Hike Sitka Mountain Trail and Explore

Enjoy Sitka Mountain and the surrounding vista points by embarking on a hike. Be it a hike on the mountain or following a trail on the riverbed, this place has a lot to offer to visitors who love the outdoors. Read on to find out BBOnline's recommendation on the top trails in Sitka.

Harbor Mountain

The Harbor Mountain offers a trail that makes the journey as enjoyable as the destination. The two-kilometer-long trail is a great way to be one with the nature in Sitka. The anticipation to reach the top of the summit along with the thrill of walking through the natural habitat will hit you with a high like no other. The hike takes a total of 60 minutes both up and down. Once you reach the summit you can experience the most spectacular views in the world. You can witness the glimmering islands of Baranof and Kruzof. Come face to face with the peaks of the Mount Edgecumbe. On your trail keep your eyes open to spot deer and bears. At the summit, witness the majestic eagles soaring above you. This trip is a nice complement to lounging in your Sitka Bed and Breakfast.

Indian River

View the Sitka Mountain from another vantage point on the Indian River trail. This trail goes on for seven kilometers and is not a difficult one. You will walk through the forest in this area and the singing of the birds and the dancing trees will keep you company. At the end of the trail the sight of the 70-foot-long waterfall will take your breath away. During the months of April and May you will find few parts of the trail covered with snow. Wear the right gear and set out from your Sitka Inn.

Mount Verstovia

For the professionals, Mount Verstovia is where you can test your skills. This trail is the hardest to cross amongst all the Sitka Mountains. The trail is extremely steep but the vistas are worth the effort that one puts in. This trail is extremely popular, no matter what the season is. Snowboarding enthusiasts flock to the Mount Verstovia during winters. The trail condition is moderate. You can view the Sitka Mountain and the Baranof Mountains at the peak.

Beaver Lake

This trail, unlike the Sitka mountain trails is a more family-oriented trail. You can start on your trail at the campground of Blue Lake. The initial part of the trail is a tad bit steep but once you reach the hillside you can witness the beautiful views of the mountains nearby. This trail is classified as a loop and you will pass several streams and aquatic habitats. The trail turns icy during the winter.

Mount Edgecumbe

This trail stretches for about 12 miles (20 kilometers) and offers spectacular views of the Sitka Mountains. To reach the mountain you will have to first take a boat ride. After you cross the river you will reach the foothills of the mountain. You can follow the trail to the peak of the mountain, which is today an extinct volcano. You will spot brown bears and other animals like deer during your hike. Also the eagles will welcome you at the peak.