There's So Much to Do at Trinidad Beach

Trinidad Beach offers plenty to do for visitors who enjoy the outdoors along the picturesque coastline. The beach graces the media in the form of calendars, commercials and print several times throughout the year. Experiencing the beach provides visitors a chance to explore the local area while staying in Trinidad.

Trinidad State Beach
4150 Patrick's Point Drive
Trinidad, CA 95570
(707) 677-3570

Trinidad Head Loop Trail

The Trinidad Head loop trail offers hikers a view along the shore of Trinidad Beach. From different points on the trail, according to Trinidad expert, Jim Popenoe, hikers can experience the views of the beach and other nearby areas. The top elevation of the summit of the Trinidad Head extends over 300 feet, according to Popenoe, and provides many footpaths leading to the beach and around the trail. Visitors staying at a nearby Trinidad Inn can enjoy the easy path while taking in the historic landmark located at the summit, according to Popenoe, that dates back to the 1700s.

Trinidad State Beach

Trinidad Beach provides some of the most spectacular beach photography that graces magazines, postcards, and many other media forms. The beach offers visitors the chance to enjoy the nearby location and scenic views. During the day, according to the California State Parks, the best time to visit is during low tide. The beach gives visitors staying at a nearby Trinidad Bed and Breakfast the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. While visiting the beach, visitors can enjoy a picnic in the area and relax while sunbathing on the sand. The nearby cliffs and bluffs can provide a different experience in nature that not many other beaches can give.

Trinidad Pier

A short distance along Trinidad Beach is where the Trinidad Pier is located. Anglers can cast out fishing lines at the beach along the pier for catching the local salmon and cod. Many anglers visit the pier to enjoy fishing at the beach. Walk along the over 500-foot pier that is also home to several shops, and visit one of the restaurants while touring. While the pier remains in full use during the day, visitors can enjoy the museum and overlooks located along it while sightseeing. 

Mill Creek

The Mill Creek trail leads through Trinidad Beach, according to the California State Parks, and provides access to Trinidad Head Loop. Mill creek also runs into Elk Head along the over 100 acres of park area. Visitors to the nearby area can explore the pine and spruce trees, according to the California State Parks, while climbing up to the top of the trail, catching glimpses of the local lilies that bloom in the area. The Mill Creek Trail begins by the picnic benches along the beach and lasts about half a mile.

Deep Sea Fishing

Located near Trinidad Beach at the pier are several charters for rent. The deep sea fishing opportunity gives visitors a chance to catch the local salmon, rockfish, halibut and several other species of fish along the waters bordering the beach. Anglers can even fish for Dungeness crab depending on the charter contacted. The rates provide an affordable and fun experience while visiting the Trinidad area.