Chinaberry Hill Inn

302 Tacoma Avenue North, Tacoma, Washington 98403
Innkeeper(s): Andy Rush & Bev Howe

The Pantages Suite

$225.00 / $245.00 night

Relive the drama of Tacoma's historical Pantages Theatre. Bay windows frame the high four-poster oak carved queen bed, with wonderful views of the harbor below. Once the mother's room and nursery, the Pantages Suite encompasses the entire front of the house on the second floor. Opulent surroundings, private sitting room, one-of-a-kind antiques and theatre memorabilia. High ceiling frescoed walls, period gas/electric chandelier, cable tv/vcr, oversize double Jacuzzi in alcove with leaded glass rosette window overlooking the bay. Private bath with large shower. Custom italian renaissance bedding by local artist, hypoallergenic down comforter and pillows. Over 500 square feet, the Pantages Suite is very open and spacious.
Newspapers tell us that the social elite were in awe of Lucy Manning's private quarters, where "everything was golden". We have tried to recreate this golden effect through the use of gilded mirrors, hand-made Italian tile, polished brass fixtures, rich oak woodwork and golden frescoed walls. The Jacuzzi, of course, is pure period Victorian (Lucy would have loved it). Original gallery art, including a 5 foot rendering of a sleeping madonna on a salvaged section of metal pipe (history buffs recognize the piece as the sleeve to an early 1900's water heater). An Eastlake carved table and leopard print side chairs sit in front of the bay window and a large writing desk, from which you can look out over the bay - definitely an inspiring place for checking your email, journaling, or report writing. There's also an oversized comfy chair for settling in with a good book. Although we can't promise that you will capture the exact moment that one of our guests did in the above photo, cargo ships pass by almost hourly, many of them anchoring in the bay just below. Guests tell us that the best seat in the house is on the edge of the Jacuzzi, gazing out at the ships through the leaded glass rosette window. Many have come for a night and stayed several. Bon vivant!

Rates: $245/nite - Friday or Saturday single nite stay, $235/nite - 2 nite weekend stay, $225/nite for weeknite or 3+nite stay. Single person, corporate rates, and extended stay discounts available as well.


The Wild Rose

$215.00 / $235.00 night

Named after the famous "Wild Rose" of the goldrush camps, this suite would certainly have delighted Klondike Kate of the Yukon. Travelling throughout Western U.S. and Canada, Kate was a favorite performer during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Unlike the dancehall saloon and parlor girls of her day, Kate maintained a singular reputation as a lady and performer throughout her career. Displaying talent, charm and a heart of gold, she won the hearts of many and was considered an early ambassador of the Pacific Northwest. Featuring vintage velvet theatre curtains & renaissance fringed bedding atop a high 4 poster mahogany carved bed, high ceilings, mahogany-inlaid oak floors and ornate one-of-a-kind antique pieces throughout, The Wild Rose would have been the perfect abode for a theatre performer of Kate's caliber.

Kate might have been pleased to learn that she's reclaimed her "rightful place", next to the Pantages Suite (Kate, having fallen in love with the young, passionate Alexander Pantages, helped to fund his dream of creating a theatre empire, only to be left behind for a woman from "the right side of the tracks", once Alexander's financial position was secured). Over 500 sq. ft, the Wild Rose was the private quarters of Lucius Manning (the original owner of this estate). The suite is very private (encompasses the entire east side of inn on the 2nd floor - no adjoining guest walls), spacious, bright, secluded.

Relax in front of your own personal forest of 100+ yr old Japanese maple and cherry trees -- large bay windows frame the high 4 poster mahogany carved bed, while the gas fireplace fills the room with a warm, rosy glow. A massive ornately carved Eastlake bevelled glass mirror reflects light from the bay windows and chandelier throughout the room.

Enjoy your coffee while watching the ships and traffic below from the bay windows in the bedroom sitting area. Although the water view is smaller from this suite than from the Pantages suite (the Wild Rose suite does not face the water), you still have an intimate view of the bay through one of the bay windows. Beyond the burgundy velvet curtains, another sitting room includes a luxurious jetted Jacuzzi tub-for-two. Although there are two gas fireplaces in the main guest areas, the Wild Rose is the only suite that has a fireplace -- so if you are looking for a special Pacific Northwest getaway with a fireplace, water view, luxurious Jacuzzi tub-for-two and lots of privacy (the entire east side of the mansion on the 2nd floor), then this is the one for you. If, however, you prefer a more dramatic view and an even larger/deeper tub (the Wild Rose and Carriage Suite tubs are both 70 gallons, the Pantages Suite tub is a whopping 90 gallons), you might want to consider the equally spacious and private, equally popular Pantages Suite. A writing desk for two overlooks the garden - perfect for reviewing the day's reports, cruising the internet or catching up on your journaling. Lucius Manning used this very room as his own private study - we took the liberty of adding the tub (yes, combining business with pleasure - hope he doesn't mind -- Kate would surely have approved!). An original art nouveau rendition of Kate, "The Wild Rose", hangs in the study. Beyond the study and Jacuzzi area is a private bath with walk-in shower. As with all of our rooms, the Wild Rose also has cable TV/VCR, guest phone, high speed wireless, and robes for lounging.

Rates: $235/nite - Friday or Saturday single nite stay, $225/nite - 2 nite weekend stay, $215/nite for week nite or 3+ nite stays. Single person, corporate rates, and extended stay discounts available as well.


The Garden Room

$139.00 / $149.00 night

Small yet sweet, the Garden Room is perfect for those traveling on a budget or looking for an inexpensive yet special Seattle Tacoma weekend getaway treat. The Garden Room is a 10x12' bedroom and the original bath to the mansion, with an antique clawfoot soaking tub and Victorian rainshower. For those who plan to be out and about most of the time or spending their relaxation time on the wraparound porch or in front of the fire in the downstairs parlor, the Garden Room is a great way to experience Victorian opulence while leaving much in the wallet for an evening's meal and a glass of wine.

Two large western-facing windows in the bedroom, another large window in the bath and 9 1/2' high ceilings throughout give a feeling of airiness and space - lots of light. On the 2nd floor of the mansion, the Garden Room overlooks the side garden, with a large Japanese maple tree just outside. The queen bed, dresser and armoire are a 1920's vintage mother-of-pearl bedroom set brought over from England, the bedding is vintage-inspired velvets and fringe in warm brown tones, designed by a local artist. The bookshelves are filled with vintage reads and fun regional texts, such as a book identifying bird eggs and another on woodland fairies. Originally the children's room, plate rail which once held children's books and toys now houses a collection of local vintage theatre photos and art.

The editor at Travel & Leisure said when touring Chinaberry Hill that you can tell much about an establishment by looking at its smallest, simplest accommodation -- apparently the less expensive rooms are often over-looked and corners are cut when it comes to decor and ambiance of the more economic rooms. She said it was clear that we took the same care in creating wonderful spaces in the Garden Room and Hayloft Suite that we did in our larger multi-room grand suites. She also pointed out that we had clearly put as much into our rooms, both dollar and emotional impact-wise that we had invested into our "lobby" and common guest areas - another sign of hospitality excellence we are told. Of course, we didn't even consider doing it any other way, but it was fun to learn about travel writers' tips and secrets when separating out clear winners from the wannabes. :)

Actually, truth be told, we've spent far greater time selecting pieces for our smaller rooms to offset the built-in challenges of designing for a smaller space. Still, we are the first to tell anyone who asks - please do not look at photos of the expansive Pantages or Wild Rose Suite and believe that the smaller rooms will have the same emotional impact (after all, there is a reason why the rates for our "grand suites" are significantly higher). Also we've found that it's important to be aware of the size of your own bedroom - many contemporary homes have "master suites". If your bedroom is 15x20', it's important to realize that you will notice the difference when you are standing in the Garden Room. But, when lounging on the thick velvet bedding, munching on one of our decadent chocolate chip cookies and watching one of your favorite movies, we think you'll discover that bigger isn't always better.

Yes, the Garden Room has a small view of the bay. No, it is not anything like the view from the Pantages Suite or wraparound porch - or even the Wild Rose. It's more of one of those "Look honey, it's blue! I think it's the water" kind of things and only viewable standing next to the window. Still, if you're like us, it's fun to look out at a distant stretch of blue and know you are that close to the water and nature and all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. And then you think about Starbucks because the words "Pacific Northwest" conjurs the image of Seattle and Seattle of course is inextricably linked to the mermaid sanctioned brew that had its modest start near Seattle's working port. Well, mermaids and fishermen go hand in hand and you suddenly remember there's a pretty good brew pub down on the waterfront with one of the best porters you've tasted in years, with definite chocolate and expresso overtones -- and before you know it, you've got your jacket on and you're heading down the stairs two at a time, feeling a lot younger than you did just moments ago (and the brain really does work that way).

Many return guests have made the Garden Room their Pacific Northwest abode year after year (some from as far away as England) - the room journal leaves a rich trail of such sojourners. So don't be afraid to save a little travel $$ and luxuriate in the lightness of spirit that smallness has to offer.

Hey, we're still trying to get down to that single backpack when we travel.

Rates: $149/nite, $139/nite 3+ nite stays. Single person, Tacoma hotel government rates, corporate rates, and extended stay discounts available as well.


The Hayloft Suite

$159.00 / $169.00 night

A popular Tacoma Seattle bed and breakfast vacation rentals choice in Puget Sound Washington, the Hayloft Suite is the entire 2nd floor of the Carriage House at Chinaberry Hill - A Luxury Urban B&B Experience in Seattle Tacoma WA. The Carriage House, also called Catchpenny Cottage, is more rustic in character and smaller in size than either the Pantages Suite or the Wild Rose. If you enjoy Pacific Northwest cabin and cottage lodging alternatives while being close to all that Seattle and Tacoma have to offer, then we're certain you will love the Hayloft Suite. The original hayloft to the estate has been joined with the Carriage Master's quarters to create this pleasant space. The cottage is filled with local art glass - patterned glass and stained glass windows by a local Seattle Tacoma artist let in lots of light, more patterned and colored glass in the downstairs entryway. Small but sweet, craftsman windows in the bedroom lend a cheery cottage-like feel to the room. Tongue-and-groove woodwork throughout in chocolate tones with crisp white linen trim. A vintage gold leaf mirror is a great backdrop for the table and chairs in the bedroom, much like a corner in a Parisian cafe. Hand-carved wood and rattan four poster queen bed, large walk-in closet with vintage dresser to hold your favorite things (the extra-long closet becomes a perfect hideaway/play space for children whose families rent the entire cottage). The sitting room was originally walled off from the Carriage Master's quarters and used to store hay for the horses below (the beam and pulley remain outside as a reminder of its earlier purpose, the hay chute is still in place -- we actually put the hay pulley to use in getting the loveseat up into the suite). The loveseat and ottoman in the sitting room is a total lounge magnet - perfect for that afternoon read - or nap in the (dare we say it) sunshine from the south-facing pattern glass art window. Although the loveseat is plenty comfy for two to watch an episode or two of Family Guy or King of the Hill, there's also a Scandinavian mid-century modern design chair (ok, not nearly as comfortable as the lounge magnet, but it looks so cool, we had to have it).

Antique clawfoot soaking tub and shower in the bath, with stained glass reflection at night from the light outside. Please note: as the 2nd floor of a carriage house, the Hayloft has non-standard ceilings (7'2") - not a problem if you are 6'3" or less, but we would recommend one of our other rooms with the 9 1/2 ft. high ceilings if you are 6'4" or above - or if non-standard ceilings bother you in general. The two-room suite with private bath is very bright, so does not feel cramped or constrained otherwise, just cozy. The term "tucked away" really does fit the Hayloft Suite - children naturally gravitate to this space. A lot of folks ask us to explain the difference between the Garden Room (our least expensive room) and the Hayloft Suite. The Hayloft Suite is approximately twice the size of the Garden Room (at a rate of just $20 more), since the Garden Room does not have an adjoining sitting room. The Garden Room has 9 1/2 foot ceilings which gives it perhaps a more elegant or historic feel (e.g. does not have a cottage feel, like the Hayloft Suite). Both the Garden Room and the Hayloft Suite overlook the side garden, with the large Japanese maple tree just outside, both have a private bath with antique clawfoot soaking tub and shower (the Garden Room has a high overhead Victorian rainshower which is original to the mansion).

Both accommodations have a small view of the bay from the bedroom (with the Garden Room, you can see the water if you stand next to the window, the Hayloft Suite has a small view of the same waterway through the trees -- which is less of a view during the months when the Japanese maple tree has leaves). Both views are distant views of the water ("look honey, it's blue! I think it's the water" kind of views). If a more intimate/closer view of the water is important to you, you may want to consider either the Pantages Suite or the Wild Rose. Of course, there are also views similar to those of the Pantages Suite from the wraparound porch, front parlor and vestibule, which is open to all of our guests. Both are 2nd floor accommodations, the Garden Room a west-facing room in the mansion, the Hayloft Suite the entire 2nd floor of the Carriage House, with both southern and northern facing windows. Of course, the Hayloft Suite does have the "lounge magnet" - which in our book may be worth the $20 in and of itself. In both cases, our regular rate includes our spectacular multi-course breakfast for two and complimentary refreshments, free high speed wireless, complimentary video library, and friendly cheerful service - how can you go wrong? If you prefer the romantic rustic cabin feel, but would like a grand suite with jetted Jacuzzi tub-for-two, be sure to check out our Carriage Suite!

Rates: $169/nite weekends, $159/nite sun-thur or 3+nite stay, Single person, corporate rates, and extended stay discounts available as well. $35 for addt'l guest (sleeps 3).


The Carriage Suite

$195.00 / $215.00 night

A popular Tacoma Seattle vacation rentals choice near Seattle Washington, the Carriage Suite is the entire 1st floor of the Carriage House at Chinaberry Hill - A Luxury Urban B&B Experience in Seattle Tacoma WA. The Carriage Suite, with its original floor-to-ceiling woodwork, is more rustic in character than the Pantages Suite or the Wild Rose, our other two private Jacuzzi suites. If you enjoy Pacific Northwest cabin and cottage lodging alternatives while being close to all that Seattle and Tacoma have to offer, then we're certain you will love the Carriage Suite. Perfect for a romantic getaway weekend, girls night out or families needing extra sleeping arrangements (the sofa makes into a queen sleeper), the Carriage Suite is just steps from the main mansion. The entire first floor of the mansion is available for guests' enjoyment, including a parlor with gas fireplace, 2 chandeliered dining rooms, a large wraparound porch for watching the cargo ships in the harbor below and a guest kitchen, kept well-stocked with complimentary cookies, juices, sodas, bottled water, gourmet hot chocolates, teas, popcorn, etc. The Carriage Suite is an open floor plan, with sitting area and sofa, 8 foot curved iron queen canopy bed, and breakfast bar all in the same high-ceilinged great room (also has a ceiling fan, as well as window air conditioning during the summer months).

A jetted Jacuzzi-tub-for-two and shower is built into a raised slate deck in the adjoining room, which was once the horse's stall. Stained glass by a local artist is installed in both the entryway of the cottage and the window above the sofa. The bedding, designed by a local artist, is a combination of rose tapestry, rich velvets and vintage reproduction fringe. Feeling much like a Pacific Northwest lodge, the Carriage Suite still contains remnants of its past - the sliding doors for the carriages are along one wall (bolted in place of course), the original haychute is now fitted with a shower, a vintage stair landing has been given a new life as a breakfast bar, and the original kerosene pump still stands ready to fill the lights of the carriages (of course, the kerosene and tanks are long gone). Fun and woodsy in feel, the first floor suite of this Seattle vacation rental cottage is popular with those seeking a unique lodging experience near Tacoma's waterfront, in the downtown Tacoma Washington area. If you need more room, consider renting the entire Catchpenny Cottage, which includes both the Carriage Suite and the Hayloft Suite (we offer a special group discount for the entire cottage for 2+ nite stays, as well as extended stay discounts).

Rates: $215/nite - Friday or Saturday single nite stay, $205/nite - 2 nite weekend stay, $195/nite for week nite or 3+ nite stay. Single person, corporate rates, and extended stay discounts available as well. $35 each addt'l guest (sleeps 3-4).


Catchpenny Cottage

$300.00 / $325.00 night

Catchpenny Cottage is over 800 square feet - very spacious and private! Once the carriage house of the estate, Catchpenny Cottage is filled with memorabilia from the horse-and-buggy days. On the National Historic Register, this unique 2 story structure is now part of the guest accommodations offered at Chinaberry Hill.

Recently renovated into 2 private guest suites, the suites can be rented separately (see Carriage Suite and Hayloft descriptions below) or combined into a group/family vacation rental. The combined suites can acommodate 6-7 guests (2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, large walk-in closet, private Jacuzzi). Both suites have cable TV/VCR - there is a complimentary video library in the main guest area of the inn.

Just 10 steps from the inn, cottage guests enjoy the best of both worlds -- total privacy, and 24 hour access to the entire downstairs of the inn (2 parlors, guest kitchen, dining room, fireplaces and wraparound porch).

The guest kitchen is kept well-stocked with complimentary juices, bottled water, sodas, cookies, popcorn and teas - great for those midnight raids!

Lots of greenery - hollyhocks, ferns and tall spires of foxglove greet cottage guests. Close to downtown Tacoma and waterfront happenings, yet providing the solitude and intimacy of a garden setting, Catchpenny Cottage is the perfect Pacific Northwest retreat.

Special Group Rate for 2+ nite stays: $325/nite +tax for 4 guests ($50+/nite savings), $300/nite for 4+nite stays ($55+/nite savings), $35/nite for each addt'l guest.

  • Policies

    • To help stretch those vacation dollars, Chinaberry Hill also offers an extended stay special (5+ nites) of $10 off/nite for your entire stay
    • The inn provides a $10/night discount for single travelers
    • 2 and 3 night minimums are required on some weekends, holidays
    • Occasionally, room rates are set to include a special occasion package (e.g. special celebration packages for valentine's weekend and New Year's Eve).
    • The inn is also happy to create a special occasion/celebration package for you and your partner as part of your night(s) out
    • Rates quoted do not include tax, which is required (tax is currently 10.8%, a savings of 5% over the amount charged at local hotels)
    • Rates include full gourmet breakfast and 24 hr access to guest kitchen (the guest kitchen is kept well-stocked with complimentary cookies, sodas, juices, bottled water, gourmet hot chocolate, teas, popcorn, etc.)
    • A credit card # and first night's payment (or payment in full and a $50 deposit) is required to secure your reservation (we accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express)
    • The inn maintains a strict 7 day cancellation policy - guests may cancel reservations before 7 days of the booking without penalties (14 days on holidays/special occasions, 30 days on group bookings). There is a $25 fee for cancellations, to cover bookkeeping and cc company charge-backs
    • Once within the cancellation period, the guest/contact person is responsible for the entire booked stay -- we can only provide a refund for those nights re-booked
    • Check-In Time: 4-6pm unless other arrangements have been made
    • Check-Out Time: 11am (extended checkout until 1:30 pm - is available for an additional $25).
    • Gift certificates and celebration packages are also available - please contact the inn for details