Learn Something New at the North Fork Historical Society Museum in Paonia, CO

Paonia, CO, situated in the North Fork Valley, is known for its orchards and farmlands. Its history is rich and attracts folks who want to return to a more natural way of life. Find out about the rich culture behind this small community at the North Fork Historical Society Museum.

North Fork Historical Society Museum
PO Box 1239
Paonia, CO 81428
(970) 527-3470

Run by the local Historical Society, this museum gives its visitors a unique understanding of Paonia and the North Fork Valley of the the Gunnison River's story. The community's dedication to the preservation of its history inspired the museum to display its findings at no cost to visitors. The museum is open Friday from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Call in advance for tour information.

Desert Weyr
16870 Garvin Mesa Road
Paonia, CO 81428
(970) 527-3573

If you enjoy learning about the culture of the North Fork Valley, take a trip to Desert Weyr Farm. Dedicated to creating a more sustainable world, Desert Weyr Farm works to improve soil fertility and treat animals humanely. This small farm works to turn inedible plants unto healthy food. The Weyr Farm specializes in growing Black Welsh mountain sheep, which also provide wool. Other animals living at the farm include chickens, geese and CMK Arabian Horses. Also present is an apple orchard which was established in 1905. The orchard features red delicious and Jonathan apples grown as a Paonia tradition.

The Living Farm / TLC Greenhouse
12506 Crawford Rd.
Paonia, CO 81428
(970) 527-3305

If you'd like to try an organic styled experience with vegetables, flowers, grains, animals and groceries, The Living Farm should provide an interesting afternoon. The Living Farm is 130 acres, 80 of which are rented to other farmers. The most intriguing aspect of The Living Farm is that it offers classes and internships teaching students of all ages the benefits and beauties of farming naturally without pesticides. The Living Farm prepares future farmers to use all of the animal. If you like to pick your own fruit, it allows folks to come on up and pick fresh in-season fruits. Check the website listed above to see what's available during your visit to a Paonia Bed and Breakfast.

Mount Lamborn
5 miles southeast of Paonia
Paonia, Co 81428

The greatest way to learn about any part of Colorado is to hike it. Mount Lamborn offers 9.8 miles of moderate trails to view the North Fork Valley. Plan a full day to take on these trails and make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and food if you plan to spend a day away from your Paonia Inn. If you take the trail to its end, you'll find the highest point in Colorado County. This is a rustic area and allows the hiker to take in the nature and the surroundings that inspired the community of Paonia.