Attractions to See when You Visit Trinidad, CO

Those who visit Trinidad love the different attractions that are available throughout the community. Most people don't have a chance to see all the sights and sounds before heading back home. If you are someone who wants to see the best of the best while staying at your Trinidad Inn, consider visiting one or all of the following exceptional options.

The Movie Picture Showhouse
3600 East Main St.
Trinidad, CO 81082
(719) 846-0552

This picture house offers a unique way to see one of its limited yet up to date movies as opposed to sitting in a traditional movie theater. There are two different suites available, in which you can schedule a viewing of a movie you choose from the lineup. Tickets cost $20 per adult and $10 per child as of 2011. All tickets include popcorn and a drink, so this is a perfect way to experience a movie in a whole new light. It's also a good way to get out of the sun or the snow (whenever you're visiting) for the afternoon.

Trinidad History Museum

312 East Main St.
Trinidad, CO 81082
(719) 946-7217

When you visit Trinidad, you won't want to miss this rich attraction. Explore everything there is to know about Trinidad's past by visiting the various points of interest along the block toward Trinidad's historic district. The complex is big enough to keep you busy throughout the day and include things like historic housing, heritage gardens, a trail museum, a gallery and of course, a gift shop. Food can be found within walking distance of the museum area. The Sante Fe historic hiking trail can also be accessed from the museum.

Cougar Canyon
3700 East Main St.
Trinidad, CO 81082
(877) 547-7455

The beautiful backdrop of this golf resort is one of the most amazing things you will witness when you visit Trinidad, so whether you're a golfer or not, this activity will be something you won't soon forget. The course winds through dramatic caverns, mesas and valleys and stretches 7,669 yards. The course, while gorgeous, is considered minimalist so people of all skill levels will enjoy getting some exercise here. Drinks, snacks and gifts can be purchased at the visitor center and gift shop at the clubhouse.

A.R. Mitchell Memorial Museum of Western Art
150 East Main St.
Trinidad, CO 81082
(719) 846-4224

After you've rested up in your Trinidad Bed and Breakfast, consider spending the morning at this beautiful museum. It features more than 350 different paintings all created by Arthur Roy Mitchell. Many historic photographs and art pieces created by other talented artists help to round out the historical depictions of the Trinidad area. The museum is historical in itself, having been built in 1906, which lends to the truly authentic nature of the whole experience. This multistory museum is something the entire family will enjoy visiting.