Hey Innkeepers! Enter the BBOnline Recipe Contest!

We all know that B&B's make the tastiest food around! It's part of what makes staying at a B&B such a great experience- you can escape your day to day life while still getting the comforts of home.

For the month of April, we will be having a recipe contest for all the Innkeepers from the BBOnline community. You can submit anything from pumpkin pancakes, to cookies, to veggie stratta; if your B&B makes it we want to see it!

We will feature the winning recipe on our homepage for the month of May, along with making it the cover photo of our Facebook page.

To enter please submit up to 2 recipes along with high-quality photos of your completed dish to [email protected] by April 30, 2014. If you already have a recipe posted on our recipes page and want it to be considered for the contest, please feel free to submit it to us.

If you want to check out the competition, visit our Facebook page where we will create an album with all of the entries!

We will announce the winner on May 1, 2014! Can't wait to see all of the your delicious recipes!