The St. Jacobs Farmers Market & Other Charming Local Attractions

The St. Jacob Farmers Market is one of the places to visit while you're in Ontario, Canada, especially if shopping is part of your itinerary. You'll find it worth your time to take a peek into this colorful and bustling market. If shopping is not your cup of tea, there are other equally charming attractions that you should see during your trip. Be sure to visit these places while staying at your St. Jacobs inn.

St. Jacobs Farmers Market
878 Weber Street North
Waterloo, ON
(519) 747-1830

The St. Jacobs Farmers Market is the biggest market in Canada, open all year round. You can immerse yourself in the vast array of food and craft products, ranging from regional delicacies to international flavors. Fresh produce like meats, pastries and cheeses are plentiful in the main building. Home decorations, handmade accessories, housewares, furniture, plants and more can be found in the second level upstairs of the market area. You be fascinated with the assortment of choices, and delighted to find them all reasonably priced. It is one place you should visit during a day trip from your St. Jacobs Bed and Breakfast.

The Mennonite Story          
1408 King Street North
St. Jacobs, ON
(519) 664-3518

The Village of St. Jacobs is a staple attraction in most tours in this part of Canada. It shouldn't be a surprise since this area holds so much history and culture. One of the precious gems in the area is the Mennonite Story. The best way to explore this place is to take a multimedia tour, starting with a DVD presentation that details the historical background of the Old Order Mennonites. After that, you can head towards the informative exhibit that showcases a range of photographs and artifacts. Since this is a popular attraction near the St. Jacobs Farmers Market, you might want to book a tour in advance.

Maple Syrup Museum
Third Floor of The Mill
1441 King St. North
St. Jacobs, ON
(519) 664-1232

Making maple syrup is actually more interesting than what most people think. At the Maple Syrup Museum, you'll learn the history of the production of maple syrup and the fascinating process through the display of artifacts and photographs that pertain to the industry.

St. Jacobs Quilt Gallery
Third Level of The Mill,
1441 King St. North, St. Jacobs
Ontario, N0B 2N0, Canada                                     
(519) 664-2728   

Do not miss the St. Jacobs Quilt Gallery, which is located next to the Maple Syrup Museum. This is where you'll get to see the best of Canada's quilting quality. The place holds a variety of exhibits all about quilting. It features works of group quilters and individual artists, some of which are locals, others come from different places of the world. The gallery is a testament as to why Ontario is the quilting capital of Canada.