Experience Rich Culture at the Gualala Art Center in Gualala, CA

Gualala, CA is a community in Medocino County that is located near the mouth of the Gualala River. The Pomo indigenous people called the place Wa-La-la, which means "riverside" or "where the river meets the sea." Tourism is the main industry in Gualala, although it used to be a logging town. BBOnline recommends the following attractions, including the Gualala Art Center.

Gualala Arts Center
46501 Gualala Road
Gualala, CA 95445
(707) 884-1138

The Gualala Arts Center is managed by Gualala Arts Inc., which started back in 1961 and celebrated its 50th year anniversary in 2011. It has featured many exhibits of different artists like "Span: A Remembrance of Suzan Friedland." These exhibits are usually held at the Burnett Gallery or Jacob Foyer. Many contests and events are held at the Gualala Arts Center, such as "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest" by the Art Center Theater, or the Cavani String Quartet. Various festivals are also hosted here.

People with similar interests regularly gather together and hold meetings at the Gualala Arts Center. These groups include the Book Club, basket makers, bead art makers, clay arts makers, chamber music enthusiasts, landscapers, metal smiths and more. For those who want to join these groups, check out the schedule of the different meetings from the website before you leave your Gualala Inn. Those who want to learn more crafts or want to enhance what they already know can take part in several workshops and classes that are held at the center. The workshops are on varied topics such as the Art and Craft of Tie Dye, Painting Landscapes in Nature and more.

Point Arena Lighthouse and Museum

45500 Lighthouse Road
Gualala, CA 95468
(707) 882-2777

The first Point Arena Lighthouse in Gualala was one of the tallest lighthouse towers in the western region. It was built in 1870 but was destroyed by an earthquake in 1906. A new one was built in 1908, and it stands 115 feet tall. The lighthouse was leased for 25 years by the nonprofit Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers. In 2000, the group became the official owners of the lighthouse. Many people use the lighthouse as a venue for weddings and other events. The fog signal building, tower and gazebo has a maximum capacity of 150 persons.  

Gualala River Redwood Park
46001 Gualala Road
Gualala, CA 95445
(707) 884-3533

The Gualala River Redwood Park is a redwood forest that is located along the banks of the Gualala River. There is a campground that has bathrooms and a children's playground. It's relaxing to walk among the giant redwoods and on the trail along the river. You can also take a walk down to the sea, which is just a mile away. The park is open from the Monday after Mother's Day to the end of October. You can visit this park while staying at your Gualala Bed and Breakfast.