California Travel Information

For those travelers who love the warm weather, Pacific Grove Beach, located in the sunny state of California is a fun and beautiful place to visit no matter what time of year you prefer to vacation.
The Central Coast of California features many interesting cities and this Pacific Grove Travel Guide will provide you with pertinent information you will need to see all the main attractions in this particular area.
Trust Livermore restaurants to transform your evening into a dining experience that you will not forget.
Your visit here will be incomplete without taking part in some of the Nevada City Events.
The Livermore Theatre in California is the hub of cultural events ongoing in the area.
Located close to your Descanso Bed and Breakfast is Cleveland National Forest.
Vacationers can enjoy the scenic views and fabulous golfing with Aptos golf at its best on the coastal area of the beautiful Monterey Bay.
Yosemite park activities often combine the scenic views of the region with the outdoor adventure of the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Yosemite golf courses near Fish Camp are the ideal destinations for travelers who enjoy both beautiful scenery and competitive golf play.
Trinidad Beach offers plenty to do for visitors who enjoy the outdoors along the picturesque coastline.
Yosemite National Park offers several outdoor adventures for visitors staying in the nearby Groveland area.
The Templeton restaurants and bars are a great way to experience the lively nightlife in California.
Trinidad is a small seaside town situated near the Redwood Highway along California's northern coast.
When you are vacationing in the charming town of Santa Ynez, California, you will have lots of dining options to choose from.
Downtown Fresno has an energetic atmosphere throughout the year.
Knowing where to look to find great Sausalito Art can make your stay in the region much more enjoyable.
One of the most popular streets in the city of Placerville is Main Street.
The Calistoga vacation will give you a chance to leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life.
While enjoying the sites of your Cambria travel, BBOnline recommends these lovely wineries in the area for an intimate moment, fun in the sun or a taste of some delicious wines from the local vineyards.