The Hummingbird Inn

30 Wood Lane P.o. Box 147, Goshen, Virginia 24439
Innkeeper(s): Sandra and Jeff Shaffer

Cabin 1 on Mill Creek Siding & Interior – Mar 2016 28 Mar 2016, 12:08 pm

Cabin 1 on Mill Creek siding day was BEAUTIFUL and interior is taking shape! Come on in and take a peak inside…

Jeff at the saw.









Kitchen area backs up to bathroom


The bathroom will also have high ceilings.

Jeff looking at the lighting in the bathroom.



A nice shot before the windows and door went in.



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Cabin 1 on Mill Creek Construction – Feb 2016 28 Mar 2016, 9:45 am

Cabin 1 on Mill Creek construction days were marked by blue skies and tempertures in the teens! Jeff can work in all temps, the crazy heat and humidity back in Houston and now winter in Goshen. Thankfully the bitter cold and gusty winds are short lived. We are very happy to report our winter is mild with most days not having to wear multiple layers. When it snows, it doesn’t last.

Warm temps are always just around the corner.  Then, we have another beautiful snowfall here in the Shenandoah Valley and we are delighted again! Another cold spell and back to layers for a day or two, maybe three…all for the sake of getting it done! See more pictures here on the progress of Cabin 1.

A view of cabin 1 at Mill Creek from the Hummingbird Inn.









“When this old world starts a getting me down…”

Windows in, prepping for siding.

Sandra & Jeff and the view from the bedroom.











A view of Mill Creek from cabin 1 on a cold winter day.


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Cabin 1 on Mill Creek Framing – Feb 2016 28 Mar 2016, 8:13 am

Cabin 1 on Mill Creek framing got off to a good start in February with some days not so cold, sweatshirt weather!

View of the creek from the back deck.

Making great progress.











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Cabins on Mill Creek 2016 – New Year, New Plans 27 Mar 2016, 11:30 am

Cabins on Mill Creek 2016 got off to a great start! Exciting to see the Concrete Truck pull up at the Hummingbird Inn. New Year, New Plans to add cabins creekside on our lot adjacent to the Hummingbird Inn. We started with Cabin 1 in hopes to finish by July 2016. Our proximity to Mill Creek requires the cabins to be raised 5 feet and so we began by pouring concrete for the footings. Just in time! After the concrete was set, we received our first major snowfall (as new Inn owners), a beautiful 20+ inches of snow. By the way, it’s glorious to enjoy a snow storm with no driving commutes now that we work at home.  Living the dream…


And the snow storm begins….

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Cabins on Mill Creek…Clearing Stones and Brick 26 Mar 2016, 2:30 pm

Cabins on Mill Creek…featuring men and their toys! One could argue that clearing land of huge stones and chimney brick is extremely laborious.  Jeff says he’s taking care of business and Sandra says he’s having way too much fun!


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Cabins on Mill Creek Land Clearing Starts 26 Mar 2016, 2:08 pm

Cabins on Mill Creek Land Cleared of Burned 1850’s Home

Summer of 2015 – this is the lot next to the Hummingbird Inn where we will be building Cabins on Mill Creek for our guests. Wonderful large stones and brick from the 1850’s home foundation and chimney stacks to re-purpose…so many ideas! We hope this old-timer, severely charred Maple Tree makes it.

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First Night’s Stop on A Road Trip to Remember 15 Feb 2016, 10:14 am

We were thrilled to be mentioned in the February 2016 edition of Eastern Home & Travel magazine, as part of this terrific article “A Road Trip Like No Other” by Reed Hellman. The feature takes readers on a memorable drive along Route 39, the Appalachian Waters Scenic Byway , recommending that adventurers make the Town of Goshen and the Hummingbird Inn their first night’s stop on the journey because of its “…classic B&B accommodations: welcoming, homey, clean and comfortable, with a sumptuous breakfast and the added attraction of active train tracks just beyond the front drive.”

Winding 136 miles from Lexington, Va., west over the Allegheny Mountains to Summersville, W.Va., the byway, also known as Route 39, mixes sumptuous accommodations, natural hot springs, mountain traditions and a wealth of cultural attractions with hundreds of thousands of acres of public wildlands.

“This is one of the most globally significant forest biomes in the world,” said Marek Smith, executive director of The Nature Conservancy’s Allegheny Highlands Program. “It’s only rivaled in diversity by similar forests in China.”

There are so many reasons to visit this part of the Shenandoah Valley, but certainly a remarkable road trip packed with unrivaled natural wonders, history and cultural opportunities along every mile of way is one great travel experience you won’t want to miss. Road trip anyone?


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Virginia Hot Glass Festival 3 Apr 2015, 7:23 am


Clouds of steam rise as an artist uses a thick pad of wet newspaper to shape a ball of 2000-degree molten glass, glowing bright orange on the end of his blowpipe. He tips the opposite end to his mouth and blows into it. “Ooooooo,” murmurs the crowd, as a bubble appears in the middle of the molten glass. This is the typical scene at the Virginia Hot Glass Festival, now in its 13th year at Sunspots Studios in Staunton, Virginia. Visitors get the rare opportunity to witness various processes used by artists to create everything glass–from two-foot tall vessels and flower-filled paperweights, to sparkling glass earrings and art glass marbles that give the illusion of a bottomless vortex.

This year’s Festival takes place Saturday, April 25, from 9am to 6pm, and Sunday, April 26, from 10am to 5pm. All exhibits will be inside the three-story building that houses Sunspots Studios in Staunton, Virginia. Admission is free, and nearby parking is available.

Artists come from all over the eastern United States to participate. Visitors to the Festival will have the rare opportunity to see and buy glass art from many artists in one location. In addition to glass blowers, flame-work and fused glass artists will be represented. These artists melt and shape glass in torch flames and in 1200-degree ovens to create art glass jewelry, goblets, sculptures, marbles, plates, and many other items.

“The Virginia Hot Glass Festival is a unique kind of art fair,” says organizer and glass artist, Doug Sheridan. “First, it is devoted to a single medium: glass. Second, almost all our artists demonstrate their craft for the public to watch. That adds an exciting and educational dimension to our event.” Demonstrations will be ongoing in several places during the Festival.

Sunspots Studios creates and sells artworks of copper and art glass in its Staunton studios, and offers visitors live glass blowing demonstrations daily year round. Sunspots is 5 minutes from I-81 (Exit 222) and I-64, near Staunton’s historic train depot. It is located in the historic Klotz Building, 202 S. Lewis St., at the corner of Middlebrook, and is open 7 days a week. For more information, call Sunspots Studios at (540) 885-0678, or visit

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Alleghany Room Rejuvenation 26 Mar 2015, 9:11 am

It all started in the Alleghany Bath.  And came full circle when we completed the Alleghany Room Rejuvenation.  And just in time too.  We start the Franklin Room Tub Replacement next week.

Like the other rooms we have been working on this Winter, the Alleghany Room was, in a word, kinda old.


Ok, that two words.  But you get the gist.

After the Robinson and the Teter-Wood, we were all getting pretty good at this updating stuff.

First, something to cover up the wallpaper.

The room looks bigger instantly!

Then a spirited discussion about color.  Finally decided on a brown tone.  Of course, once on the walls it looked grey!

New fixtures.


New wall hangings.   

Even some nice words above the bed. 

And voila.

The Alleghany Room Rejuvenation is complete, both bedroom and bath.

We look forward to sharing it with you!


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New Tub in the Alleghany Room 24 Mar 2015, 3:12 pm

The first project for the winter at the Hummingbird was to be a new tub in the Alleghany Room.  And a project it was.

We were in New Orleans for the PAII Convention in January, and one of the vendors was Purewater Baths.  They make these very nice whirlpool tubs that have advanced the art of whirl to a new level.  Each of the jets is an individual unit, which means there is no more central pump and circulation tubing.  And what really caught our attention was the ease of cleaning!  And if you have ever cleaned a whirlpool tub, you will understand.  We later found out that these are the tubs used in major hospitals because of their cleanliness!

Anyway, back to the project at hand.

Original Alleghany Tub

First, we had to get the old tub out.  No problem.  HA!  Whoever installed the original tub seemed to have built the room around it!  Edges of the tub were further back than some of the support studs.  Not good.  After much consideration, we cut a piece out of a wall to make room to slide it out!


Took it downstairs  and sat it on the porch. 

Habitat for Humanity was kind enough to accept the tub for one of their upcoming projects.

And then the new tub went up.  Very pretty.  

Plumbing alignment was a challenge.  Fixtures that we ordered were not quite right.  Something about hole alignment.  Found new ones on the internet.  Whew!

Tub got placed, finally.  Filled with water and tested.    Passed with flying colors.

Then to the cosmetic touches.  Tile replaced.  Front panel rebuilt and updated.  New shower rod….curved no less.

All in all, it turned out very nice.

And of course, what with the new tub in the Alleghany, you just have to paint the bathroom.  And if you are doing the bathroom, you really should do the Alleghany bedroom (those pictures in a different post).

That will make 3 of our 5 rooms that have been updated this winter.

Come enjoy the new tub in the Alleghany.  We start the new tub in the Franklin on April 2.  Oh my!

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