Fishing & Other Eco Adventures at Dardanelle Lake

Dardanelle is a sleepy little town in the county of Yell, Arkansas which boasts a wonderful park called Dardanelle Lake. It is a perfect place to get out and see new things during a vacation, whether it is a short one, or a longer visit. When staying in a Dardanelle Inn, don't forget to put aside plenty of time to experience all of the attractions at Dardanelle Lake. This State park offers numerous things to see and do which can really put you up close and personal with nature. In fact, Lake Dardanelle State Park might keep you busy for a couple of days before you have gotten your fill of it.

Take a Lake Tour

You can see a lot of the park from Lake Dardanelle, and even scope out the best places to fish after the tour. Hear about the history of the lake and its surroundings, and find out the insider information for the best places to visit in the area. If you aren't interested in taking a tour with everyone else, consider renting a boat at one of the multiple marinas in the 33,000-acre park and taking yourself on a tour.

Go Hiking

With so much ground to cover, you won't find a problem finding a trail that fits your needs. Whether you are looking to do a short hike or spend a day experiencing what nature has to offer, there is no shortage of excitement here. The trails are marked easy, moderate and strenuous so you can easily gauge whether the trail is appropriate for you and your group. The one thing that is for sure is that you'll be worn out by the time you get back to your Dardanelle Bed and Breakfast.

Go Geocatching

This is a great way to spend the day at Dardanelle Lake for the whole family. Geocatching consists of using a global positioning system, otherwise known as GPS, in addition to using other tracking techniques to seek and find containers called caches. The containers are waterproof so this activity can be done any time of year. It can be an all-day event, or it can take all weekend to accomplish if you prefer. If you have time for only one thing at the park, this would be the thing to do.

Watch the Wildlife

You will find birds, butterflies, deer, antelope and other wildlife all throughout the park. Whether you choose to take a trail to do some hiking, or just to drive around the park to catch the sights, don't forget to pick up your wildlife checklist at the visitor center so you can make sure you don't miss out on anything cool.

Visit the Park Store

Don't forget to check out the store and grab some mementos to bring home with you on your way out. A portion of everything you purchase goes toward the upkeep of the Arkansas state parks so you know that when you buy something, you are doing your part to help keep nature healthy.