Mentone: a Destination for Lookout Mountain Sightseeing

Mentone is one of the most ideal destinations for sightseeing from Lookout Mountain. Mentone is a very small and quaint town in DeKalb County, Alabama. The population is less than 500, and this makes it an interesting place to visit. There are many different things that you can do in and around Mentone. When staying in town it's often easiest if you check into a local Mentone bed and breakfast.

DeSoto Falls
PO Box 210
Fort Payne, Alabama 35967
(267) 845-5380

DeSoto Falls is a great opportunity to see some beautiful countryside in Alabama. There is a 12 mile road which borders the Little River Canyon. If you walk all the way along this you will see the falls, which are 104 feet high; the water falls into DeSoto Lake. The walk is very enjoyable, as it's surrounded by dense woodland and wildflowers. This also has some fantastic views of the whole area.

Sequoyah Caverns
PO Box 302
Valley Head, Alabama 35989
(256) 635-0024

The Sequoyah Caverns are named after Sequoyah, a native American who created the Cherokee alphabet. There are a number of beautiful lakes which are beautifully lit. Inside the caverns there are some fantastic examples of stalagmites, which give the whole area a very special feel. It's almost like an underground palace.

Weiss Lake
US Hwy 411
Cherokee Country

If you're a fan of fishing, Weiss lake is an ideal location. There are some huge fish to catch in this lake, with many anglers managing to catch fish over 2 pounds in weight. There are also plenty of other things to do at the lake thanks to over 400 miles of shoreline and shallow beaches. There are also some huge coves which make relaxing very easy. If you are fishing in this area then you will need to apply for a license. You can catch bream and shed using the right types of bait, and you'll also find a Southern favorite here - crawfish. The lake is open all year round to anglers and anyone who just wants to enjoy the wildlife. Stay in a Mentone Inn to enjoy your visit to the area.

Lookout Mountain Scenic Parkway
1503 Glenn Blvd
Fort Payne, AL 35968
(706) 857-4033

The Lookout Mountain Scenic Parkway is a very beautiful 93 mile long footpath which crosses through 7 different states. There is no need to walk the entire length of the footpath, as it can be joined at any point. There are a number of great attractions along the way and if you visit the website then you should be able to plan your route. This route also has some amazing views of Lookout Mountain, which is beautiful throughout the year. In different seasons there will be different flowers and plants growing in the area. The Lookout Mountain Scenic Parkway can occupy you for a very long time. It's possible to get on and off whenever you want, to ensure that you see all the attractions you want along the way.