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Innkeeper(s): Melissa & Ray Alexander

Devils Backbone craft Brewing Company near Lexington VA 30 Nov 2015, 3:50 pm

Making great beer is just what they do at Devils Backbone Brewing Company. The company has two location in Virginia. The “Basecamp Brewpub & Meadows” is located near Wintergreen Resort in Roseland, VA. Just over the mountain and outside of Lexington is the “Outpost Brewery & Taproom”. The Outpost is located just down the road from our B&B and is a great spot for a break from touring around the Shenandoah Valley or from holiday shopping.

The mission statement for this brewery says a lot about why this is one of our favorite stops: “To enrich our community by enhancing back porches,…and anywhere else you find yourself enjoying life.” Their Values speak to family, integrity, passion, and stewardship. We see those values and are touched by their mission every time we stop in for a brew or drop by for a take-home “growler”.

December events at Devils Backbone Outpost will fun and tasty! Each Wednesday at the Outpost is DB Growler Grab! Special 64 oz. growler fills are the item of the day. If you don’t have DB growler (aka: small jug), they are happy to fix you up with one and you can be one your way home with great beer.

Another fun event for December will be the Growler Girls Gift Exchange. Bring a wrapped gift and appetizers to share for a fun night out with your girl friends. On Fridays, Devils Backbone will offer live music with your favorite holiday tunes. The Friday Holiday jams will peak with the Holiday party on December 18th when they will offer a one-time special beer. Please wear your ugly Christmas sweater for this special party!

The beers at Devils Backbone are ever changing with the season and using the new ideas from the brew team. You can see what’s on draught at any time by visiting the Outpost page. They provide wonderful descriptions of all the different brews so you can find the right beer for the mood you’re in or to go with the food you’re planning to eat.

Every Saturday & Sunday, you can learn about the whole brewing process during a tour of the working brewery. The tours are scheduled Saturday and Sunday at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm.

Next time you stay at our B&B, be sure to make a stop at Devils Backbone Brewing Company for some great craft beer.

Gypsy Hill Park Celebration of Holiday Lights-Staunton VA 16 Nov 2015, 1:16 pm

It’s time to start planning for some Holiday fun! On Monday, November 23, 2015, Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton, VA will glow with holiday lights. This is the eleventh year of this spectacular attraction in the 214 acre park. The displays will light up the night each evening from 5:00 – 11:00. The drive-through display is FREE and open to everyone.

There will be more than 50 unique, brightly colored Holiday scenes designed and built by local individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and church groups. The displays will be enjoyed by 30,000 people during the month-long tradition


There is a very special area of the Celebration of Holiday Lights. The “Field of Deer” is located inside the fence at the Gypsy Hill Park Pool. Each lighted deer is placed and lit in honor of someone living or in memory of a loved one. The field of deer has become a large “herd” of the lighted memorials and tributes and according to one TripAdvisor review is “especially touching”.

On Friday, December 18 at 6:00 pm, watch the Live Nativity produced by a local church. On Saturday, December 19, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM, come to the Bandstand to share in Christmas Caroling and to support the Valley Mission. There will be performances by the Harrisonburg Harmonizers and other local choirs. The bonfire will warm you from the outside while your heart warms with the sounds of the season and the free hot chocolate warms you on the inside. Kids can also have their picture taken with Santa! Bring some paper products or canned goods to support the mission too.

What a great way to enjoy the Holiday season – with events to help others and to warm your heart!

Craft Beer and Breweries in the Shenandoah Valley, VA 30 Oct 2015, 1:09 pm

A visit to Steeles Tavern, VA is not complete without sampling several of the craft beers produced by the local breweries in the Shenandoah Valley.

Lexington is home to Blue Lab Brewing Company – the city’s first and only microbrewery. Blue Lab opened in 2010 when two friends turned a hobby into a small business. Their homepage tells which five standard brews are currently being served and the special seasonal flavors. They also give a great description of all their creations on the “About out Beers” page. The “Hefeweizen” is described as “a summer wheat style that is a perfect thirst quencher” on a warm summer night. Add a slice of lemon for an added refreshing flavor.

Also in Lexington, you can find The Outpost for Devils Backbone Brewing Company. It’s located on the beautiful hillside outside of town and actually houses a custom- built brewery featuring a 30bbl Rolec Brewing system, SBC bottling and canning lines and Tap Room. Brewery Tours are offered on Saturdays and Sundays on the hour from 2 to 5 PM. Try the seasonal special, Pumpkin Hunter that was designed to have the flavors layer “like a liquid pumpkin pie”. You can almost taste the graham cracker crust in this rich, “comfort beer”.

Traveling north through the Shenandoah Valley, you will find Saunton – home to several local brew companies.

Queen City Brewing Ltd. has 22 beers on tap, homemade soda, and sweet Fruit Wines. At this brewery you can “Become the Brewer” by choosing one of three package plans: Brewer’s Apprentice, Private Batch, or Blue Ridge Brewers (a class through the Blue Ridge Community College). Try the Hard-Pressed Apple Ale – a sweet and delicious ale that has a “cidery” flavor.

Staunton is also home to the Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company – a craft brewery with a tasting room and a home-brew supply store. Try one of their brews in their taproom (this is a BYOF place – bring your own food); Talk about your home brewing challenges and get the answers, the equipment, AND the recipes you need for some brew fun at home! Recipes can be found on their website with a detailed description of the resulting beer or ale. Their stock for homebrew is quite extensive with Dry and Wet Extracts, grains, hops, kegging equipment, and Bayou Classics Brewing Systems and part for sale. This is the place to get all your homebrew supplies!

On your adventure through the Shenandoah Valley, be sure to sip a few beers, buy your homebrew supplies, become the brewer, or tour a brewery. You will find that Virginia is for (beer) lovers!

Fall Pumpkins – more than just orange pumpkins? 23 Oct 2015, 2:52 pm

I took a ride to Swisher’s Farm last week to purchase my pumpkins. I was worried that they didn’t have any left since I’m late buying them this year. To my surprise they still had a nice selection.
If you thought there were only “orange” pumpkins then you need to visit Swisher’s. Mr. & Mrs. Swisher were there to greet me. Mrs. Swisher helped me understand all the varietals that are grown on their farm and which ones were the best for eating. I only wanted to purchase them for decoration but I didn’t want to break the news to them so I listened while she educated me in the pumpkin types and their names. I knew there were different heirloom types but never knew they had names! (I guess just like sea shells. Only my friends Meredith, Cathy & Luann would understand this comment.) So I purchased some of Mrs Swisher’s pumpkins as you see in my photos.

The deep orange red one is named Cinderella. Its name is derived from resembling Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage.Fairytale is the light orange with green pumpkin. Mrs. Swisher told me twice that I could eat Fairytale but not Cinderella. Don’t worry, they are only my decorations I told her! The one that looks like it has warts growing on it is named Peanut. I liked the unique look of it. The small white one is Snowball. And of course I purchased the good ole “orange” pumpkins. I’m sure they have a name too.
It just shows you that you can learn something new every day!

Blackfriars Playhouse: Shakespeare’s Home, Staunton VA 17 Oct 2015, 12:33 pm

Who would think that the Shakespearean center of the universe – in the USA – would be in the Shenandoah Valley? It is and it is fantastic!

The American Shakespeare Center and the Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, VA attracts actors, theatre-goers, and scholars of “all things Shakespeare” every year – all through the year.

The American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriar’s Playhouse

10 S Market St.

Staunton VA 24401

When you visit the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, you must be a part of a performance at the Blackfriars Playhouse. Yes – be a part of a performance! This special theatre is designed and constructed just as theatres were built back in Elizabethan times. The sets on the stage are sparse. The lighting includes the audience. The audience is expected to react to the action on the stage. You (the audience) become part of the play and can influence how long the show may play on.

The theatre is the one and only re-creation of the first indoor theatre in England that was built on part of the Blackfriars Monastery in London – hence the name for the theatre here in VA. William Shakespeare and his colleagues built the original theatre. The local theatre was completed and opened in 2001 after considerable research was done for the design and construction. Tours of the theatre are available so you can actually go on stage and backstage to learn more about Shakespeare’s Theatre. Cost for the tour is just $7.00 per person and are done two times per day, five or six days per week.

Performances in the 300-seat theatre in Virginia have delighted audiences from around the world ever since opening night.

While the theatre is stunning, the performances themselves ring true to the style of Shakespeare’s time. The staging is simple. There may be only one or two pieces of furniture on stage with no set designs and no backdrops. There may be some music played by a small group seated above the stage. The audience uses the same light as the actors. So the actors see and react to the audience – just as it happened in Elizabethan England.

Their schedule through November 2015 includes four different plays from Shakespeare’s repertoire; check their website for the full performance schedule.

In December 2015 the resident troupe turns to some Holiday favorites including The Santaland Diaries and A Christmas Carol. But even these favorites are staged in a unique way so that the audience is again, right in the middle of all the fun.

Tickets can be purchased online for performances and for theatre tours. More about the educational component and the actors on stage can be found on the ASC Education page.



Photos used by permission from The American Shakespeare Center.

Wade’s Mill 20th Annual 2015 Apple Butter Festival 30 Sep 2015, 2:14 pm

Located midway between Staunton and Lexington, VA, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, is the “breadbasket of the south” – Raphine, VA. That’s where you will find Wade’s Mill – a working flour mill that has been in operation since 1750!

One day per year, Wade’s Mill celebrates another Shenandoah Valley favorite product – apple butter! This year is the 20th Annual Apple Butter Festival happening on October 17th, 2015. In the tradition of “real” apple butter, there will be a huge copper pot heated over an open fire. The aroma is yummy! And you too can help stir this wonderful favorite fall food. The final product will be available for you to try and buy to take home with you.

The festival is not only about the apple butter. There will be some great food and bread baked in the outdoor oven. Watch and learn about the old ways of baking and cooking. There will be fresh chestnuts from Pettijohn’s Chestnut Orchard. Talk to the orchard owners about how to use this specialty in your baking and cooking or roast them over an open fire and hear them pop! Karen Pettihohn grinds flour from dried chestnuts – so you can purchase delicious Gluten FREE desserts from Karen’s kitchen!

Most people think of Vermont when talking about maple syrup. But pure maple syrup is also made in the mountainous regions of VA! Mike Puffenbarger of Southernmost Maple Sugar Products will be at the festival telling the story of real maple syrup produced in Virginia. He will share how the sweet stuff is harvested and produced and will share some great recipes using maple syrup.

Mountain View Farm will be on hand with craft cheeses produced locally. A sip of wine from Rockbridge Vineyards will pare very well with these cheeses!

Great bluegrass music will be provided to add to the fun. “The New Corner Grocery Blur Grass Band” will play in the first part of the day and Kathryn Young and Friends will provide some great musical entertainment during the afternoon.

Watch some craftsmen at work forming iron into great gifts and useful products. James McGavock will have a forge hot and will demonstrate the old craft of working the iron into horseshoes and other necessary hardware. Learn about the art of basket weaving from Cindy Miller, owner of House Mountain Baskets. She will make baskets in a Shaker style using old style, authentic materials.

The Apple Butter Festival will be a day filled with history, food, music, crafts, and APPLE BUTTER! Make your plans to visit this special spot in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Oktoberfest at Frontier Culture Museum, Staunton VA 21 Sep 2015, 6:26 pm

The Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia is THE place to be for German-Americans who want to reminisce about their homeland or anyone who wants to experience a fun day or two full of history and the culture of Germany. Visit the museum grounds on Saturday & Sunday, October 3 & 4, 2015 for traditional food, great music, dancing (can you polka?), good German ‘bier’ (of course!), and plenty of fun and games for kids of all ages.

The Frontier Culture Museum is a living history museum telling the story of immigrants that migrated to the Shenandoah Valley. The Germans were the largest non-English speaking group to travel to the American colonies. Most of the “Virginia Germans” came into the continent through Philadelphia but continued south, crossed the Potomac River, and finally settled in the Shenandoah Valley in the early 1700’s. They brought with them the culture from their homeland. At the museum, you can see a living-history area set-up like a typical German farm. Learn about the crops the Germans grew and the types of animals they kept.

The new German-Americans created wonderful pottery, painted furniture, and the “Kentucky” long rifle. You can see examples of early German technology, crafts, and husbandry on the site of the German farm. The German immigrants also began producing some of their traditional German ‘bier’ when they arrived here in the colonies. David G. Yuengling came from Wuerttemberg, Germany and established his brewing company in 1829 – America’s oldest brewery. Try some of this beer at the Oktoberfest!

The Hirschjager Bavarian Dancers, dressed in traditional garb, will put on German dance demonstrations at 1:00 pm and at 2:15 pm Saturday. “Oom-pa-pa” music will be provided by the Shippensburg Blaskapelle, Bill McElroy, the Elbe-Musikanten German Band, and the Sauerkraut Band over the two days of the event.

What Oktoberfest would be complete without some great Bratwurst?   Look for Bratwurst, Weisswurst & Bauernwurst Sausages, potato pancakes, and even Bavarian Soft pretzels from the Bavarian Chef Caterers. Other food vendors include: Farm Fresh Fixin’s, Joe’s Sausages, Rick’s BBQ, Blue Ridge Pizza, Branch’s Soft-serve Ice Cream, and MJ’s Kickin Kettle Corn. So even if German food is not your favorite, you will find something to satisfy your appetite.

Oktoberfest runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm both days. Early-bird tickets are available online for $10 (adult) or $4.50 (children 6-12). You can also get tickets at the event for $15 (adult). Children under 6 are free.

Ich hoffe, Sie bald zu sehen!

Five Things to do in August while visiting the Central Shenandoah Valley 6 Aug 2015, 3:36 pm

It’s the dog days of Summer. And Bacchus agrees! The pool is getting great use this year to cool down from the heat.
But if you would rather get out and explore, then here are 5 Great Things to do in our area.

Shenandoah Valley Blues & Brews Festival.

Enjoy the day at the Blues and Brews Festival.
Location: Downtown Staunton, Sunspots Pavilion.
Saturday August 8 1pm-9pm.

Visit Staunton VA.
What can I do in Staunton? Well, here are some neat things going on in August….

  • Restaurant Week: August 4 – 11. A week-long celebration of food from Local Restaurants and Retail Shops including meal specials and retail sales! Here is a list of participating restaurants with great food offerings.
  • Staunton Music Festival: August 14 – 23. Music lovers dream! Multiple concerts occurring each day.
  • Shakin at the Station: Thursdays 6-8pm. Thursday night outdoor music concerts. Location: Johnson Street Parking Lot.
  • Historic Staunton Foundation Walking Tour: Saturdays 10am-noon. 90 minute tour of Staunton’s art & culture.
  • Trolley Ride Tour: Daily 10am-10pm. Don’t want to walk? Jump on the green tolley and take a narrated tour through downtown Staunton. Location: Staunton Visitor Center. It only costs $.25

Virginia Craft Beer Month – enjoy a Festival or visit a Local Brewery.

Did you know…….
Locally sourced beer in Virginia is a tradition that began in 1587 when Virginia colonists brewed their first ale using corn?

Virginia Craft Brewers Fest – Devils Backbone Brewery. August 22 2-7pm
Over 60 Breweries throughout the state of Virginia will be on hand for you to sample their brew. Enjoy live music and good eats too! Basically a day of fun! Last year’s festival sold out so buy your tickets early online.

Devils Backbone Outpost – Lexington.
Enjoy freshly brewed beer in Devils Backbone Outpost’s Tap Room or outside in the Bier Garden over-looking the Blue Ridge Mountains. You are welcome to bring your own food! Live local music on Fridays. And on weekends, take a tour of the brewing facility. Check out the current list of available brews.

Brew Ridge Trail – Route 151, Afton.
Brew Ridge Trail. Take a scenic ride from our property over the Blue Ridge Mountains to Route Nelson 151. Enjoy tasty brews and lunch at Devils Backbone Brewing Company, Wild Wolf Brewing Company or Blue Mountain Brewery. Do some shopping and see other attractions such as Rockfish Valley Nature Trail, Tuckahoe Antiques, Valley Green Gallery, all of the seven wineries along Route 151, Bold Rock Cidery and Silverback Distillery.


“Wine down” at the winieries.
Rockbridge Vineyards – Sundays Uncorked and Unplugged. August 16 & August 30 2pm-5pm.R Live music with local favorite Scruffy Murphy (8/16) and John Tracy (8/30). Admission is free. Bring your own picnic lunch or purchase food from the Food Truck.

Barren Ridge Vineyards – Music for MaDee. August 16 12:30-7pm, admission $10. Full day of live music, delicious food from Mama’s Caboose Food Truck, and great wine, of course! The event supports the MaDee Project, a foundation for families affected by pediatric cancer. Plus live music every Friday & Saturday 6:30-sundown.

August is a great month to enjoy a Movie at Hull’s Drive-In.
Watch first run double feature movies in your car under the summer sky. They upgraded a few years ago to digital so they can offer 1st run movies. Eat a late lunch or grab an early dinner and head out to Hull’s. Gates open at 7pm & 1st show starts at dusk. Don’t worry about not having your popcorn. They have a great concession stand!
• August 8 – Hull’s is celebrating its 65th birthday. Party starts at 6pm.
• WEEKENDS (Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights) – 1st run double feature movies

When you are finished doing with one of these THINGS, come back to a dip in our pool and then share your adventure with us at Social Hour!
See you soon!
Melissa, Ray and Bacchus

Five Things to do in July while visiting the Central Shenandoah Valley 22 Jun 2015, 3:52 pm

The first words that come to my mind when I think of July are Patriotic, outdoor fun & food, and HOT! Well, this year the HOT has arrived in June. Many guests are enjoying a day at our pool or using the pool to cool down after a fun day of activities. Our walking path connecting the side porch to the pool is complete. So now it will lead you to the water!

So here are 5 Great Things to do in our area and then come back to Steeles Tavern, head on the new path and check out the pool!

Celebrate the 4th of July in Lexington VA, a town recently named one of the best Small Towns in America.

Start out your July 4th day by listening to a reading of the Declaration of Independence by the Mayor’s Youth Council. Location: Old Courthouse steps, 2 South Main Street, Lexington. FREE! 9:30am
Celebrate our nation’s birthday at the annual Balloon Rally & 4th of July Celebration held on the parade grounds of Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. Piloted balloon rides & tethered balloon rides, live music, food and craft vendors, antique car show and, of course, fireworks! Friday July 3 & Saturday July 4 7am-10pm.

Enjoy a Local Winery.

Rockbridge Vineyards and Barren Ridge Vineyards wines are outstanding. And we are so lucky to be located close to them. Visit their tasting rooms this summer to sample their award winning vino. Rockbridge’s tastings are complimentary and Barren Ridge’s tastings are also complimentary using our Tasting Card. Just ask us for one. And here are events that are happening at their wineries in July…………

Rockbridge VineyardsSummer Breeze Wine Festival. July 11 Noon-6pm. Live music, tastings, and festival fun at the winery. $10 admission includes wine tasting and souvenir glass. $5.00 of each admission goes directly to the SPCA. Lunch will be available for purchase or bring a picnic. Plus live music on Sunday July 26 with local favorites Loose Gravel & Amanda Baxter – the Blues, some folk, and a little bit of rock & roll. Lunch is available for purchase from Mama’s Caboose or bring a picnic.

Barren Ridge VineyardsPork & Cork. July 4 6:30-10pm. Delicious barbecue to pair with Barren Ridge wines, great live music, and a fireworks display after dark! Feel free to bring picnic blankets and lawn furniture. Plus live music every Friday & Saturday 6:30-sundown.

Have you ever been to a Drive-in Movie?
Some of our guests have never been or even heard of a drive-in movie. Well we have one of the best located 10 miles from us – Hull’s Drive In. You may have read about Hull’s in my previous Blogs. It is an open air movie theater where you sit in your car and watch a double feature movie with the sound coming through your radio. They upgraded a few years ago to digital so they can offer 1st run movies. Jurassic World was shown last weekend. Eat a late lunch or grab an early dinner and head out to Hull’s. 1st show starts at dusk. Don’t worry about not having your popcorn. They have a great concession stand!
WEEKENDS (Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights) – 1st run double feature movies
• WEDNESDAY’S in July – “Retro Movie Night” $10 per carload
o July 8 – “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (1971).
o July 15 – “Karate Kid” (1984).
o July 22 – “Top Gun” (1986).
o July 29 – “Grease” (1978).

Food Lovers……….Summer Restaurant Week in Lexington.
Who doesn’t love food? A week-long celebration of food from Local Restaurants and Retail Shops including meal specials and retail sales!
Sunday July 26 – Saturday August 1. 10:00am – 10:00pm Downtown Lexington
Visit Main Street Lexington website for more details on the specials.

Canoe, Kayak, or Tubing?
Cool down and experience a water sport. Take a relaxing ride in a tube down the Maury and James Rivers. Best spot for tubing is the Maury River from Jordan’s Point to Buena Vista. But if you need something challenging then kayak or canoe on the Maury or James Rivers. Both rivers provide calm float trips or whitewater adventures. Check out Lexington’s Visitor Center website or talk to the experts at Wilderness Canoe Company to plan your day of fun.

When you are finished doing with one of these THINGS, come back to a dip in our pool and then share your adventure with us at Social Hour!

See you soon!
Melissa, Ray and Bacchus

Five things to do in JUNE while visiting in the Central Shenandoah Valley 29 May 2015, 12:07 pm

School’s out. Summer’s in. Days get longer. Weather gets warmer. People get outside more. Welcome June!

Here at Steeles Tavern, we are enjoying the warm weather and have been busy working outside too. Our pool is officially open. We added a 2 person hammock situated close to the pond. We did a lot of weeding and planted our vegetable and herb garden. And we are beginning preparations to construct a walking path that will connect the side porch to the pool area.

So what can you do here in June besides relax at the Manor or Cottages? Well, here are 5 great THINGS………….

Explore Northern Rockbridge County & discover its hidden treasures.

Guests tend to visit the quaint towns of Lexington and Staunton but we have our own hidden gems right here in Northern Rockbridge County. To learn more about each place, visit our website under Things To Do and click on their associated links.
1. Rockbridge Vineyard – The Tasting Room located in their red barn is a cozy place to stop by for a visit and try some award winning Rockbridge wines. Tasting is complimentary.
2. Wade’s Mill – A historic working grist mill that offers stone ground flours, and various grain mixes such as pancakes, waffles and grits. You can purchase Jim and Georgie’s products as well as great kitchenware items in their gift shop.
3. Orchardside Yarn Shop and Berry Farm – A neat place to shop for yarns. Carol will help with suggestions and even get you started on your project. When blackberries are in season, you can “pick your own” berries from their blackberry patch. We use the berries in our fruit dishes!
4. McCormick’s Farm – Home of Cyrus McCormick, inventor of the grain reaper. Beautiful grounds, small museum, grist mill, and nature trail.
5. Gertie’s Country Store – Gertie will fix you one of her specialty sandwiches. The pulled pork sandwich is our favorite! Have lunch inside to experience this local atmosphere or get your lunch to go and have a picnic when stopping at McCormick Farm or Rockbridge Vineyards.
6. Brownsburg Museum – Take a back road ride to Brownsburg and stop in to the Museum. There you will learn the history of Brownsburg and walk through their Civil War exhibit.

Spend a day in nature at Boxerwood Gardens.

15 acres of nature and woodlands located just outside of Lexington. .Boxerwood is open every day of the week (8am-5pm). It is free admission to enter the gardens but donations are always welcome. Visit their website to check out what is in bloom. Concerts are held in the garden on the second and fourth Fridays starting at 6:30pm.
June’s Music in the Garden – Two local Rockbridge bands:  June 12 (Bluegrass duo ) & June 26 (Blues trio)

Looking for some Night Life?  What can I do after dinner?
• First Fridays Live Music at Sweet Treats Bakery in Lexington
• Haywood’s Piano Bar in downtown Lexington (Wed-Sun evenings)
• “Shakin” – Music Thursday nights in Staunton’s Wharf Parking lot starts at 6:30pm
• Blackfriar Playhouse in Staunton. See a Shakespearian play in June: Hamlet, Dr Faustus, Wittenberg, & Much Ado About Nothing
• Hull’s Drive-In – Route 11 South, Lexington (about 10 minute ride from us) – Double feature movies under the stars

Food Lovers……….Enjoy a Cooking Class at Wades Mill.
Who doesn’t love food and fun? Georgie, co-owner of Wade’s Mill with her husband Jim, just loves to cook and have fun doing it. She kicks off her 2015 Cooking Schedule with 3 classes in June. Rumor has it that it will be her last year doing the classes so sign up for a class now.
Friday June 12 – 10:00am – Lunch & Class: Simple Sublime French $30
Saturday June 13 – 6:00pm – Dinner: Mike Lund’s Holiday Feast $50
Saturday June 27 – 3:00pm – Dinner & Class: Mom’s Food $50
Visit Wades’ Mill website for more details on the June classes as well as other classes this year.

Go to the Wine & Jazz Festival at the Frontier Culture Center in Staunton.
If you love wine and jazz then you are in for a treat. 13 Shenandoah Valley wineries will participate in this year’s event. Local jazz artists will perform. The admission includes a tour of the Museum and a souvenir wine glass.
Saturday June 27 – 1:00 – 7:00pm, Admission $20.00 ($10.00 non-tasting adult)

When you are finished doing with one of these THINGS, come back and share your adventure with us!
See you soon!
Melissa, Ray and Bacchus

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