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Asparagus and Vegetable Frittata 19 Apr 2015, 3:46 pm

Now that springtime is here fresh asparagus is showing up in stores and at farmer’s markets.  Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables so I am always thinking of ways to use it the breakfasts we serve our guests here at Foxfield Inn.

This recipe is has evolved over the years to one that our guests really like.  We hope you like it too!

Asparagus & Vegetable Frittata


1 tablespoon vegetable oil
½ cup onions, diced
1 pound asparagus
1 ½ cups corn, canned & drained or frozen & thawed
4 cups kale, chopped
2 tablespoons water
1 cup Parmesan cheese, shredded (not grated)
1 tablespoon garlic/herb blend (or your favorite herb blend)
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon pepper
12 large eggs
2 large egg whites (save the yolks for your Homemade Hollandaise sauce)


Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray two 9-inch glass pie plate with cooking spray.

In a 12-inch skillet heat 1 tablespoon oil over medium heat. Add onions and sauté
until translucent, about 5 minutes.

Trim woody ends from asparagus and slice into ¼ inch pieces. You should have about two
cups of sliced asparagus. Add to onions in pan and sauté for a few minutes until al
dente.  Add corn and stir.

Remove vegetables from pan and put into an 8 cup measuring cup (you can use a large
bowl but I prefer to use a large measuring cup as it makes it easier to pour into the
pie pans).

Wash kale carefully. Remove leaves from stems (discard stems). Coarsely chop kale and add to sauté pan. Add two tablespoons water. Over medium heat wilt kale, approximately 5 minutes. Make sure all the water has evaporated off. Add kale to the vegetable mixture.

Stir in cheese and seasonings.

In a separate bowl combine the eggs and egg whites. Beat until thoroughly mixed. Add to vegetables. Pour into prepared pie pans.

Bake for 35-40 minutes until lightly browned and center is firm.

Serve with Hollandaise sauce, crispy bacon and tomato & arugula salad.


Not serving 12 people?  This recipe works very well when reduced by half to serve 6.


Dan & Kathryn Bundy, Your Innkeepers

Foxfield Inn, a luxurious bed and breakfast in Charlottesville, VA


Springtime in Charlottesville 14 Apr 2015, 9:00 am

When we moved to Charlottesville 6 years ago we did not know how beautiful the spring is here.  Spring also starts earlier than it does up north where we came from so it is a delight in late March to see life coming back to the landscape.  Spring is now our favorite season of the year here at Foxfield Inn.

The winters here are dull color-wise (with the exception of a few snow storms) and every March the colors start popping out.  April is the prettiest month with the purple redbuds, the pink dogwoods and white dogwoods in bloom.  There are pale pink weeping cherry trees blossoming and white pussy willows budding out.  The light green abounds with the opening of fresh leaves on the trees and bushes.


And then there are the multitude of colors from the early flowers – yellow daffodils, blue hyacinths, orange lilies and red tulips.

Our goldfish awaken from their winter’s rest during this time as well and their orange, white and striped colors gleam in the sunshine.  We are awash in color.

As we sit here today thinking about how lucky we are to have the gorgeous spring colors in April we know they will continue into May when the azaleas and rhododendrons come alive with their splendid pinks, reds and whites.

Spring is a beautiful season!  Come visit before it’s gone.

Dan & Kathryn Bundy, Your Innkeepers

Foxfield Inn, a luxurious bed and breakfast in Charlottesville, VA

Foxfield Inn – New Website 7 Apr 2015, 1:00 pm

We are pleased to announce that we have a new website. If you haven’t visited our site recently you might want to take a peek at what we’ve done – Foxfield Inn.

What thrills us the most is that our site now can be viewed on any device – no going to a separate site for mobile devices!  It changes to meet the requirements of the device you are viewing.  If you are using a desktop then you will have large banner pictures on each page and full drop down capability.  If you are using a smartphone the appearance will be different in that it gives you buttons to select what page you want to view.  In the words of my nephew – this is cool!  (Of course I didn’t realize that “cool” was in vogue again.)

One new feature that we have for you on the new site is Excursions.  We give you three Day Trip ideas with itineraries and Google maps to follow.  Of course if you are interested in any of them we will gladly let you know some side adventures in the area.

Another new feature is that the Tabs with the drop downs also have pages associated with them – unlike many other sites.  So there are “overview” pages talking about what you will find in the various the sections and not just the individual sections to click on – make sure you explore all of the pages.  For example, if you click on the Bon Appetit tab a drop down will appear for Delicious Breakfast, Our Recipes, and Best Bet Restaurants.  Bon Appetit explains our philosophy on ingredients and food, Delicious Breakfast provides some sample menus, Our Recipes shows recipes we use here at the inn (this page I am really excited about getting going full strength, currently planning on adding at least one recipe per month) and Best Bet restaurants provide the eateries we think you will enjoy when you stay with us.

As you can tell we are really excited to bring you this new website – just like the robins at the water bath.

We hope you enjoy it.

Dan & Kathryn

Your Innkeepers at Foxfield Inn, a luxurious bed and breakfast in Charlottesville, VA

5 Things to Do in Charlottesville in April 30 Mar 2015, 12:01 pm

What are the top five most interesting things to do in Charlottesville in April?  Well, I guess that depends on who you are, what you like to do and when you are here.  But, if you want to know what we here at Foxfield Inn think are the top 5 read further.  It is festival and birthday celebrations month!

Monticello Wine Trail Festival - April 9-11.  Enjoy 3 days of events celebrating the wonderful wines in the Charlottesville area.  Day 1 the Monticello Cup awards will be presented.  On Day 2 you will visit wineries for special activities.  many restaurants will have special winemaker dinners that evening.  And on Saturday it’s off to downtown to sample wines from at least 25 local wineries.

Tom Tom Founders Festival – April 13-19.  This festival celebrates art, music, innovation and local food.  There will be sessions where you can pitch your entrepreneurial ideas for potential funding, share innovation ideas, explore art, help paint the town, and sample great food from local restaurants.  There will be over 100 bands playing at the block parties and other venues.

President’s Birthday Celebrations – April 13 & 28.  On April 13th we celebrate the 272nd anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s birth at Monticello which will hold a special celebration and ceremony on the West Lawn.  Then on April 28 it’s off to Ashlawn-Highland to celebrate the 257th anniversary of James Monroe’s birth, which he will be there to greet you and show you where he once lived.

Farm-to-Table Restaurant Week – April 13-19.  This is part of the Tom Tom Founders festival.  Many local restaurants will have special menus and offerings where the ingredients for the meals must be local. Some of our favorite restaurants are participating. Ivy Inn, Brookville, Citizen Burger Bar, C&O, The Whiskey Jar and Hamilton’s – just to name a few, there are more.

Foxfield Races - April 25.  Enjoy the spring race event at Foxfield Racetrack just down the road from us.  This is a great steeplechase and tailgating event.  It takes place rain or shine.  It also happens to be UVA reunion weekend and many relive their earlier days at the races.

There are many other things to do in Charlottesville during the month of April – art exhibits, music events, theater.  We are sure we will be able to find something for you to do when you visit.

Hope to see you soon.
Dan & Kathryn Bundy, your innkeepers
Foxfield Inn, a luxurious bed and breakfast in Charlottesville, VA.

One Great New Restaurant in Charlottesville – The Alley Light 15 Mar 2015, 4:30 pm

We like to wait until a new restaurant has been open a few months before trying them. This time we probably waited a bit too long – because we wish we had gone to The Alley Light sooner!
The Alley Light is a wonderfully small and intimate restaurant that serves fantastic French style food meant to be shared.  Need I say more?  OK, I will.  The other night we got together with another innkeeping couple for Innkeepers Night Out and decided to try The Alley Light.

 This was partially to do research to see if we should recommend the restaurant to our guests here at Foxfield Inn and partially just to have a good time.  First – The Alley Light has made it to our Best Bets for Dinner list!  Second – we had a ball.

This restaurant is known for their cocktails so we thought we would try one or two.  I had the Rum & Tonic which includes their house Malacca tonic.  Our friend had a cocktail in which the bartender/mixologist makes something special.  Our friend asked for it to include single Malt whiskey.  Wow!  Was it ever good – whiskey, ginger, bitters, some simple syrup.
The food is meant to be shared – from snacks to small plates to large plates to “boards” to desserts.  Everything we had was wonderful.  We sampled items from their regular menu and from their specials board.  We highly recommend three or four small plates and a couple of the larger plates or a board (seafood, charcuterie or vegetable).  This will leave you room for dessert – which you don’t want to miss.


The items we enjoyed were – crispy chickpea crepes, the French Sandwich (tuna), marinated mushrooms (fabulous!), sunchoke soup, small chicken with rice, ocean trout with mac & cheese, hangar steak with potato cake, and scallops with poached egg.  We ended our meal sharing a raspberry pistachio tart and a chocolate drenched macaroon with hazelnut mousse.
We all stated that we were ready to go back.
One thing we really liked was that the noise level was not so loud that you could still talk with each other without having to shout or lean in to hear what the other person was saying.
We hope you enjoy The Alley Light as much as we did.
Dan & Kathryn Bundy
Your innkeepers at Foxfield Inn, Charlottesville VA

Things to Do in Charlottesville in March 2 Mar 2015, 8:21 am

March – the time when spring arrives, the birds sing loud & clear and this year – the snow is gone!   Today it is in the 50F’s and the snow is melting quickly.  This means it’s time to shake off the winter blahs and get active again.   Here are some ideas for things to do in Charlottesville this month. Check out our March specials if you plan to stay with us at Foxfield Inn.

Winter Wonderland Winery Passport - through the month of March This year you can visit Keswick Vineyards, Glass House Winery, Jefferson Vineyards, Trump Winery and Grace Estates Winery all on one passport. Only $25 gets you tastings for all.

 Historical Walking Tours, Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society – Thursdays-Saturdays  Explore the rich history of the area – the structures, monuments, storefronts, schools, places of worship and public buildings.

Example of Aboriginal art – Foxfield Inn

New Narratives: Papunya Tjupi Prints with Cicada Press Exhibit, Kluge-Ruhle Aboriginal Art Museum – March 3-May 17  14 prints from the descendants of artists whose works launched the Aboriginal art movement into international acclaim.  View other works from the permanent collection of Aborginal art.  We even have a painting by Janet Forrester, Bush Banana and Snake Creation, here at Foxfield Inn.

Gallatin Canyon, C’ville Coffee Co. – March 7  A bluegrass band that includes classic rock and country in their repertoire. Great vocal harmonics and instrumentation!

Apple Grafting Workshop, Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center – March 7   Learn how to graft your own apple tree and take it home!

Fleetwood Mac: On with the Show, John Paul Jones Arena – March 15   Need we say more?

Virgiina Festival of the Book – March 18-22.  Five days of talks and discussions regarding books of all forms.  Almost all of the events are free to the public.

Founding Families & Friends, Ash Lawn-Highland - March 22   The authors, Lorri Glover (Founders as Fathers) and Cassandra Good (Founding Friendships), discuss the families and friends of the Founding Fathers, part of the Virginia Festival of the Book

Jefferson Family Spaces, Monticello – March 24-26   Visit the living spaces in this behind-the-scenes tour through the family quarters of Monticello.

Cheeseology, Wine Loves Chocolate – March 26   Cheese basics – learn the in’s and outs of cheeses. Taste various cheeses from different breeds of animals and processing techniques.

Dan & Kathryn Bundy, your innkeepers
Foxfield Inn, a luxurious bed and breakfast in Charlottesville, VA

Granola from Foxfield Inn 26 Feb 2015, 3:42 pm

There is something about a snowy wintery morning that makes me want to have Granola.  This was such a morning today here in Charlottesville VA.  We got a bit over 3 inches of fresh snow – on top of the 14 inches total from last week.  Luckily it warmed up today and some melting has occurred.  It’s not gone just not as much as this morning.

Obviously, I digressed a bit there.  Back to the Granola.  I had used up the last batch over the weekend for a special guest request.  If a guest doesn’t want the “Chef’s Choice” entree we offer 4 alternates for them to choose from – one of which is Homemade Granola with Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

Today was a great day to make a fresh batch.  I like lots of nuts and seeds so this recipe does contain more than the normal recipes.  Just cut back on the amounts if you aren’t as into nutty Granola as I am.

If you haven’t made Granola before it is incredibly easy and tastes so much better than the store bought varieties – even the gourmet brands.

Nutty Granola
Print recipe

4     cups     oatmeal, regular not minute or instant
1     cup      almonds, coarsely chopped
1     cup      cashews, coarsely chopped
1/2  cup      sunflower seeds
1/2  cup      pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
3/4  cup      shredded coconut, sweetened
2     tsp       cinnamon
1     tsp       ginger
1     tsp      Kosher salt
1/4  cup     brown sugar
1/2  cup     honey
1/2  cup     vegetable oil
1     cup     dried cranberries

Preheat oven to 300F.

Mix oatmeal, nuts & seeds, coconut, cinnamon, ginger, salt and brown sugar in a large bowl.

Combine honey and oil in a bowl and stir well.  Add to dry ingredients.  Mix well.

Spread mixture onto two rimmed baking sheets.  Bake for 25-30 minutes until golden brown.

Cool on baking sheets for 10-15 minutes (helps develop clumps).  Pour granola into large bowl and add cranberries.  Store in airtight containers for two weeks.


  1. substitute dried blueberries for the dried cranberries (Dan’s favorite)
  2. substitute sliced almonds for chopped almonds
  3. increase honey to 3/4 cup and delete the brown sugar
We hope you enjoy as much as we do.
Dan & Kathryn Bundy, your innkeepers
Foxfield Inn, a luxurious bed and breakfast in Charlottesville VA

March Specials – Virginia Festival of the Book, Military Thank You 19 Feb 2015, 11:49 am

Coming in March are two specials we are offering here at Foxfield Inn.  So if you have plans to be in the Charlottesville, VA area you should check these out.

Celebrate Books!
The love of books and literature is celebrated every March in Charlottesville.  This year the Virginia Festival of the Book takes place Wednesday – Sunday March 18-22.  It is a five-day extravaganza with events and exhibits that are sure to delight any bibliophile.
To celebrate our love of reading (or listening to) books we are offering guests who stay with us for any two consecutive nights a 10% discount off your room rate if you donate one of your beloved new or used hardback books to our library here at Foxfield Inn.  You do need to sign up for this special when you make your reservation.  Just select Celebrate Books! when you reserve on-line or let us know when you give us a call.
This special does require you to stay at least 2 consecutive nights during the month of March and may not be combined with any other specials.  It is valid for new reservations only.
Military Thank You!
Our team at Foxfield Inn would like to say Thank You to those of you in the military who work to keep us and others around the world safe from harm.
To show our appreciation we are offering a 10% discount for any two night stay during the month of March for military personal (active or retired).  You do need to sign up for this special when you make your reservation.  Just select Military Thank You! when you reserve on-line or let us know when you give us a call.
This special does require you to stay at least 2 consecutive nights during the month of March and may not be combined with any other specials.  It is valid for new reservations only.
Looking forward to seeing you in March!
Kathryn & Dan Bundy, your innkeepers
Foxfield Inn, a luxurious bed and breakfast in Charlottesville VA

What Will Mr. Richey Do Next in Charlottesville’s Food Scene? 12 Feb 2015, 11:21 am

As innkeepers at Foxfield Inn, we love sharing our favorite restaurants with our guests as much as they like sharing their finds with us. We are fortunate to live in Charlottesville where new eateries keep both the locals and visitors happy with a wide selection of offerings.
One of our favorite places for lunch is Will Richey’s The Whiskey Jar.  At The Whiskey Jar you can get the best egg salad sandwich ever.  Truly.  Personally, you may not get excited about egg salad, but let me assure you that once you have tried Will’s you will be a convert.

It is created (emphasis on “create”) with house made pimento cheese, watercress, and marinated green tomatoes on sunflower wheat bread served a side salad.  And for only $8 it is a great value.
And of course it wouldn’t be the The Whiskey Jar without offering over 125 different whiskeys, bourbons, scotches, and ryes.

 The Whiskey Jar is only one in a growing empire of eateries started by Charlottesville’s Richey.  As anyone who has lived here for any amount of time knows, the name Will Richey is synonymous with good food and wine.

Will’s career has embraced both food and wine, having begun early on in the wine industry.  He eventually established Revolutionary Soup (or “Rev Soup,” as it is known here to the locals).  We love Rev Soup for the wonderful variety of soups, sandwiches, and wraps.  One of my personal favorites is their Timbercreek Chicken Pot Pie Soup, made with local Timbercreek Farm chicken. The farm, by the way, is literally across the street from Foxfield Inn, so we have the opportunity to see the chickens ranging freely in the fields.
After expanding Rev Soup to two locations, on The Corner at UVA and downtown, Richey opened The Whiskey Jar.  Priding himself on sourcing local, Will bought a five acre farm, Red Row Farm, where he produces as much of the vegetables and livestock that he can for his restaurants.
Latest additions
Inspired by the need for a quiet place where he and wife Lisa could go for some uninterrupted conversation, Will opened The Alley Light, literally just above the downtown Rev Soup. The Alley Light is located in an alley on 2nd Street, NW in downtown Charlottesville. And from what we hear from our guests, reservations are a must.
And if operating four restaurants and a farm is not enough, plans are now in the works for another eatery. The Pie Chest, featuring sweet and savory pies, is expected to open this March (2015) on Fourth Street in downtown Charlottesville. This latest endeavor represents a collaboration between Richey and The Whiskey Jar pastry chef, Rachel Pennington.
So in answer to that age-old question, “What will Mr. Richey do next?” Stay tuned!

Dan & Kathryn Bundy, Your Innkeepers
Foxfield Inn, a luxurious bed and breakfast in Charlottesville, VA

A King Family Vineyards Event You Can’t Miss 5 Feb 2015, 8:11 am

King Family Vineyards. The name prompts images of majestic mountains, closely guarding the verdant polo field, teeming with children playing, dogs romping, and adults enjoying a beautiful day outdoors with friends and a bottle of their favorite King Family wine. That, at least is our experience.
As proprietors of Foxfield Inn, we enjoy sharing all the wonders that our region has to offer, not the least of which are the many fine vineyards. King Family Vineyards is one that we are proud to recommend and one which our guests tell us is a favorite as well.
Barrel Tastings Upcoming
Join Winemaker Matthieu
Finot February 28 for a
barrel tasting at King
Family Vineyards

At the end of this month King Family Vineyards’ offers two Barrel Tastings, which includes a behind-the-scenes look at their operation. Join winemaker Matthieu Finot on Saturday, February 28 at either 11 am or 2 pm for an intimate look at King Family Vineyards.

Limited to 25 people, the group will assemble in the Tasting Room before heading to the winery production building where you will enjoy various wines that are aging in the barrel.  Don’t be shy about asking Mattieu questions as he will gladly provide answers.

Afterwards, head back to the tasting room for a Classic Tasting. As a memento of your visit, you will be given a King Family Vineyard wine glass to take home with you. Cost for the event is $35 per person; $25 for Wine Club Members, and includes both tastings.

Since space is very limited you need to reserve your spot as soon as you can.  This popular event sells out quickly! For details contact April Roberts at 434.823.7800 or by e-mail at 

Fantastic polo!

As the name implies, there really is a King family. The original farm, which comprises 327 acres where the vineyard now sits, was purchased by David and Ellen King in 1996 to build a polo field.  

The Kings’ interest in wine began shortly after they moved in when a young man inquired about leasing land on which to start a vineyard. They hired two employees to help plant eight acres with vines originally from California.  As the saying goes, the rest is history.

From 2002 to 2012 three King family sons joined the business. Over the years, the operation has expanded to 65 employees.

Vineyard’s Appeal
Whatever the season, King Family
Vineyards offers spectacular
mountain views.

All the family’s hard work has paid off. Regardless of the season, King Family Vineyards is a much sought-after destination for those who appreciate fine wine and the spectacular views. Beginning Memorial Day weekend, you can pack a picnic lunch and spread out in the field to enjoy polo matches (with your favorite King Family Vineyard wine, of course!).

Summer is perfect for a picnic lunch under the pergola, with a commanding view of the mountains. And if you happen to be at the vineyard around closing, you just might catch a glimpse of a bride (believed to be good luck in the Indian tradition) as she heads to her outdoor ceremony.

Early spring  

Fall offers its own splendor, with vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges dotting the mountain landscape. And if you are fortunate enough to be at the vineyard when a storm rolls in over the mountains, you bear witness to a dramatic show.

Even in the dead of winter, when Mother Nature is napping, you can find plenty to do at King Family Vineyards. Plan now to join us for the Barrel Tasting. 
See you there!
Dan & Kathryn Bundy, Your Innkeepers
Foxfield Inn,  a luxurious bed and breakfast in Charlottesville VA