A Boulder Travel Guide to Nearby Ski Resorts

If you are making Boulder travel plans during the winter, chances are you're planning on doing some serious skiing. Although there are activities to do in Boulder during the summer months, many people choose to use the city as a home base for hitting the slopes in the winter. Although there are no slopes in the heart of Boulder, most top skiing areas in Colorado are less than an hour from the city. Below are several Boulder area ski resorts that are both convenient and exciting.

Eldora Mountain Resort
2861 Eldora Ski Road #140
Nederland, CO 80466

Eldora Mountain Resort is the closest ski resort to Boulder in all of Colorado. While the prime time to visit Eldora is during the winter months, many people like to go hiking during the summer and soak up the sun. Since 1962, Eldora has been establishing a reputation for premium ski slopes and amazing Colorado views. Because the slope receives 300 inches of snow each and every year, most visitors are never disappointed by weak skiing conditions. Eldora also has its very own restaurant that serves up fresh, local foods as well as a taste of international cuisine. While Corona Bowl is the most challenging mountain in Eldora, there are many green and intermediate slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Ask for directions to the Eldora Mountain Resort from anyone at your Boulder Inn.

Breckenridge Ski Resort
1599 County Road 3
Breckenridge, CO

(970) 453-5000

If you're spending a few weeks at a Boulder Bed and Breakfast, chances are you're going to want to branch out and get away from the city. While the Breckenridge Ski Resort is over an hour and a half from Boulder, many travelers like to get away from the city and explore the premium ski resorts in the area. If you are visiting the Breckenridge slopes with children, there is an award-winning ski school at the resort that runs through the entire skiing season. In addition to normal chairlifts, Breckenridge ski resorts have two 6-passenger super chairs that get skiers up the mountain in record speeds. If you are making Boulder travel plans and want to know what the forecast is, the ski resort's website will keep you up to date on weather conditions and current conditions of each slope on the mountain.

Keystone Resort
100 Dercum Square
Dillon, CO

(970) 262-7513

While Boulder travel plans often hinge around weather conditions, ski resorts that have multiple mountains have a better chance of yielding adequate conditions. The Keystone Resort is one of the most popular resorts in the area and boasts six unique mountains. While there is a variety of slopes and trails in the area, many travelers visit Keystone to ski at night. Night skiing is one of the most popular activities here. Although it only runs till 8pm, many people like to stick around and hit the major slopes under the bright lights and stars of the region.