Enjoy A Night Out at Templeton Restaurants & Bars

The Templeton restaurants and bars are a great way to experience the lively nightlife in California. BBOnline recommends the following places to have the perfect night out.

McPhee's Grill
416 S. Main St.
Templeton, California 93465-5302
(805) 434-3204

McPhee's Grill is one of the award-winning Templeton restaurants. It's famous for its out-of-the-grill preparations. The restaurant is open till late at night. Inquire about the working hours before you step out from your Templeton Bed and Breakfast. The grilled artichoke and sweet potato wedges make for a great start. The tempura shrimp salad and Chile duck makes for a quick eat. Try the Kobe hamburger and the barbecued pulled pork for the main course. Finish your meal with some tempting desserts like a caramel sundae, cheesecake, crème brulle or sorbet.

15 Degrees

1121 Rossi Rd.
Templeton, California 93465
(805) 434-1554

15 Degrees is a great way to wrap up your night in Templeton. This bar cum restaurant is a great place to eat out. The wine list features the finest wines from all over the world. The wines are served by the bottle as well as by the glass. This bar also has a wide selection of freshly brewed beer. Don't miss out on the opportunity to sample some Sake at the bar. The finger food complements the drinks perfectly. From different types of cheese to gourmet food, this place has it all. Ask for directions at your Templeton Inn.

Burger Station

628 S. Main St.
Templeton, California 93465
(805) 434-9200

After a night of clubbing and partying, go to Burger Station to grab a quick and filling meal. The Burger Station is one of the Templeton restaurants that offers fresh and delicious food to the party goers. The restaurant, as the name suggests, is a burger heaven but the burgers here come in only one size, extra large. They look and taste good. Loaded with caramelized onions and pickles, it makes for a great after-party snack. The fries are crisp and served hot.

Pier 46
1131 Rossi Rd.
Templeton, California 93465
(805) 434-1950

Enjoy your beer with some perfectly cooked seafood at this restaurant. The restaurant is located adjacent to the fish market in Templeton and hence the seafood is always fresh. The restaurant is known for its wide variety of beer and wine. The fish tacos are a highly sought-after dish. The tartar sauce with batter fried fish is another dish that you should sample at this restaurant cum bar. The fried calamari makes for a great appetizer. The fish and chips combo comes in a large portion size.
311 Sixth St.
Templeton, California 93465-5119
(805) 434-0440

If you're looking for a romantic and quiet dining experience, then try Penny's. This is a Victorian-styled restaurant located on Sixth Street in Templeton. You can reserve an intimate room or sit at the patio or in the outdoor garden. The focus here is on food and wine. You can sample homemade port wine. The grilled scallops and seasoned shrimp are highly recommended. The restaurant is famous for its dessert menu which includes lemon cake, chocolate mousse, crème brulle and more.