Stay in Ahwahnee, Explore Downtown Fresno

Downtown Fresno has an energetic atmosphere throughout the year. Filled with attractions and buzzing with activities, downtown Fresno should not be missed at any cost. BBOnline recommends the following attractions in downtown Fresno.

Fulton Mall
845 Fulton Mall
Fresno, California 93721
(559) 490-9966

Set out from your Ahwanee Bed and Breakfast to the Fulton Mall in downtown Fresno. The Fulton Mall is a major attraction in downtown Fresno. The total area would be the culmination of 6 blocks. It follows a pedestrian mall concept and is filled with various shopping opportunities. Built in 1964, the mall is the heart of downtown Fresno. Commercial buildings, art galleries, baseball stadium, restaurants and other entertainment centers are housed in this huge mall.

Underground Garden

5021 W. Shaw Ave.
Fresno, California 93722
(559) 271-0734

The Underground Garden in downtown Fresno will take you through a mystical Mediterranean journey. This Mediterranean garden is the brain child of a Sicilian immigrant. Ever since he reached America, in the year 1910, he started work on this wonderful garden. The garden consists of patios, stone work, archways, and is a perfect way to beat the summer heat. The garden is filled with exotic fruits, shrubs, trees and wine-producing land. This is a great way to spend an afternoon, being one with nature. You can head out at noon from your Ahwanee Inn to make the most out of this downtown Fresno attraction.

Meux Home

1007 R St.
Fresno, California 93721-1312
(559) 233-8007

The Meux Home is a popular museum in downtown Fresno. It used to be the family home of a surgeon from the Civil War era. The Meux Home gives a peek into the lifestyle during that period. The antique furniture and other fittings paint a picture of an era that has gone by. This house is reminiscent of the Victorian era and is a great way to understand the history and the soul of Fresno. The Meux Home has been a backdrop for several weddings in this city.

Warnor's Theater
1400 Fulton St.
Fresno, California 93721
(559) 264-2848

The Warnor's Theater has been a part of downtown Fresno since the 1920s. This historical landmark is known for its world class theatrical performances. It can seat up to 2100 guests and has top-notch acoustics. The Warnor's Theater is considered a wonderful venue for touring artists. You will be swept off your feet with the magnificence of this theater. One of the main attractions of this theater is the pipe organ, which was installed in the year 1929.

The Big Fair

1121 S. Chance Ave.
Fresno, California 93702-3707
(559) 650-3247

If you have traveled all the way to Ahwanee, make it a point to be a part of this one-of-a-kind fair. The Big Fair is where the whole of Fresno comes alive. The fair is filled with festivities. It has something of interest to every person who steps foot in the fair. Horse racing is a highly awaited event here. There are several music shows that take place during the fair. From giant wheels to roller coasters, this place is an all-around family entertainment.