Family Friendly Restaurants in Gualala, CA

Gualala, CA has quite a strange name. It means, "Where the water flows down." It's apt for the area since the river that goes out to the ocean passes through the town center by a big sand bar, which is frequented by whales every year. It's a lovely town that is bustling with all sorts of amazing natural attractions. You'll also love the string of restaurants in the area. Start exploring them one by one while staying at your Gualala inn. 

Cafe LaLa  
39102 Ocean Drive
Gualala, CA 95445
(707) 884-1104

Cafe LaLa is a popular hangout among the locals. It serves daily breakfast and lunch specials from 7:30 a.m to 3 p.m. It offers a choice between intimate indoor seating and outdoor patio dining that promises great ocean views. You'll also love the luscious food that centers on freshness and homemade quality.

Arena Cove Bar and Grill  
790 Port Road
Point ArenaCA 95468
(707) 882-2100

There are plenty of things you'll love about the Arena Cove Bar and Grill. Its exquisite cuisine exemplifies a fusion of Latin American flavors. Fresh seafood, burgers, healthy sandwiches, rich pasta and steaks are the major highlights of the menu. All these marvelous foods can be enjoyed inside the historic building where the Arena Cove Bar and Grill resides. You also won't run short of spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the Arena Pier. Don't miss this place while you're staying at a Gualala Bed and Breakfast.

Carlini's Cafe 
206 Main Street
Point Arena, CA 95468
(707) 882-2942 

Carlini's Cafe is well known for its huevos rancheros. Other scrumptious offerings include the charbroiled burgers, veggie scrambles, spiced sautes and crisp green salads drizzled with homemade healthy dressings. It's open for breakfast and lunch, so you must come here during the day. Take note that it's closed on Wednesdays.

El Burrito Organic Taqueria
165 Main Street
Point Arena, CA 95468
(707) 882-2910

You won't go wrong if you visit the El Burrito Organic Taqueria, which according to many people is the best Mexican restaurant in the area. It's a few minutes' drive from the center of Gualala, CA, but the drive is worth it. All the dishes that come out of El Burrito's kitchen are made from organic ingredients and are created from scratch daily. Some of the most popular choices include the chicken soft tacos, quesadilla salrosa and taco salad. There is also a wide array of burritos that you can choose from.

Pangaea Cafe  
39165 South Highway 1
Gualala, CA 95445
(707) 884-9669

The chef at Pangaea Cafe makes use of fresh, local and organic dishes, so you can expect healthy meals each time you come here. You'll especially love the homemade sausage and smoked meats, along with the breads cooked in the wood-fired brick oven.