Explore Bellingham Bay with Victoria Cruises

Sign up for the best Victoria cruises in Malahat, British Columbia, while vacationing in your gorgeous Malahat Bed and Breakfast. BBOnline has compiled a great list of cruises worth taking in Malahat. Explore Bellingham Bay and learn about the city's history, scenery and terrific marine life. Leave all your stress behind as you travel Bellingham Bay.

Victoria San Juan Cruises
355 Harris Ave, Suite #104
Bellingham, WA 98225
(800) 443-4552

Victoria San Juan Cruises offers several types of Victoria cruises: whale watching tours, crab trips and other cruises. The whale watching tours are round trips from Bellingham Bay to Orcas Islands. Each trip is one or two hours long and stops at San Juan Islands along the way. What type of whales will you spot on this trip? Orcas are the main whale species, but there are also porpoises and mink whales in the area. You'll also get to see bald eagle and harbor seals.

Crab trips are the most fun and delicious. During the summer months, Victoria San Juan Cruises offers this tour. Eat all the crab you want while enjoying a wonderful sail around Bellingham Bay and Chuckanut Coast.  

The company has a few other charters available to Victoria and San Juan. Both trips are narrated and the Victoria Cruise comes with a chicken and salmon buffet.

Call for more information on seasons, rates and times before coming to your Malahat Bed and Breakfast.

Gato Verde Adventure Sailing LLC
1842 Governor Rd
Bellingham, WA 98229
(360) 220-3215

Cruise through Bellingham Bay with the Gato Verde Adventure Sailing company. This company has several Victoria cruises to choose from. The best are the Sunset Cruise and Day Trips. Sail Bellingham during the summer or take a day trip for a few hours. Rates are low and affordable for each individual in your party. Call or email Gato Verde for your reservations or questions.

Island Mariner Cruises
5 N Harbor Loop
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 734-8866

Island Mariner Cruises is the oldest of the whale watching Victoria cruises in Bellingham Bay. They have a large whale watching vessel perfect for taking lots of passengers out to sea. There's plenty of opportunity of seeing orca and other marine animals. As an added bonus, you can enjoy breathtaking scenery.

If whale watching isn't enough entertainment for you, charter a Bellingham Bay Harbor History Cruise. This informative cruise is both fun and interesting. Explore the city by water and learn about its history from exceptional guides. Each historical point of interest is talked about in great detail. Sail past tugboats, historical homes, fisheries, ship yards and huge freighters. By the time you return to your Malahat Inn, you'll be an expert on Bellingham Bay's history and points of interest.

Whale watching tours are available Spring through Fall. Each trip is an all-day adventure. Bring your own lunch or purchase one from the ship's snack bar. Children are more than welcome aboard the boat. History tours are usually scheduled on Thursdays but may change with the season. Prices are $35 per person and last up to 2 1/2 hours. Call for more important information on times and schedules.