Austin Folk House Bed & Breakfast

506 West 22nd St, Austin, Texas 78705
Innkeeper(s): Sylvia Mackey

Room One

Room One is the only room in the house with an external entrance. This makes it ideal for those who want to stay out late, or want to enjoy some extra privacy. Room One features a queen size sleigh bed, an attractive wardrobe, and a nice parque floor.

The bathroom has a tub and shower, and full amenities.


Room Two

Room 2 is one of the preferred rooms downstairs. It is very cozy and adventurous. The ceiling is very tall. Room Two is right across from the kitchen, in the downstairs hall (as in, "close to the fresh cookies!"). The bed is a queen sized four poster.

The bathroom has a tub and a shower.


Room Three

Room Three is downstairs, near the dining area. The comforter was handmade by one of Sylvia's good friends. It gives the room a warm, welcoming feel. The bed is queen sized.

The bathroom has a shower, which happens to be accessible by wheelchair.


Room Four

Room Four is the host's choice. Featured is king sized, with an iron bed frame, and the same bedding as owned by the famous TV family. This room is upstairs. It features an antique desk, and classy old dresser.

Hopefully I'll be able to get new photos of the room, now that it has been painted crimson.

The bathroom features a tub and a shower.


Room Five

Room Five has the most peaceful feel in the house. It almost has a hunting lodge feel, mainly because the focus of the room is the large, grainy, antique armoir that dominates the room. The rest of the room definitely reinforces the effect: earth tones and more rich, beautiful wood. The bed is king sized.

Rooms Five and Six are at the end of a long hall, making them ideal for small groups wanting to stay close.

The bathroom has a tub and a shower.


Room Six

Room Six is a very nice room. It features a king size bed, an old dresser, a nice red chair, and an antique desk. Room Six is a bit secluded, and is perfect for romantic getaways with chocolate and champagne.

If we were a cheesy place, we'd call this "Lover's Hideaway"

Room Six has a shower.


Room Seven

Room Seven is definitely the most romantic room. All of the colors are crimson and gold, giving a very regal, almost formal feeling.

The room is dominated by an ornate, king size canopy bed.

The bath has a tub and a shower.


Room Eight

Room Eight is pretty cool. It has an iron queen size bed, and a very dark wood armoire. It also has a unique bookshelf.

This room is also upstairs, in the main hall. It has a dresser and all of the usual amenities.

The coverlet on the bed was handmade by a good friend of ours. The bathroom has a tub and a shower.


Room Nine

Room Nine is the first room upstairs, and features a queen size bed. Room Nine has some of the nicer furniture in the house. The armoire is old and very large, and in very good shape. The old chair and the vanity are also in great shape.

The bathroom has a tub and a shower.

  • Rates & Policies

    • Rates reflect double occupancy
    • Each additional person is $15 per night
    • All major credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted
    • Usually we require 72 hours notice. If you are staying with a large group or are coming at a very busy time of the year (a la South by Southwest Music Festival), we may require up to a month notice, a deposit and a contract
    • Be sure to read the confirmation email upon receipt
    • Be sure to read the cancellation policy that comes with your confirmation email -- details vary, so I can't post them all here
    • Smoking allowed outside only
    • We no longer accept pets at all, at either property
    • Children over the age of 5 are welcome
    • Check in time is at 3 PM and Check out happens at 12 noon -- we can be somewhat flexible with both times; give us a call or email
    • We have our own parking lots, one at each house -- there is adequate parking for one car per room
  • Handicap Accessible

    We have a downstairs room that is ADA compliant. The shower is accessible by wheelchair, the doors are extra-wide, etc. We also have ramps and similar amenities.