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How to Have a Wedding Ceremony Aisle That’s Totally Incredible 27 Jun 2016, 3:25 pm

Your wedding ceremony is going to be one of the most memorable, magical and truly fantastic moments of your life. You deserve this, your loved one deserves this and, ultimately, your love story itself deserves this.

How to have a wedding ceremony aisle that’s totally incredible and complements how amazing you feel? Here are some tips to inspire you:

  • Forget about the rose petals. Sure, they are extremely beautiful – but this is something that’s been done over and over again (for the past few years at least). Think creatively and incorporate Moroccan rugs, or why not, a completely personalized carpet with your wedding date or a meaningful quote on it.
  • What surrounds the aisle matters too. Of course, the wedding aisle is the center of your attention – but before you jump into ordering any pieces of décor make sure you take the overall aesthetic of the ceremony site into consideration. Think of the chairs, the arrangement and the general “vibes” of your ceremony site, so that you design an aisle that beautifully and harmoniously incorporates everything.
  • Talk to your venue manager. Depending on the ceremony site you have chosen, you may not be allowed to do everything you want with the aisle. Solutions can be found, though, in most of the cases – so it is essential that you discuss with your venue manager and see what is and is not acceptable from their point of view.

Black Horse Inn is a gorgeous wedding venue, filled with history, timeless elegance and grace. We are proud to host our brides and grooms’ wedding ideas in a flawless, elegant way – and we are proud to be part of their love story too. If you are searching for a sophisticated, warm and candid venue for the Big Day, be sure to contact us and come see what we offer!

Best Wedding Flower Trends of the Year 20 Jun 2016, 10:22 am

Wedding trends come and go – what stays, though, are your memories of the Big Day. Of course, you want this amazing event to be really memorable from all points of view – and while following trends just for the sake of popularity is definitely not a good idea, the truth is that some of the wedding trends can offer you some great inspiration for a unique, unforgettable event.

What are some of the best wedding flower trends of the year? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Go green. Sure, blooms will always be popular with brides – but in 2016, brides love going green as well. Some of them choose to have green as the predominant color in their flower arrangements, while others choose to go all the way, building arrangements that are based on greenery alone. The choice is yours – but we guarantee that either way you choose, greenery and foliage will look stunning at your wedding. Not to mention it will be less pricy too!
  • Go vintage. If you want to add a dash of sophistication and elegance to your wedding florals, use vintage touches – such as rich, luxurious fabrics for your bouquet wrap or baby breaths for the arrangements themselves.
  • Go local. Want to save a lot of money and to support local economy? Local flowers can look absolutely stunning, they can be fresher than the imported ones and they can also provide you with a sense of belonging to your local community. What’s not to love about this trend?

Black Horse Inn is a Virginian wedding venue that prides itself in the history behind us and in the elegance that defines every single inch of our location. Come visit us yourself, take a look at what we offer and we guarantee you will love it here!

Are Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Engaged? 13 Jun 2016, 3:29 pm

They are two of America’s most popular singers. Different yet very much similar, friends to the core and, generally, a great pair, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are always in our hearts. Are Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton engaged, though? Are the rumors true? Here are some of the things you will definitely want to know about this:

  • The facts: Gwen has been spotted with a splendid diamond pave eternity band on her fingers – and given the intricacy, beauty and diamond of this piece, we were all tempted to believe it was high time we created a Pinterest board for the two lovers’ wedding.
  • As it turns out though, Gwen and Blake are not tying the knot – not for now, at least. They do have plenty of fun on this theme, though – as Gwen herself has said it. According to her, the rumors are quite crazy and entertaining for them and they sometimes feel that things have ran out of control when it comes to how the media spots every aspect of their personal lives.
  • We may be heartbroken for now, but considering how great Gwen and Blake are together, we definitely expect to see the diamond ring on her finger quite soon. They are both still taking it slowly after their previous divorces – so we understand them very well. But, yes, we would very much like to see the two of them tying the knot!

Have you gotten engaged? Are you searching for a beautiful, elegant and unforgettable wedding venue in Virginia? If so, come visit Black Horse Inn and we will make sure to provide you with a venue that’s full of sophistication, uniqueness and history. Come visit us, take a good look at what we offer and book us for a day nobody will ever forget!

What Wedding Table Style Is Best for You? 6 Jun 2016, 12:40 pm

Your wedding’s details are highly important – especially if you want everything about this marvelous day to be flawless. From the flowers you choose to the colors you use for the décor, everything about your wedding will require your attention to detail and dedication.

For instance, have you decided on the wedding table style that’s best for you? If not, read on because we have gathered some useful tips to help you in this decision:

  • Intimate and classic. If you want your wedding to be timelessly elegant, and if you want it to feel warm and welcoming without too much fuss, round tables are perfect for you. The classiness of these tables, as well as their round shape will make your wedding feel really cozy and beautiful.
  • Edgy and modern. Are you in for a wedding that’s very contemporary-looking? If so, search for tables that are square-shaped. Do not be tricked, though. These tables may look very rigid and non-creative, but if you use your imagination, you can turn them into really great elements for your wedding. For example, a square table will look stunning with bright colors on it, as well as with some rounded shapes to help create the right balance.
  • Casual and friendly. Planning a rustic-chic wedding or an outdoor garden wedding? Rectangular tables are very popular these days – and people love them precisely because they create a feeling of familiarity and closeness that’s simply perfect for casual weddings. Just make sure to draw the attention towards the center of the table (with long centerpieces and/or table runners) – everything will look much more balanced this way!

Searching for the ideal Virginia wedding venue? Come visit Black Horse Inn and we will be there to provide you with a gorgeous space for your Big Day! Come visit us and you will be charmed by the beauty of our wedding venue!


5 Tips for Blending Cultures at Your Wedding 30 May 2016, 11:47 am

Love is all around us – it takes many shapes and it can be seen through many types of lens. And yet, at the end of the day, love is the purest, most wonderful and most candid feeling on Earth.

If you plan on having a multi-cultural wedding, make sure love transpires in every single second of it – and make sure it’s unique in the way it blends the beautiful cultures you come from.

How to do that? Here are 5 tips for blending cultures at your wedding:

  • The food. One of the best ways to blend multiple cultures at your wedding is by bringing special foods belonging to your traditions. Not only will this make your wedding menu really varied, but it will surely be a great experience for the guests too!
  • The ceremony. Don’t forget to sprinkle the ceremony with some of your specific customs too! Discuss with your partner and with your ceremony about blending in different wedding ceremony traditions that are meaningful for you – it will be absolutely amazing!
  • Break it in different parts. Depending on the cultures you want to blend, you might find it a little difficult to make it happen with so many details to consider. To make it easier, you can simply break the entire wedding in different elements (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception) and make each one about a specific part of your cultures.
  • Choose the perfect venue. Before you book a venue, make sure they are open to organizing multi-cultural ceremonies. Discuss about your idea with the manager before signing on the dotted line!
  • Pay lots of attention. As mentioned above, it will not be easy to mix so many elements of your cultures. However, it can be done if you pay attention to the details and take everything into consideration.

Searching for a fantastic wedding venue for your multi-cultural wedding? Come visit Black Horse Inn and take a look at the elegance, refinement and true style we provide for our brides and grooms! You will fall in love with our venue!

4 Distinctive Ways to Identify The Tables at Your Wedding Reception 23 May 2016, 12:09 pm

Your wedding reception is all about you and your love story – so it’s only normal to want to personalize it every single step of the way. What are some unique ways of identifying the tables at your wedding reception, though? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you – so read on to find out more.

  • Yes, numbering your tables in a chronological order is not what you would call “personal” in any way. However, you could the traditional chronologically numbered tables with numbers that are meaningful for you (e.g. the date you met, the date he proposed, how many years you’ve been together, and so on) – and this would be an idea everyone will love!
  • If numbers don’t appeal to you, change them with locations that are meaningful for you. The place where you first dated or the states you come from – these are locations that will always be important to you and they definitely deserve being incorporated in the Big Day.
  • Are you the kind of couple who loves reading? Then bring this into your wedding day! Pick your favorite books and name tables after them! Guests will love being seated at tables named after amazing books – and this is a wonderful opportunity to add personality to your wedding too!
  • If you and your loved one have photos you love, use them as identifiers for your wedding reception tables. This will make your décor and your entire wedding so much more unique and lovely!

Black Horse Inn is a stunning, elegant and timelessly beautiful wedding venue in Virginia. If you want your Big Day to be surrounded by history, elegance and amazing nature, come and visit us as soon as possible – you will love every inch of our venue!




6 Wedding Games to Make Your Reception # BlackHorseInn 16 May 2016, 4:57 pm

Your wedding should be one of the happiest and most memorable events of your life – so the entertainment you provide for your guests should be truly unique too. What are some wedding games that will make your reception at Black Horse Inn truly unforgettable? We have gathered some ideas for you – so read on if you want to inspire yourself.

  • Childhood Games. It doesn’t matter how young or old you may be (or what age your guests are, for that matter). There will always be things everyone finds funny – such as blowing bubbles or writing with colored chalkboard. Organize games based on this and all of your guests – from the youngest to the oldest – will have tons of fun at your wedding!
  • Again, this is the kind of game that will never have an age limit – so buy bulks of Legos and invite your guests to be creative. If you want to keep it stylish and unique, buy Lego in bulk, in the same colors. We guarantee everyone will have fun with this!
  • Personalized Word Game. Create a unique crossword or word search game based on your love story and on your wedding. Place these games at each seat and invite your guests to find the solutions! To make things more competitive, offer incentives – such as small prizes or actions (e.g. a dance with the bride).
  • Board Games. If you’re a couple who loves board games, there’s no reason not to bring this into your wedding day. Monopoly, Jenga and many other board games can add a fun touch to your Big Day and they can surely push boredom far from your guests!
  • Scavenger Hunt. Are you in for an adventure? Here at Black Horse Inn, we can put our wonderful grounds at your disposal, for a unique Scavenger Hunt. People will love having fun outdoors and the game will surely make for unforgettable memories.
  • Dancing Lessons. Sure, this may not be an actual “game” – but it can definitely be a very entertaining activity and it can teach guests something they will actually “take home” with them. Hire one or two dance teachers and invite guests to learn some new steps together with the pros. This will be huge fun!

Want to find out more about Black Horse Inn and what we offer here? Come visit our website, contact us, schedule a tour and book us for the Big Day! You will not regret your choice!


A Wine Country Inspired Wedding 9 May 2016, 4:53 pm

Sophisticated and yet so close to nature, wine country weddings have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years – and we can definitely see why. There’s something truly elegant in the chic combination of winery-themed décor and a bohemian touch – and it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with it!

How to pull it off, though? How to create a truly stunning wine country inspired wedding? Here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

The Black Horse Inn

  • The colors. In general, winery-themed weddings go with the natural hues of summer and spring (since this is when most of these weddings happen). Lavender, earthy notes, deep reds (such as that encountered in red wildflowers) – these are just some of the colors you can include in a wine country wedding.
  • The attires. If you want your winery-inspired wedding to be truly stylish and chic, push the attires to the “chic” limits, rather than the “rustic” ones. For the bride, a long and romantic sheath dress will be the perfect complement to the surrounding natural landscape. For the bridesmaids, pretty cream gowns accessorized with gold flower crowns will look elegant and graceful.
  • The dinner. Elevate your family-style rustic-chic dinner table with opulent wedding florals and with tableware and glassware that look luxurious and fancy. This way, you perfectly combine the roughness of the country setting and the elegance of a winery to create a wedding décor and ambiance that are truly unique and fabulous.

Searching for a venue to have a wine country inspired wedding? Located less than one hour outside of Washington DC, The Black Horse Inn prides itself to be one of the most reputable, elegant and beautiful historical weddings. Come visit us, take a look at what we offer and you will be so charmed that you will want to book us right away!

3 Modern Bridal Shower Ideas Your Guests Will Love 2 May 2016, 3:19 pm

Your bridal shower is one of the most important pre-wedding events – so you definitely want it to be absolutely amazing. Regardless of whether you choose to plan your own bridal shower and go against tradition or if you choose to leave this into the hands of your Maid of Honor, you will surely want to make sure this event is truly unique.

To inspire you, we have gathered some of the most modern and entertaining bridal shower ideas. Read on, find out more and choose one your guests will really love:

  • A dance party. It doesn’t matter who your guests are: they will definitely love to have fun dancing (either out in the town or at home, if you have enough space). Bring in some tasty snacks, some drinks and play on the music – this is guaranteed to make everyone have a lot of fun!
  • Wine tasting. Want a bridal shower that’s sophisticated and elegant? Turn it into a wine tasting! Your girls will love to indulge in multiple types of wine and see what their flavors and bouquets are like. Plus, if you plan this at a winery, it can make for an unforgettable trip too!
  • DIY party. We all love those Pinterest boards – so why not turn some of those great ideas into a full party? Bring the supplies, the instructions and a lot of sense of humor because you are about to create some pretty amazing DIY sugar scrubs and lip balms!

Searching for a wedding venue that’s welcoming, elegant and truly timeless at the same time too? Come visit Black Horse Inn! Our grounds are “charged” with history, beauty and amazing sophistication – so you will definitely love it here. Book one of our wedding packages and we guarantee you will never regret your choice!

Does Wine and Meal Pairings Have You Frustrated? Don’t Worry We Got You! 25 Apr 2016, 4:16 pm

You want your wedding to be an exquisite experience for each and every single one of your guests. You want this to be a truly memorable day – and while the music, the ambiance and the beauty of your love story are all obviously important, the absolute truth is that your food and your drinks are essential to the success of your wedding day.

How to pair the perfect wine with your delicious meals? We have gathered some of the basic tips you should know about this – so read on and find out more.

  • Sweet dishes. When you serve sweet dishes or desserts, the wine should be at least as sweet as the dish in front of you. The reason this makes sense is quite simple: if the wine is more acidic than the dish, it will feel too sour and completely inadequate. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you serve a wine that’s higher in sweetness than the dessert or sweet dish on the menu.
  • Salty dishes. The best wine to serve with salty dishes is a very crisp one (such as a Pinot Grigio, for example). This wine will be amazing when combined with salty food because the salt will reduce the acidity in the wine and it will also enrich its body.
  • Acidic dishes. If you plan on serving something acidic, it is definitely recommended that your wine is highly acidic too. Otherwise, the wine may feel too flat and flabby and it may not provide your guests with the perfect wine-food combination.

Searching for a truly beautiful wedding venue in Virginia? Come visit Black Horse Inn and allow yourself to be embraced by our timeless elegance and incredible versatility! Come visit us and book our venue for your Big Day!