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5 Incredible Centerpieces for A Spring Wedding 8 Feb 2016, 3:52 pm

Spring is almost here – and this means that here, at Black Horse Inn, we’re ready for a joyous season full of weddings, happiness and unforgettable moments! If you are getting married this rejuvenating season, you surely want your wedding florals to be just as unique, delicate and beautiful as your entire love story is. It is precisely for this reason that we have gathered some of the most stunning spring centerpiece ideas to inspire you – so read on, find out more and “steal” these amazing ideas for your Big Day:

  • Bright-colored blooms. Want to make your entire wedding feel just as lively as this season? Go for bright-colored blooms to add a bit of playfulness and style to every table. The key is making sure the centerpieces and the rest of the table décor look great together, so that they don’t feel like “too much”.
  • Tone-on-tone. Mono-colored bouquets are really popular this year – and it’s understandable why. They look gentle, stylish and really elegant and they can be gorgeously fitted into just about any wedding theme.
  • Wild flowers. The “freshly picked out of the garden” look is also very trendy this season, so if you want a wedding with BoHo-Chic or Rustic accents, these centerpieces will complement it beautifully.
  • Mismatched centerpieces. To make your wedding décor really stand out, create multiple, smaller centerpieces and bring them together in mismatched clusters. For example, you could have each table decorated with three small centerpieces (each one in a different color, but with the same type of flowers).
  • Non-floral centerpieces. You don’t have to settle for actual flowers if you don’t want to. Succulents and greenery can make a stunning and stylish combination and they will work marvelously both with indoor weddings and outdoor events as well.

Searching for the perfect venue to accommodate all these incredibly beautiful ideas? Come visit Black Horse Inn and allow yourself (and your future guests) to be embraced by our timelessly romantic venue!

Can We Set a Dress Code for Our Vendors? 1 Feb 2016, 3:58 pm

Your wedding is your special event. And while there may be tons of wedding rules you can leave behind, there are also many etiquette tips that still make perfect sense – even now, in the 21st century. For example, can you (and should you) set a dress code for your wedding vendors? If yes, how to do this in a polite and respectful way?

We have gathered some tips to help you on this. Continue reading and find out more!

  • This is your Big Day and if you plan on having a really fancy event, you are more than free to tell your wedding vendors about it. These people are true professionals and they will definitely want to make sure you are fully happy with everything they provide – including their attire. Likewise, don’t be afraid to tell your vendors to keep it low-key with the attire as well, especially if you don’t want to make them feel bad for overdressing for a more informal event.
  • Not only is it recommended that you talk to your vendors about their attires, but most of them will actually be one step ahead of you and they will ask you from the very beginning what your dress code will be. And, if they don’t, simply bring it up in a casual, yet straightforward way. They will be more than understanding of your choice.
  • Keep in mind that not all vendors will stay for the reception, so they are not all obliged to wear whatever standard you may set. For example, your florist or your baker may simply stop by to deliver their products and they will most likely wear something casual, but comfortable (so that they can handle the manual work).

Here at Black Horse Inn, we want you to have an excellent wedding day. Our stunning, beautifully manicured grounds and our unique scenery are all waiting for your visit. Contact us, schedule a tour and book us for the Big Day!

Why Book Black Horse Inn For Your Spring Wedding 25 Jan 2016, 5:45 pm

Here at Black Horse Inn, we love weddings in all seasons. We love being part of couples’ love stories and we love knowing that we have provided them with a unique, elegant and almost magical spot for their Big Day.

Why would you book Black Horse Inn for your spring wedding, though? We have gathered some of the best reasons to convince you – so read on and find out more.

  • The nature’s in full bloom. We’re proud to be one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Virginia – but what we’re even more proud of is the beauty of the space we have created here. When spring kicks in, everything around our venue is in full bloom, making it the perfect destination for weddings that are truly unforgettable.
  • You will be provided with a variety of stunning terraces and gardens to choose from for your wedding ceremony – so you can pick the one that really suits your love story and wedding style. Moreover, we will also provide you with a magnificent ballroom torn out of fairy tales, so that you and your guests have the time of your lives during your wedding reception.
  • There’s an amazingly positive vibe in the air. We love spring because it refreshes and renews us. We love it because our venue is filled with the most positive vibes as soon as March knocks on our doors. We love it because we know our amazing space will infuse your wedding with the same kind of optimism that’s taking over us every single spring.

Curious to find out more about our wedding packages? Come visit Black Horse Inn, give us a call and schedule a tour of our wonderful grounds! You will fall in love with what we offer!

What is a Cake Cutting and Why is it Important? 18 Jan 2016, 3:25 pm

These days, brides and grooms have a lot of freedom when it comes to creating the perfect Big Day to mirror their style, their preferences and, ultimately, their love story itself. And yet, there are traditions most couples choose to never leave behind – and the Cake Cutting is one of them.

Why is this wedding moment so important and what does it symbolize? Why is it that it still deserves our attention? We have gathered some of the things every bride and groom-to-be should know – so read on and find out more.

  • Put simply, the Cake Cutting is a wedding reception highlight. It usually takes place towards the end of the wedding reception and it is generally accompanied by music.
  • The Cake Cutting tradition goes as far back as Ancient Rome when the groom broke bread over the bride’s head. This symbolized the end of her days as an unmarried girl and it was also supposed to bring the couple good luck in their marriage too. Later on, the bread was replaced with unsweetened cakes stacked on top of each other to create a very tall tower. The bride and groom had to kiss over the tower, which symbolized that their marriage would be blessed.
  • In modern times, the Cake Cutting has an even more romantic and candid meaning. The way in which the cake is cut (with his hand on top of hers) symbolizes the fact that the groom is ready to support the bride in their married life, while she is ready to take care of him and their family. Furthermore, the moment the bride and groom feed each other with cake is also a symbol of the commitment the two make to one another.

Black Horse Inn is a stunning wedding venue located in Virginia – so if you plan on having your wedding here and if you are looking for a venue that’s marvelously embraced by nature and history, we are the answer. Contact us, visit us and find out more about our venue!

How Should You Arrange an Uneven Wedding Party? 12 Jan 2016, 3:47 pm

Your bridesmaids and your groomsmen are so important to you! In the end, these are the people who will walk down the aisle with you and be truly there for you on your Big Day, so you will definitely want everything about choosing them to be perfect.

What happens if you and your future spouse decide that you don’t want an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, though? How will you arrange their entrance and their places at the altar?

We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

  • You don’t have to worry too much about this. Most brides and grooms today choose to have an uneven wedding party – and that’s perfectly fine, as long as it makes sense to you.
  • When your bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle to “announce” your coming, you can ask them to walk in pairs and allow the last group to be formed out of three people (a groomsman and two bridesmaids, for example).
  • Also, you can ask all the groomsmen to enter one after the other, followed by the bridesmaids – or you can ask them to enter alternatively (one bridesmaid, followed by one groomsman, and so on).
  • As for how your wedding party will be arranged at the altar, it is entirely up to you. Mix them, place all the ladies on one side and all the gentlemen on the other or, if you prefer this, have them seated on nice-looking ottomans or chairs. Regardless of what you choose, they will look wonderful!


Searching for a timelessly elegant venue in Virginia? Come visit Black Horse Inn and take a look at the wonderful things we can offer for your Big Day! Stunning grounds, a historical vibe that’s hard to equal and a luxurious venue meant to make everyone feel amazing – they are all waiting for you at Black Horse Inn!

How to Travel With Your Wedding Dress 4 Jan 2016, 6:36 pm

Your wedding dress is one of the most important elements of the Big Day – and you definitely want it to look perfect for the moment you say “I Do”. However, what happens if you are having a destination wedding? How to travel with your wedding dress and make sure it gets to its destination in perfect state?

We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on to find out more.

  • Transport the dress in your carry-on, in a thick garment bag to protect it and keep it as wrinkle-free as possible. The last thing you want is to have your luggage lost at the airport…with your wedding gown in it. While the airport staff will do everything to find your luggage, things might move too slowly – and this could mean a disaster for your wedding.
  • Furthermore, try to avoid packing too many liquids with you. Even when they are tightly sealed, accidents can happen in the chaos of the airport and during your flight – and you don’t want to have your gown ruined by your shampoo, right?
  • It is also recommended that you have your wedding dress steamed when you reach your destination. To be certain you can do this, inform yourself beforehand and see if there are any specialists in the area. This way, you will not have to face the unpleasant surprise of wearing a wrinkled dress on your Big Day.

Black Horse Inn  is a superb wedding venue in Virginia – so if you plan on having your wedding here, and if you want to have it in a place surrounded by the marvels of nature and by the beautiful touch of a historic building, contact us and schedule a tour! You will definitely love what we offer!


5 Hot Wedding Color Combination Ideas 2016 28 Dec 2015, 3:32 pm

2016 is right around the corner – and if you plan on having your wedding next year, you are most likely interested in how you can make it absolutely fabulous. Because choosing the wedding colors is so important and because we want to help you plan a wedding that’s remarkable and unforgettable, we have gathered some of the best tips on how to combine colors next year. Read on and find out more about the top 5 hot wedding color combinations ideas in 2016!

  • Pale rose, white and gold. If you plan on having an elegant spring wedding, this color combination is truly perfect! Suave, delicate and really stylish, these colors will make your wedding really romantic and beautiful.
  • Mint green, pale pink and grayish purple. If you are looking for a refreshing color combination, this is the one for you. The mint green adds style, the pale pink makes everything more romantic and the grayish purple tones everything down to create the perfect balance.
  • Peach orange, mint green and lavender. Borderline between pastel and bright colors, this color scheme works wonderfully with spring and summer weddings, precisely because it perfectly blends into the warm atmosphere outside.
  • Coral, green and nude. Bring the positivity of coral pink with the vibrancy of a pale green shade and tone everything down with a darker nude! It will look so pretty your guests will be in awe!
  • Dark purple, lavender and green. Inspired by spring’s most beautiful color combinations, these colors work wonderfully together and they can create a stylish, romantic and yet daring atmosphere for your wedding day.

Here at Black Horse Inn, we take pride in the gorgeous venue we have prepared for you. Located in the middle of nature, with a grand history behind it and with a versatility that makes it able to accommodate a wide range of wedding ideas, our venue is ready for your Big Day! Come visit us and book us for a magical wedding in 2016!

5 New Winter Wedding Ideas 21 Dec 2015, 2:26 pm

We all know that winter is not generally seen as a top wedding season. Yet, more and more couples choose to tie the knot during the chilly months of December, January and February – and they have plenty of reasons to do so as well. From the special kind of magic associated with the winter months to the fact that some of the costs may be considerably lower, there’s a myriad of advantages that come with winter weddings.

If you have already decided on having a winter wedding, you probably know about all these benefits – and you’re probably looking for the most unique winter wedding ideas to incorporate into your Big Day.

What are the latest trends when it comes to this, though? We have gathered 5 of them right below – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • Switch the red and green color combination. There’s absolutely no reason to stick to this all-too-traditional color theme if you don’t want to. White on white, white and icy blue, as well as silver, white and crystals accents are all fabulous combinations that will make your entire wedding look luxurious and beautiful.
  • Glamorous winter centerpieces. Talk to your wedding florist about creating wedding centerpieces that truly fit into the idea of winter. Tall silver-painted twigs will look gorgeous both on their own and when they are combined with red berries and/or with white flowers – so don’t be afraid to get really creative with your wedding centerpieces.
  • Hot drinks for the cocktail hour. Having a cocktail hour is a great idea if you want to get your guests in the mood to party. Serve delicious hot drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to warm your guests up and make them feel really spoiled.

Black Horse Inn is one of the most stunning historical wedding venues in Virginia – so if you are searching for a place that’s timelessly elegant, we are the best option for you! Come visit us, take a look at what we offer and book us for your very own magical wedding day!

4 Wedding Cake Trends for 2015 14 Dec 2015, 4:29 pm

Your wedding cake may be regarded as a sweet treat or a simple dessert. However, the truth is that the wedding cake stands for much more than that: it stands for love, for commitment and for the amazing sweetness with which both of you choose to step into your married life.

Naturally, you will want your wedding cake not only to taste amazing, but to beautifully complement your wedding day as well. To help you precisely with this, we have gathered 4 of the most popular wedding cake trends foe 2015 – so read on if you need some inspiration for your own Big Day.

  • Gold, silver, bronze – pick your favorite and cover your wedding cake in it because it is bound to look absolutely fabulous. Perfect for a very elegant wedding, this kind of cake can add a uniquely luxurious touch to your wedding décor – so you will definitely love it.
  • This is a trend that has been growing quite a lot in the past couple of years – and to be honest, we really love it. If you want a natural look for your wedding cake or if you are planning a rustic-chic wedding, you will love how these non-frosted desserts look. Decorated with powdered sugar, fruit and/or fresh flowers, these cakes are like true pieces of art.
  • All-white. If you thought an all-white cake would be dull, think again. A white wedding cake with white motifs will look truly spectacular and delicate, so it will surely make your wedding be more unique as well. Ideal for a Winter Wonderland-themed wedding, these cakes are magically pleasant for the eyes.

Here at Black Horse Inn, we truly want your wedding day to be unforgettable – and this is why we have prepared a Virginia wedding venue ready to truly accommodate your wedding ideas. Come visit us and take a look around to see for yourself how timelessly elegant our venue can be!

Liv Tyler Confirms Engagement to David Gardner 7 Dec 2015, 3:28 pm

We all love it when we see celebrities ready to tie the knot and celebrate their love in front of the world. Last week, we saw one of our favorite couples announce their engagement – and, to be honest, we couldn’t be anything but happy for gorgeous Liv Tyler and her amazing fiancé, David Gardner.

The Black Horse Inn

How did it all happen? What are some of the most important things we know about their engagement? Read on and find out more.

  • Liv Tyler announced her engagement with David on Instagram, with a photo and a cute caption. “Crazy about my man!!!!! sweet sweet daddy , friend , fiancé, thank you !!!!!! Grateful”, she said on her Instagram account.
  • Although the announcement has just been made, it has been reported that Liv and David have been engaged for almost one year now. They started dating last year and in February they welcomed their baby boy, Sailor Gene. As a source has already told US Weekly, the couple is really happy together and they are more than great for each other.
  • Also, even if Liv did not make the announcement until now, she did give everyone little sneak peaks on her beautiful engagement ring – an emerald-cut diamond that looks truly splendid. It appears that ever since she has gotten engaged, Liv Tyler has shared a good handful of pictures in which she showed of the stunning piece of jewelry – so the official announcement only came to confirm that Liv and Dave will soon get married too.

We’re happy for Liv Tyler and David Gardner – and we wish them all the joy in the world! Here at Black Horse Inn, we love celebrating love more than anything else in the world – and if you come to visit us, you will definitely see just how passionate we are about weddings.

Contact us, come and take a look at our venue and book us for your Big Day! We guarantee it will be amazing!