10 Balboa Golf Courses near Hot Springs National Park

There are several beautiful Balboa Golf Courses near the amazing Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. Many of these golf courses and country clubs are surrounded by lush landscaping and magnificent Hot Springs Bed and Breakfasts.

1. Balboa Golf Course
111 Balboa Way
Hot Springs Village, AR
(501) 922-1504

This gorgeous Balboa golf course is one of the most popular ones of the Hot Springs Village. It was listed in the Golf Digest as the No. 7 course in the state's best rankings for 2005-2006. The fairways here are larger with less slopes.

2. Magellan Golf Course
451 Ponce de Leon Drive
Hot Springs Village, AR
(501) 922-4497

The Magellan Golf Course is a shorter golf course, but with tricky greens for golfers to enjoy. It is considered as one of the top three of golf courses being played with its long driving range and many shorter game areas. A getaway at a Hot Springs National Park Inn would be great as this golf course and many Balboa golf courses are in the same area.

3. Coronado Golf Course
199 Surtidor Way
Hot Springs Village, AR
(501) 922-5042

This beautiful golf course is the only executive-length par 62 in Hot Springs Village. There is no sand at this golf course.

4. DeSoto Golf Course
102 Clubhouse Drive
Hot Springs Village, AR
(501) 922-0001

The DeSoto Golf Course opened in 1972 and was the first golf course to be opened in Hot Springs Village. Not only has this golf course been renovated in 2001, but it is a beautiful country club with a restaurant and a full-service bar, lounge and more.

5. Granada Golf Course
250 Maderas Drive
Hot Springs Village, AR
(501) 922-3095

Located in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, the Granada golf course with its beautiful views is known as the most scenic golf course in Hot Springs Village.

6. Cortez Golf Course
299 Cortez Road
Hot Springs Village, AR
(501) 922-1590

The beautiful Cortez Golf Course was listed as the 6th in the "Top Ten of Arkansas Golf Courses," listed as the 3rd in the Best Course in Arkansas by Golf Digest in 1989, and "the 6th Best Course in Arkansas" in 1997.

7. Diamante Golf Course
2000 Country Club Drive
Hot Springs Village, AR
(501) 922-4191

The fabulous Diamante Golf Course is a private membership golf and country club built exclusively for the surrounding neighborhood.

8. Isabella Golf Course
110 Iniciador Way
Hot Springs Village, AR
(501) 922-5505

The Isabella Golf Course with its 27-hole complex is a great mix of fairways, tees and roughs for all to enjoy.

9. Ponce de Leon Golf Course
451 Ponce de Leon Drive
Hot Springs Village, AR
(501) 922-4497

The Ponce de Leon Golf Course has been the hosting golf course for the PGA Nationwide Tour for three consecutive years. Lower handicap golfers enjoy this golf course, but the average to high handicap golfers like it as well.

10. Belvedere Country Club
385 Belvedere Drive
Hot Springs National Park, AR
(501) 321-3591

This fabulous semi-private golf and country club has a pro shop and a grass hitting surface. Renting a Hot Springs National Park Bed and Breakfast would be great as it is in this same location.