BBO Recommends 4 Fantastic Elgin Restaurants

Elgin restaurants are sparse in number as the town itself comprises only 500 residents. While staying in Elgin you can venture out to nearby areas and sample some of the local cuisines at one of the various restaurants. Do not let the not-so-happening scene of Elgin restaurants dampen your vacation. Read on to find out the top restaurants around Elgin.

Cafe Sonoita
3280 Hwy 82
Sonoita, Arizona
(520) 455-5278

In the absence of good Elgin Restaurants you will have to take a short ride to the neighboring area of Sonoita to sample the offering at the Cafe Sonoita. This restaurant is a popular eating out place in Sonoita. The restaurant serves up an eclectic mix of dishes. On Fridays your meal is predetermined by the chef's menu. Trust the chef to serve you with some mouthwatering dishes. You can sample the seared mahi and black bean stew. The fried chicken is served with mashed potatoes and gravy. Ask for directions at your Elgin Bed and Breakfast.

1. Canela
3252 Hwy 82
Sonoita, Arizona
(520) 455-5873

Canela is one of the fine dining restaurants close to Elgin. This restaurant is located in the nearby area of Sonoita and has a great fan following. This restaurant is a gem in this small town. The ambiance is very rustic with brick walls and pottery and other pieces of art. The food is carefully designed by the chef who also owns this restaurant. The fried quail is a specialty at this restaurant. Try the pumpkin soup and have the organic salad. You can accompany your main course with the wine of your choice. The chicken breast and seared scallops make for a great main course. Inquire about the working hours of this restaurant from your Elgin Inn.

2. Grassland Cafe

3110 State Hwy 82
Sonoita, Arizona 85637
(520) 455-4770

The Sonoita town dining options, unlike the Elgin restaurants, are filled with a wide range of places to choose from. You can dine at the Grassland Cafe and eat to your heart's content. The cafe is known for its lunch specials. You will be served the most delicious traditional dishes here. The pasta salads and the hot pies make for a filling main course. The croissants are baked from scratch and are filled with layers of butter that melts away in your mouth. Trust this restaurant to serve you the best egg sandwich in town.

3. Viaggio
3266 Hwy 82
Sonoita, Arizona 85637
(520) 455-5282

This Italian restaurant is known for its steak preparations. Take the 20-minute drive from Elgin and enjoy in the warm ambiance of this restaurant. Also try the house specials like the meat fettuccine and the veggies pasta. The eggplant coated with Parmesan cheese is another dish to look out for. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. The restaurant also goes by the name Karen's cafe. Sample the regions wines at this restaurant.

4. Steak Out

3200 S. Sonoita Hwy 82
Sonoita, Arizona 85637
(520) 455-5205

If you wish to have a meal that fills the stomach and pleases all your senses then drive from Elgin to the south of Sonoita. This restaurant has been a part of the local community for over 50 years now. It has earned the reputation of serving the most scrumptious pieces of steak. The pork ribs are slow grilled and glazed with a sauce of your choice. Do not forget to try the apple pie made fresh at this restaurant.