All About the Restaurants in St. Jacobs, ON

St. Jacobs is one of the famous tourist destinations in Ontario. This is due to the large shopping areas offering diverse local items, its rich cultural heritage centering on Mennonite tradition, and the scenic views of the Conestogo River. This village situated north of Waterloo is also bustling with wonderful dining options. Here are some of those worth checking out while staying at your St. Jacobs inn.

Stone Crock Restaurant
1402 King Street North
St. Jacobs, ON
(519) 664-3612

If you're craving homemade cooking, the best place for you to go is the Stone Crock Restaurant. You can either go for the buffet style dining, which presents an assortment of roasted meats, salad bar, country soups, and freshly baked breads and pastries, or go a la carte and make a choice from the creative menu. For starters, you can have the freshly prepared classic onion soup baked with Swiss cheese and herbed croutons, classic Caesar salad, or the St. Jacobs taster, which includes summer sausages, cheese balls and apple butter. For the main course, try the seasoned and breaded pork schnitzel, Canadian beef or Asian vegetable stir fry. It's a place you'll like to visit again during your stay at a St. Jacobs Bed and Breakfast.

Benjamin's Restaurant and Inn
1430 King N
St. Jacobs, ON
(519) 664-3731

The menu at Benjamin's Restaurant and Inn revolves around traditional cuisine with a touch of contemporary creative style and flavor. All the menu items are made from fresh local ingredients, so you can expect meals that are all natural. Some of the trademark dishes include smoked salmon nicoise, tomato basil bruschetta, grilled shrimp salad, grilled ham and brie, bison burgers and grilled chicken wraps. You'll be delighted by the restaurant's cozy atmosphere, diverse wine list and Live Jazz every Friday night.

Heidelberg Restaurant Tavern and Motel
3006 Lobsinger Line
Heidelberg, ON
(519) 699-4413

Owners Bob and Gayle MacMillan welcome guests into their family restaurant with open arms, making everyone feel like they're part of the family. Famous for serving home style dishes in a cozy ambiance, it allows you to enjoy generous proportions of schnitzel, ribs, smoked pork hocks and sauerkraut. The chefs specialize in Canadian delicacies and also in Pennsylvanian Dutch cuisine. As the oldest brew pub in the region, having been established in 1860, the place is as much as a historic attraction as it is a dining option.

Conestogo Black Forest Inn
1872 Sawmill Road
Conestogo, ON
(519) 664-2223

The Conestogo Black Forest Inn used to be the village tavern during the mid-1800s. Today, it's one of the most frequented dining places near St. Jacobs. Offering picturesque views of the river, delicious organic food and friendly service, tourists and locals love visiting this place throughout the year. Goulash stew, grilled salmon, Gypsy chicken schnitzel and roasted turkey club are some of the must-try dishes at the Black Forest Restaurant.