • Giant Steps Trail

Call for hours and visitor details before heading out. Hours may change according to the season. 

Edgerton Park Conservatory
75 Cliff St
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 946-8009

The property that Edgerton Park Conservatory resides on was once owned by famous inventor Eli Whitney. You'll find a carriage house filled with a large collection of periodicals and books about gardening, conservation and flower arrangements. There are also greenhouses containing a rain forest exhibit and exotic plants from around the world. Sign up for a detailed tour and hands-on experience at the carriage house.

Lighthouse Point Park
2 Lighthouse Point Rd 
New Haven, CT 06512
(203) 946-8019

Constructed almost a century ago, the original lighthouse no longer shines in the night. Instead, the lighthouse and its surrounding area are tourist attractions. Picnic tables, fishing, boating and beach activities attract thousands of visitors every year. Many bring their children to the park for a vacation filled with swimming, fishing at the pier and fun on the playground. Adults appreciate bird watching season. Migratory birds flock to the park every fall and spring.

Park rangers hold tours and lectures at Lighthouse Point Park. They teach visitors about marine life and maritime history. Make your reservations for this tour by calling the East Shore Ranger Program at (203) 946-8790.

Lighthouse Point Park opens at 7 a.m. and closes at sunset. From April to November you can enjoy the entire park. Admission is $10.00 when you drive your vehicle. If you decide to take a bus from your New Haven Inn, admission is free.