Staying in Leesburg? Tour the Wineries of Loudon County

Alongside the beautiful landscape of Virginia's Loudon County, there are the many wineries visitors are welcome to explore. The climate in the region is perfect for grape cultivation, which in turn makes Virginia an excellent place for wine production. Vineyards and wineries exist throughout the county boasting acres of beautiful land and delicious wines to sample.

Breaux Vinyards
36888 Breaux Vinyard Lane
Hillsboro,VA 20132

For some of the best-tasting wines from a family-owned establishment, BBonline recommends the Breaux Vineyards. The Breaux Vineyard was established by the Breaux family who still own and operate it today. The family became captivated with the green, rolling hills and mountains of central Virginia and Loudon county and decided to call it home. The property comprises 404 acres of land with 3 separate vineyards dedicated to grape cultivation. The winery uses the finest wine making machinery all imported from Europe. Tours are given daily as well as wine tasting from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Staying in a beautiful Leesburg Inn will allow you the opportunity to taste wine to your heart's content.

Chrysalis Vineyards
23876 Champe Ford Rd.
Middleburg, VA 20117
(540) 687-8222

To witness one person's dream in the making, BBonline recommends the Chrysalis Vineyards. Established in 1997, the Chrysalis Vineyard is the dream come true for a lady named Jennifer Mcloud. She moved to Virginia in 1996 and soon began the creation of the vineyard. Within the first year of creation the Chrysalis Vineyard produced 2 excellent quality wines with several more awards and accolades to come as the years passed. Chrysalis offers large group wine tasting sessions any day of the week but do ask for advance reservations so they can prepare. Visitors are welcome to see the vineyard and those making purchases are welcome to take advantage of the park and picnic facilities that are available. Staying in a Leesburg Bed and Breakfast will allow visitors to take full advantage of the Chrysalis Vineyards as well as the many other Loudon county wineries.

Corcoran Vineyards
14635 Corkys Farm Lane
Waterford, VA 20197

For a great, distinctive wine tasting experience BBonline recommends the Corcoran Vineyards. The Corcoran Vineyards boast of their commitment to creating the best quality wines. They limit production and work meticulously to release as much flavor as possible from each grape. A day of wine tasting at the Corcoran Vineyards is welcomed and guarantees to be a slice of heaven. For individuals there is a charge of 5$ for wine tasting, however for the fee you will get to sample 7 of the vineyard's most select wines. Groups are taken by reservation at a charge of 10$. The wine tasting room is a treat in itself, being placed in a 1750 log cabin that has been beautifully restored. Corcoran Vineyards welcomes visitors, wine tasters and buyers on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Staying in a Leesburg Inn will allow you that chance to sample some of the area's best wines without worry.