5 Travel Trends for 2018

5 Travel Trends.jpg

The year is more than half over, so let's check in with some top travel trends for 2018. These trends span all across the demographics of America, so if one of these trends relates to the way you travel, check in our list of B&Bs to find a place to stay that works for you.

1. Solo traveling.

Younger generations and Millenials are waiting for marriage and waiting to have kids. So what's a big trend for them? Solo traveling.

Without responsibilities or anything to tie them down, more people are willing to go it alone. B&Bs are great for solo travelers because they provide the local flavor that solo travelers are seeking. Also, B&Bs with good customer experience can also help out solo travelers by pointing out the hotspots in town.

2. Family vacations.

This is the flipside of solo travel. Another hot trend is to take family vacations. It's no longer uncool to take a big trip with your grandma and the kids.

In an increasingly material society, family vacations that every age can enjoy are providing experiences and memories over an accumulation of stuff.

3. Multi-stop vacations.

Americans work hard. And unlike other developed nations, we don't give ourselves much vacation time.

In order to make the most out of our limited time off, people are squeezing more cities, more events, and more stops into their one vacation. It's almost a contest to see how much vacation you can get in a single trip.

To make the most out of this, plan ahead of time with multiple B&Bs that will give you the best jumping off points for each leg of your trip.

4. Foodie vacations.

Culture, history, and landmarks are all important, but only food is a necessity. We need to eat, so why not enjoy it?

Foodie vacations, centered on trying new cuisines and cultural flavors, are a new spice of life. B&Bs that offer a breakfast infused with delicious local eats are great picks for this type of trip.

5. National parks.

America is home to natural beauty. And as long as this natural beauty belongs to the public, it will remain a hotspot for tourism and relaxing vacations.

This is a country with gorgeous mountains, lakes, and rivers. Activities like hiking and whitewater rafting even give a thrill for national park travelers. From Yellowstone to Yosemite, there's often no contest for the beauty of the natural world.