Be Sure to Tour Historic Ashville Homes and Sites

Ashville, Alabama offers many sites that are pleasing to the eye. Visitors will lose themselves in the historical sites before them. Although Ashville is small, nearly every building or home holds some form of historical significance. Taking a tour of Ashville homes is one of the best ways to learn about the area and its importance to the country.

The John Looney House
4187 Greensport Rd.
Ashville, AL 35953

For a look at one of the few authentic log cabin homes still standing, BBOnline recommends a trip to the John Looney House and Museum. The John Looney House was originally built in 1820 and is has the reputation of being the oldest dog trot house in the country. It was the former home of John Looney who was the founder of the city. Visiting times are limited and usually made by private appointments. However, despite this minor inconvenience, the John Looney House is an excellent way to step back into Ashville's and Alabama's past. While touring the many Ashville homes guest may enjoy a stay in a charming Ashville bed and breakfast.

The St. Claire County Courthouse Museum and Archives
78 6th Ave.
Ashville AL, 35953
(205) 594-2128

For a historical tour or a unique opportunity to research the area, BBOnline recommends a trip to The St. Claire County Court House Museum and Archives. The court house is a historical place in its own right. It is the epicenter for St. Claire county in Alabama which was established officially before the state was chartered. St. Claire county came into existence in November of 1818 and is named in honor of General Arthur St. Claire. The museum and archives section of the courthouse is full of hidden treasures all pertaining to the area. Copies of county records going back to 1819 are available to viewing. Nearly 20 different newspaper titles are on hand to read some dating back to the mid 1800s. The archives center also contains family history books, records and cemetery listings. Anyone interested in doing some first-hand research on the area will have an abundance of information to browse through. The museum and archives center is open to the public from Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Staying in an Ashville inn will allow visitors plenty of time to dig into the area's history.

The Dean/Inzer House
5th st. and 7th Ave
Ashville, AL

One of the most well-known and loved of the Ashville homes, The Dean Inzer house offers a look back into the state's legal history through the home of one of its most beloved citizens. The home was built in 1852 by Moses Dean but then acquired by John Inzer in 1866, earning it the name it holds today. John Inzer was one of the state's youngest and most influential lawyers. He was elected to represent St. Claire county in 1861 at Alabama's succession convention. He was the youngest man ever awarded this privilege. He was also the last member of the convention to die at age 93 in 1928. The Dean/Inzer House is a Greek revival, antebellum home with one of the most extensive law libraries in the country. It is a loving tribute to Alabama's "Grand Old Man."