5 B&B Essentials for Millenials

The Millenial generation loves to travel. 

But this is a generation that has grown up with the Internet at their fingertips, and their demands for a good B&B experience are different than the generations before them.

The ubiquity of smartphones and instant Google searches have changed expectations, but this doesn't mean Millenials favor sterile hotel rooms with no character. In fact, it's the opposite.

Here are 5 essentials Millenials should look for in a B&B.

1. Great Customer Service.

When traveling, anyone go online and start typing things into a search engine. But this can result in an abundance of options.

What Millenials want is the customized experience that comes from a real human being who will tell them the restaurants, hikes, and sites that cater to their wants and needs.

Today's B&B travelers want to know the hidden gems. This is a generation that grew up with Amazon telling them, "People like you also bought this product over here."

B&Bs that care about the customer experience will always have a reason for Millenials to choose that over a one-size-fits-all hotel room.

2. Be Connected.

For Millenials, WiFi is a must. Phone service can still be spotty, so a stable online connection is a top priority.

No matter how good the destination, Millenials still use the web to stay in touch and post pictures of their vacation on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

Speaking of staying connected, B&Bs should also be listed on BBOnline and have their own social media presence, so Millenials can find them.

3. Healthy Eating Options.

There's no end to today's various diets - keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and just plain "healthy."

The first B in your B&B should represent a great, healthy breakfast. Millenials want options, so offer vegan options, egg whites for healthy eaters, and great coffee for everyone raised on Starbucks.

Millenials also like to try out local and artisanal foods.

4. A Nice Price.

Unfortunately, Millenials did grow up in the shadow of the 2008 recession. For many of them, Millenials will be the first generation that doesn't do better economically than their parents.

Regardless of the status of the American Dream, however, Millenials still want to travel, and price is one way for B&Bs to set themselves apart.

5. Local Experience.

Despite their technological adeptness, Millenials love local culture. They like interacting with local people. They appreciate character, and if they're seeking out a B&B, they want the cozy experience.

Millenials are used to ridesharing and services like AirBnB, so they're not looking for a pristine, sterile hotel and shuttle bus tour. Today's travelers want the local experience, and B&Bs are the perfect place to go.