Find a Yuma Casino for Gaming and Entertainment

On Arizona's southwestern border, framed by mountains and dry heat, sits Yuma. This sprawling city offers heady summers and long days, forcing many to mistakenly name it "futile." But there is more to discover here than sand, and a Yuma casino could offer the vacation you've always wanted. BBOnline recommends braving the climate to tempt fate.

Lutes' Casino
221 South Main Street
Yuma, Arizona 85364-1446
(928) 782-2192

For an afternoon filled with charm and chance, Lutes' Casino is ideal. Drive from your Yuma Inn to this historical treat. Built in 1901, Lutes originally served as a hotel and general store. Eventually, though, it evolved into a gambling den and now serves as the oldest pool hall in the state (as well as a restaurant). While visitors will find no slot machines or blackjack laughter, billiards can still be played, and the memorabilia flooding the walls is sure to impress. Photographs capture a decadent age, with an emphasis on Hollywood and its greatest stars. Lutes is open daily.

Quechan Casino Resort‎
525 Algodones Road
Winterhaven, California‎
(760) 572-3900

While it may not be a Yuma casino, the Quechan Resort is a short distance and a quick smile away. This Mediterranean delight offers a massive variety of games and tournaments. Poker, Pai Gow, Baccarat and more can be enjoyed, while the 1,000 slot machines guarantee you'll never be without an opportunity to play. Explore the 256,000 square feet of gaming space, draped in island style. It's a true retreat. It has a collection of live shows, massive pools and luxury restaurants. Travelers, be aware: winter tends to be the most popular season for guests (they're all trying to flee the snow). Spring and summer are the recommended visiting times.

Paradise Casino
450 Quechan Drive
Yuma, Arizona 85364
(888) 777-4946

Travel from your Yuma Bed and Breakfast to this local escape. Paradise Casino allows guests to play all day. With its dizzy collection of 500 slot machines, blackjack tables and unexpected games like bingo, it's not to be overlooked. Find tournaments and high-stakes promotions throughout the year; discover entertaining shows and musicals. Paradise is just a drive away. It should be noted, though, that this is not the best choice for those with young children. There is little for them to do. Groups of adults, however, will enjoy themselves. The casino is open throughout the year.

Cocopah Resort
15318 S. Ave B
Somerton, Arizona 85350
(800) 23-SLOTS

Settled within a small town atmosphere, the Cocopah Resort will surprise. This massive complex houses award-winning games and Vegas glamour. From its 10 live poker tables to its modern slots and gilded corners, it's an experience none can rival. With its inclusion of golf courses, quaint stores and even a museum, it will appeal to all. This resort is family-oriented and will offer the much needed alternatives. It's the perfect complement to your vacation. No reservations are needed. It is open to the public.

Finding a Yuma casino is an easy thing. Finding the thrill of summer is even easier.