Explore Delaware Park minutes from Lakeview

Delaware Park offers fishing fun for the whole family just minutes from Lakeview, Arkansas. The little town of Lakeview is located right along the Arkansas/Missouri border and the economy comes mostly from tourism, since there are only about 800 actual residents living there permanently. The town and park both have plenty to do and you can either camp or visit any of the Lakeview Bed and Breakfast locations nearby. As the name suggests, the town sits on a beautiful, clean and pristine lake that allows fishing, swimming or just lounging and picnics, depending on your preference.

Delaware Park
Delaware, Arkansas 72835

Delaware Park is about 40 minutes from Lakeview, Arkansas. This park provides a fisherman's paradise no matter what your preference. You can try to catch catfish, bass or even go bream fishing. The lake provides fishing for Delaware Park as well as being a primary spot for bass fishing contests. With so much to do in addition to fishing you will never be bored. Be sure to check out the amenities, campgrounds, and even the Arkansas River, where much of the fun takes place when you are staying in your Lakeview Bed and Breakfast location.

Arkansas River Valley Arts Center
1001 East B Street
Russellville, Arkansas 72801
(479) 968-2452

This center for the arts is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends and provides fun for the family as well as a great place to experience the arts in the area. You can take a guided tour or just explore on your own. There are theater performances here as well as other events and activities that anyone in your group is sure to enjoy. Best of all this center for the arts is located only 20 to 30 minutes from Delaware Park or any Lakeview Inn as well. You can also enjoy one of their many art classes or even a summer camp if you plan on being in the area for an extended time.

Bull Shoals Caverns
1011 C. S. Woods Blvd.
Bull Shoals, AR 72619
(870) 445-7177

Also near Lakeview and other attractions, including the Mountain Village 1890 adventure park, are the Bull Shoals Caverns. Visit these Caverns for a unique time with cliffs and overhangs around each turn as well as the beautiful limestone covering many of the walls and ceilings. With the Ozarks within a short drive as well, you can't go wrong when you visit this side of the country.

Mountain Village 1890
1011 C. S. Woods Boulevard
P. O. Box 444
Bull Shoals, Arkansas 72619
(870) 445-7177

This historic village used to offer tours to the public for a small fee, however due to economic circumstances they are no longer able to fully keep up the area which is good news for those not wishing to spend quite as much money on their vacation this year. The tickets are now free, but because of this, reservations cannot be made as often as needed. Tourists and various school classes alike visit this village to learn about history and to just enjoy themselves and have a good time.