The Garden and the Sea Inn

4188 Nelson Road P.O. Box 275, New Church, Virginia 23415
Innkeeper(s): Thomas and Dorothee Renn
  • Add-Ons

      Wouldn't it be nice to find a nice bottle of wine in your room when you arrive here after a long trip?

      Prosecco                                                               $20.00
      Freixenet (Spanish Champagne)                           $18.00
      Sparkling Cider                                                      $ 8.00

      Red Wines
      House Red Wine (eg Woodbridge Cab. Souv.)     $12.00
      2009 Gascon Malbec                                            $20.00

      White Wines
      House White Wine (Beringer Chardonnay)            $12.00
      2009 Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling                       $15.00
      2009 J Lohr Chardonnay                                       $17.00

      Miller Lt                                   Btl  $2.50   6 Btls  $12.50
      Heineken                                  Btl  $3.00   6 Btls  $15.00
      Augustiner (great German beer) Btl  $3.50   6 Btls  $17.50

      Snacks and Flowers
      A dozen Roses in a take home vase                       $49.90
      small Chocolate Cake for two                                $12.00
      Garden and Sea Inn Chocolate Box              4 oz   $10.00
           (made by a German Chocolatier)             8 oz   $20.00  

      All Items can also be ordered online if you prefer to use our online reservation system.