Get More Bookings With These 4 Easy Tips

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Did you know that by making a few simple adjustments to your BBOnline listing could get you more bookings? Over time, BBOnline has found a few common trends in listings that do well, get bookings, and stand out amongst others. Here are some tips that can help you out, and get you a few more bookings of your own!

1. Pictures are Everything:

Listings that BBOnline visitors are drawn to most are those with plenty of clear, current photos. Before consumers read about your great amenities or gourmet breakfast, they scan the photos on your listing and if they like what they see they will stick around. Set the stage for your pictures; make sure there is good lighting, the rooms are clean and uncluttered, and ask yourself “Would I want to stay here?”

B&B Bedroom

2. Keep It Simple & Be Unique:

When it comes to writing your Bed & Breakfast’s description, be sure to keep your descriptions simple and unique. Highlight the things about your B&B that make it special and unique from others, and don’t feel as though you need to write a short novel about your B&B with every detail included. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s best to not copy and paste from your site – duplicating text actually works negatively against your SEO.

3. Update Your Listing A Few Times A Year:

Do you have a cool, snowy picture of your B&B all jazzed up with Christmas lights? Have you planted some new flowers for spring? Is there a new, cool seasonal event going on in your area? Adding festive, recent photos or by highlighting a local current event will attract B&B goers to your page because they often have a particular goal in mind when searching out a B&B.

spring summer b&B

4.Check out the competition:

Get on BBOnline and search for Bed & Breakfasts in your area. Take note of the way other B&B’s listings are arranged- from descriptions, specials, photos, blog, etc. You can learn a lot by a quick look and you’ll get some ideas on how to make your listing better and more unique than the others.

If you ever need advice or help updating your listing, don't hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected]!