Tempe Things to Do: 4 Beautiful Nature Hiking Trails

Visitors from all over the world are amazed at the wide variety of Tempe things to do and see. Home to Arizona State University and many other treasures, BBonline recommends a trip to beautiful Tempe, Arizona. Thought of as a hustling and bustling Phoenix suburb, Tempe is full of surprises.

South Pima Canyon Road

For an easy hike that anyone can manage, BBonline recommends the South Pima Canyon Road walk. The trail is 2.2 miles in its entirety with low elevation gains. The trail forms a simple loop and takes the hiker close to the entrance of South Mountain Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the world. The trail is at its best from the months of November to April, but hikers are welcome to walk it at any time of the year. While staying in a Tempe Inn, the South Pima Canyon Road Trail offers the perfect opportunity for visitors to stretch their legs and take in some desert air.

South Mountain National Park-Mormon Loop Trail

For one of the many nature walks in Arizona's South Mountain Park, BBonline recommends the Mormon Loop Trail. The Mormon Loop Trail is 6 miles in duration and presents an elevation of approximately 700 feet. During the journey, visitors can expect to see some very unique geological formations, Indian petroglyphs and some stunning plant life. Plenty of water is recommended, as well as hats and sunglasses. Shade is hard to come by on this trail. The Mormon Loop Trail is classed as easy and best visited from the months of November to April. 

Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt Trail

For an urban hike full of lush greenery, BBonline recommends the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt Trail. Comprising 5 miles of the desert city, visitors will be amazed at the unique plant life they encounter in the middle of a booming metropolis. The trail encompasses lakes, golf courses and picnic areas, so be sure to take plenty of food and water on your journey. The trail is classed as easy, with only 100 feet of total elevation. Those that hike the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt Trail may wish to try staying in a gorgeous Tempe Inn.

Papago Park Trails
1000 N. College Ave
Tempe, Az

To view what is known as the Central Park of the Phoenix Area, BBonline recommends the Papago Park Trails. The Papago Park Trail is a 2.2 mile loop taking visitors through the distinctive park and all its features. On June 6, 1935 President Franklin D. Roosevelt granted the land to the city of Tempe, Arizona to create the Papago Park. Since that time it has developed into an area that walkers, hikers and in line skaters can all enjoy. The red sandstone buttes and reflecting pools can make one feel they are in a nature preserve rather than a booming metropolis. The Papago Park trail is classed as easy and is best viewed during the months between November and April. There are actually a total of 5 trails in the park, but accessibility can be limited. Those that take advantage of the park's trails and facilities will be astounded by the natural beauty that it holds. The LoPiano Bosque nature reserve is located within Papago Park, along with a Hohokham Archaeological site that dates back more than 650 years.