Golfing, Fishing, and other Outdoor Recreation in Orange Beach

Orange beach vacations are very popular and this is normally because there are plenty of different things that you can do throughout your stay. The activities which you can participate in on your vacation in Orange Beach are varied and enjoyable. It's worth spending time looking at all of these options so that you can get these different options before visiting so that you can plan your trip properly.

When planning an Orange beach vacation you should consider staying in a comfortable Orange Beach Bed and Breakfast, these are all affordable and comfortable ways to see the entire area.

Orange Beach Bicycles

25601 Perdido Beach Blvd.
Orange Beach, AL
(251) 974-2025

Anyone planning an Orange Beach vacation will want to spend a large amount of their time outside. There are actually lots of different outdoor activities that you can enjoy while staying in Orange beach. One of these is renting bicycles from a rental company. By renting these bikes you will be able to tour the area under your own steam. This is something that the whole family can enjoy and there are plenty of different sights that you can see on a bike.

There are trails, piers and the waterfront park which are all within easy reach on a bike. It's actually amazing just how much ground you can cover in such a short space of time on a bike.

Shrimping and Dolphin Cruises

Bear Point Marina
5749 Bay La Launch Ave
Orange Beach, AL 36561
(251) 233-7200

Shrimping and Dolphin cruises run a wide range of different types of river cruises on several different types of boat. Some trips are just designed as a way for people to see dolphins and other popular wildlife. Others are fishing trips which will take you out to popular and well known fishing destinations. Charter trips are available for you and your family and can mix a number of activities together.

Reservations will be required for these trips and they can be made in person, visiting the website or phoning the number above. This is actually a great vacation activity for kids because children are even allowed turns at driving the boat.

Cetacean Cruises

25991 Perdido Beach Avenue
Orange Beach, AL
(251) 550-8000

Dolphins are thought to be almost as intelligent as humans and taking a cruise with Cetacean cruises can help you to see them in their natural environment. This also makes it possible to see lots of other fantastic wildlife that landlubbers wouldn't normally get the chance to see.

Sun Harbor Watersports

27212 Marina Road
Orange Beach AL 36561
(251) 981-6111

If you enjoy spending time on the water then you will be able to do all sorts of water-sports at Sun Harbor Water-sports. They have Jet Skis, Motor Boats. The water sports rental store is open 7 days a week. Also offers souvenirs and boat storage services.

LA Aloft Ballooning Co

313 W Laurel Ave, #A
Orange Beach, AL 36535
(251) 981-2628

LA Aloft Ballooning Co makes it possible to see the whole island from an entirely new perspective. Most people will ride for 1 hr 30 minutes and it's suitable for up to 3 people at a time.

Orange Beach Inns are easy to find and will help to make your stay much more comfortable and enjoyable. There should be plenty which will allow you to stay in complete comfort without breaking the bank.