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The KeyBank Vermont City Marathon, Running to You May 25 23 May 2014, 12:29 pm

It’s that time of year again! Burlington’s own popular annual marathon will take place this coming Sunday, right before Memorial Day. We’re fully booked for the entire weekend, and some of our guests coming in are marathon runners. We wish them the best of luck and we’re delighted to have been chosen as their home base for some important pre- and post-marathon R&R!


For those of you not running and simply coming to Burlington to enjoy a long weekend on Champlain’s sunny shores, make sure you take a look at the marathon route on the website. A lot of roads around the city, from University Heights to the Old North End to the bike paths, will have restricted traffic or will be closed entirely, both to bikes and cars.

Scenic shots, like this one, are abundant along our marathon route


For our marathoners, here’s a short and fun informative video brought to you by our local news channel WPTZ and the experts over at Fletcher Allen, just in case you need some quick tips on how to prevent injury both before and on race day.


We’re excited for you runners to finally see all your hard work pay off at the finish line, and to those of you coming for the holiday weekend, take some time to cheer along the route while you’re strolling Sunday morning!

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Celebrating UVM’s Commencement Ceremonies May 16-18 16 May 2014, 8:36 am

This upcoming weekend will be the 213th commencement ceremonies of the University of Vermont. Thousands of undergraduate, graduate, and medical school students will receive their diplomas after years of hard work and effort in class and in the community. The biggest ceremony, that of the undergraduates, is held on the university green (weather permitting). The forecast for Sunday looks a little damp at the moment, but we’re hoping that’ll turn around!


Many of our staffers at the Lang House are past or present UVM students, and the owner and innkeeper Kim Borsavage used to work for the College of Medicine. Additionally, many of our guests staying at the inn this upcoming weekend are parents who have visited the Lang House frequently over the course of their graduates’ career at the university. We’re delighted to host them and to be a part of the commencement weekend experience, so we’ve added a few special events to our usual list of services to ease some of the stress that can come with graduating! We’ll be welcoming our guests and their graduates for an early breakfast before the main ceremony in the morning, and Chef Courtney will be whipping up an additional delicious luncheon in between the main ceremony and the afternoon services.


We’ve had the pleasure of accommodating many university parents and students over the course of our ten years as a centrally-located inn, and we’ll miss our undergraduate staffers after they go on to bigger and better things. However, words can’t describe how excited we are for all the graduates and how proud we are of their work and accomplishments. Congratulations to UVM’s class of 2014, and see you soon!

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Hiking During Vermont’s Fifth and Muddiest Season 7 May 2014, 8:14 am

The buds are starting to unfurl, the snow is running off the Green Mountains, the last round of April showers are drenching the valleys, the rivers and lakes are flooding… spring is finally here in Vermont after a long winter spent in the polar vortex. 

We know the trails and hikes of Vermont are one of its biggest draws, but not so fast, outdoor enthusiasts: we’re entering the mud season. 

Those not native to New England might not be familiar with its fifth season. The jury is out on whether or not its presence is due to heavy rains, the deepness of winter’s frost, or the amount of snow still on the ground once V.T. begins to thaw out. Whatever the cause, we’re all familiar with the sight of a classic Vermont back road, covered with pits of mud and pools of standing water, and that sinking feeling in your gut of, “oh, come on!” Nothing to it but to do it, right? There’s a reason why so many Vermonters own Subarus. 

Because the ground is so fragile and the vegetation so susceptible to damage, hiking is limited by the Green Mountain Club until late May. Check out their website for trails all over the state they’ve deemed appropriate for use, and ask the staff at the Lang House how we can make your spring day of trekking a great experience. 

Tips: we love the Mallets Bay Causeway in Colchester, and we’re only a short 20-minute drive away! And there’s always the bike path along the lake for a scenic stroll or ride. Need to rent a bike? Try North Star Sports on Main Street. 

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Jazz festival 2012 31 May 2012, 1:09 pm

Burlington’s proud to be hosting the 2012 Burlington Jazz festival starting tomorrow June 1st through June 10th.

With multiple artists and events happening daily, something is sure to please each member of the family! Look below for a list of some of the things happening this week:

  • Performances in intimate venues
  • Waterfront concerts
  • Street parties
  • Cruises on Lake Champlain
  • Meet-the-artist sessions
  • Master Classes
  • Workshops

Musicians such as Ella Fitzgerald and Bela Fleck will grace the stages, along with up and coming local artists.  To purchase tickets online visit or by phone at (802) 86-FLYNN.

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Music scene in Burlington, VT 28 Mar 2012, 2:47 pm

Burlington has long been deemed the college town of Vermont, sprinkled with canvas’s, dorm rooms, student apartments and lots and lots of young adults filling the streets. So why is that a good thing you ask? Well with the youth, comes lots of talent and the crowds to support it.

Just look at the local newspaper Seven Days (, and you will see a wide range of music playing on a daily basis; From punk to jazz to open mic nights for those just breaking out on the town, there is something to please almost any taste. And even better, most of the shows are either free or under $10!

So whether you want to dine will enjoying some tunes, or maybe just have a local Vermont beer, this town is a nice place to enjoy some original live music every day of the week! And why not relax at The Lang House for the evening and make it a romantic trip to Vermont! Only a 5 minute walk from main downtown!

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Seven Daisies Awards 2011 6 Mar 2012, 1:17 pm

Ever wonder what the best restaurant is for brunch, or what about the best new restaurant in town? Seven Days, Burlington,Vermont’s local paper, has just the thing for you!
Every year Seven Days creates a survey of Vermont residents, to vote on categories from best female performer to VT newscast. So many different categories that are sure to lead you in the right direction, or at least what we locals consider to be! Just click on their website and find out all the award winners for 2011, and find out how to vote for 2012!

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More Co-ops set to go up in or around Burlington! 21 Feb 2012, 4:57 pm

City Market has been the local co-op and fresh market in Burlington, Vt since 2002, and has been in buisness since the early 70′s! After the company met with a California based consulting company about its advantages and possible disadvantages, there is now talk of opening a 2nd location.

They have narrowed down their choices to two locations, one in downtown Winooski about 10 minutes away, or staying within the city limits on Archibald street only about 5 minutes from its current location. Either decision will surely help their parking and over-crowded issues that arise with being the only grocery store in walking distance.The new location will also allow more city residents to get locally grown food without traveling a long distance. Which works well for the environment too!

Whichever the decision, as city residents ourselves, Lang House is happy to support local food and local businesses!

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New aviation degree at Vermont Technical College in VT 8 Feb 2012, 1:41 pm

Ever considered being a pilot? Well now is your chance….

Vermont Technical college has just announced a new college degree program in aviation starting this fall! This four year degree will allow graduates to fly either personal or commercial planes. While they have stated the hardships of the career field upon graduation being extremely competitive, they also point out how great of an opportunity for young adults this will be to experience something out of the common majors. And it is one of the first of its kind here in the Green state.

The program is not cheap, running around 65,000 for the four years, but much like a doctor, its all in how you do after you get the degree. Its not easy to start out with a high paying career in aviation, but put in the effort and time, and a commercial pilots salary is nothing to laugh at.

Check out their website to learn more about this program or other degrees they offer:

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UVM Ends sale of Bottled Water 2 Feb 2012, 2:45 pm

The University of Vermont in Burlington has decided that as of January 2013, they will be ending the sales of bottled water in their facilities. This marks as one of the first Universities nationwide to embark on this policy.

This great step in improving sustainability and education of the impacts of bottled water has been an ongoing process brought on by Vermont Student Environmental Program (VSTEP) starting five years ago. They are also trying to replace all of the water fountains within the Universities facilities to have water bottle filling stations built in for easy access.

Some students still don’t believe it will happen, some cant wait, but either way the policy will start the first of the year!

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Pistou Restaurant- New Restaurant hitting big in Burlington! 23 Jan 2012, 3:40 pm

 Owned by a young native Vermonter by the name of Max Mackinnon, this restaurant is a refreshing mix of local flavor and innovative techniques for Lunch and Dinner!

The menu is constantly changing to match the local fare, including some of the local farmers market items, to keep things as fresh as possible. With creative choices such as the appetizer amuse-bouche, served with a cube of duck-orange aspic alongside a hazelnut, this restaurant brings a great new style to the Burlington area.

With a cozy but upscale atmosphere, fairly average prices, and unique menu choices, its no wonder this place is off to a great start.

Check out their website below and read more about them, some of their food choices for the day, and even make reservations.
Pistou Website (click here)

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