A Guide to the Restaurants in Sudbury, ON

A wonderful city in Ontario, Canada, Sudbury was created through a merger of the former Regional Municipality of Sudbury with other unincorporated towns in 2001. Now the largest city in Northern Ontario both by population and land area, the place is booming commercially, particularly in the tourism sector. If you are going to visit this place, you will be delighted to find a wide array of dining options that offer both local and international flavors. While staying at your Sudbury inn for a vacation, check out some of BBOnline's favorite local restaurants.  

Laughing Buddha
194 Elgin Street
Greater Sudbury, ON 
(705) 673-2112 

Laughing Buddha is located in the downtown area of Sudbury. Its unique patio dining setting is perfect for a quick lunch, romantic dinner or even a late night out. Open from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m., it's packed all day long. Aside from the exceptional food, people also love the collection of local and imported beer, and the fascinating musical entertainment on offer. Some of the dishes that you must try include the brie romb with walnuts and raspberry sauce, wild cranny rice salad, cheese and tomato thyme sandwich, and the Veggie Buddha.

Respect Is Burning Supperclub 
82 Durham Street 
Greater Sudbury, ON
(705) 675-5777 

Respect is indeed burning when you visit this place. This restaurant boasts of savory Italian dishes made from scratch; all ingredients including the sauces, egg noodles and pastas are made in-house. All the food items coming out of the kitchen are healthy—no trans fats, no vegetable oil and nothing synthetic. Everything is all natural. Passionate chefs compose the kitchen staff, which is committed to giving you a pleasant dining experience. Ravioli Dali in prosciutto brandy blush sugo and the collection of stove-oven pizzas are some of the best dishes to order while you're here. It's a local favorite that you should visit during your stay at a Sudbury Bed and Breakfast.

Bella Vita Cucina Restaurant  
493 Kathleen Street 
Greater Sudbury, ON  
(705) 586-3038  

Another excellent Italian restaurant in Sudbury is the Bella Vita Cucina, a family owned restaurant that was established in 2008. The name of the restaurant translates to Beautiful Life Kitchen, which is evident in its presentation of a wide array of pasta, pizza, seafood, and dessert choices all made to entice your taste buds. This restaurant also capitalizes in freshness, quality, and authenticity, making you feel as if you are in Italy.  

Little India Restaurant  
151 Larch Street 
Greater Sudbury, ON  
(705) 670-9553  

If you prefer something exotic, go to Little India where you'll get a slice of rich Indian fare such as the Samosa platter, vegetable Pakora platter, chicken biryani, tandoori chicken or poppadum. There are also American staples with a tinge of Indian flavors like the fish and chips, chicken nuggets and fries, and organic Caesar salad.