Mendocino Things to Do: Find Art in Downtown Galleries

For those who are interested in history and culture, one of the best towns to visit in California is Mendocino. Things to do for tourists in Mendocino usually include visiting museums and historic sites, but art enthusiasts will find that there are lots of opportunities to view and purchase interesting art pieces. Mendocino has an art colony where many talented artists reside and work, and its downtown area is filled with excellent galleries that offer a wide array of artworks. BBOnline recommends that you pay a visit to these well-known art galleries in downtown Mendocino.

The Artist's Co-Op Gallery
45270 Main Street
Mendocino, California 95460
(707) 937-2217

The Artist's Co-Op Gallery is an art gallery-cum-studio that is owned by a famous group of artists called The Artist's Co-Op of Mendocino. Things to do for art lovers should include a visit to this gallery, because it provides the rare opportunity for art enthusiasts and patrons to meet with artists and discuss art. The gallery is located in the upper floor of the Sussex Building, and it features some of the finest traditional and contemporary artworks that can be found along the northern coast of California.

Types of artworks that are on display in the gallery include paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, ceramics and jewelry. You will be able to see works of famous Artist's Co-Op members such as Shanti Blasé, Shizuko McConathy, Karen Bowers, Jim Moorehead, Lisa Orselli, Joseph DuVivier, Lynne Whiting Robertson, Cliff Larson, Lynne Butler and others. The gallery also hosts temporary exhibitions by guest artists.

The Artist's Co-Op Gallery is open every day of the week from 10:30 am to 5 pm, but it is closed on Tuesdays during winter. It is conveniently situated on Main Street, and you should have no trouble finding your way there from your Mendocino Bed and Breakfast.

Mendocino Art Center
45200 Little Lake Street
Mendocino, California 95460
(800) 653-3328

The Mendocino Art Center is one of the best art facilities in Mendocino. Things to do for those who are interested in art should include a visit to this place. The facility displays interesting artworks by professional artists, and it provides an excellent breeding ground for aspiring artists as well. It consists of exhibition galleries, studios, apartments for art educators and artists, and a theater, and it is a place where you can get a more intimate experience of art. A wide variety of artworks by both established and emerging artists are displayed in the exhibition galleries, and wonderful sculptures can be seen in the center's Zacha Sculpture Garden. If you wish to go to the Mendocino Art Center, you can get directions from your Mendocino Inn.

Highlight Gallery
45052 Main Street
Mendocino, California 95460
(707) 937-3132

The Highlight Gallery is another excellent place to view artworks in Mendocino. In this gallery, you'll find works by some of the most talented artists and craftsmen from northern California as well as other parts of the US. Exhibitions are held throughout the year to display different types of artworks, including paintings, drawings, pastels, watercolors, photographs, sculptures and others.