Durango Things to Do: 2 Beginner-Level Biking Trails in Durango

If you are looking for excellent opportunities for outdoor adventure in Colorado, you should visit the city of Durango. Things to do range from visiting cultural sites to hiking, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. For biking enthusiasts, the city has many great biking trails that lead to beautiful natural spots, as well as famous attractions. While some of these trails run on flat and smooth surfaces, others go through rugged terrain in mountainous areas. If you are a beginner-level biker, BBOnline recommends these 2 biking trails in Durango.

Animas River Trail
32nd Street to Durango Mall
Durango, Colorado 81301

The Animas River Trail is probably the most popular multiple-use trail in the city of Durango. Things to do for active tourists must include biking on this trail, because it leads to some of the most wonderful sights and attractions in the city. This hard-surface trail runs along the Animas River, and it covers a total distance of about 5 miles. It starts from the intersection of East 2nd Avenue and 32nd Street in the northern part of the city, and it goes all the way south to the Durango Mall. Along the way, you'll pass by a number of city parks, bridges and historic buildings. The trail also leads to excellent swimming and fishing spots.

Biking on the Animas River Trail is one of the best ways to explore the city of Durango. The beginning point of the trail is located on the other side of the river from the City Market North, so it should be fairly easy for you to find your way there from your Durango Inn.

Colorado Trail at Junction Creek
25th Street
Durango, Colorado 81301

For most hikers and bikers in Durango, things to do must include exploring the Colorado Trail. This trail is one of the most exciting ones in Colorado, and it runs all the way to the Denver city area. However, most bikers will not ride until the end of the trail. Some parts of the trail can be very strenuous, but the Junction Creek section offers an easy ride all year round. The Colorado Trail at Junction Creek covers a total distance of 5 miles, and it gives you the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the Durango area.

To get to the beginning point of the trail, you have to travel on 25th Street and go through a country road that leads to a parking lot. The trail is smooth and flat, and it's very easy to ride for the first 2 miles. After 2.5 miles, you will arrive at bridge, and the trail becomes more challenging as it goes through steep switchbacks. For beginner bikers, the bridge should be the end point of the trail. As you travel along this trail, you will also come across several pools where you can take a rest and refresh yourself. If you want to try this trail, you can ask the staff at your Durango Bed and Breakfast for more information.