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April 2015 Newsletter 29 Apr 2015, 3:02 pm

Welcome to the newly rebooted Clearview blog! We’ll publish a new post every month with regular updates from the farm, our latest show results, horses and mules for sale, and other special announcements. If you like what you read or have any special requests, please tell us in the comments below!

Special Feature – Meet Our Newest Addition!

When we checked the show barn on the morning of April 24th, we were delighted to find that one of our expectant mares had foaled! This adorable little filly was born to dam Miss Slide Cody (American Quarter Horse) and sired by Heaven Sent Chic, son of Smart Chic Olena.

How can anyone resist such a face?

She passed her first vet check with flying colors and already shows a healthy appetite after the first day. We’ll keep you posted as she grows!

Now that’s what we want to see! Healthy baby, healthy mama, and healthy appetite!

Word in the Herd

We’ll use this regular segment to keep you updated on daily happenings around the farm and candid photos. For now, let’s meet some of the farm’s newest additions and see how folks are enjoying the warmer spring months.

Rescue Horses

About three weeks ago, we went to a nearby auction to purchase halters and tack. But in classic horse-loving fashion, instead of tack, we came away with two severely underweight mares in desperate need of a good home. After some good food, proper vet care, and plenty of love, these two mares are gaining weight and looking much healthier!

First we have Miracle, a 5-6 year old Haflinger. When she first arrived at Clearview, her ribs, hips, and backbone were clearly visible under her coat, but despite her rough upbringing, she still gratefully accepted head scratches and love. Now just three weeks later, she’s shedding her winter coat and starting to gain weight in her belly.

Miracle gratefully accepts all the love we can give her after her rough start in life.

Next, meet Tiara, a 5-6 year old Appaloosa with a sweet, sassy personality. While she wasn’t quite as skinny as Miracle, she was still underweight, and her milk bag hadn’t dried up from her last foal.

Tiara has plenty of personality and is making an excellent recovery!

Now she’s slowly but surely filling out and comes right up to the stall door for attention! We recently had her measured for the Ponies of America registration. She meets the height requirements and will be registered through POA under the Hardship category.

Spring is Here!

Over the winter, we dealt with multiple hard freezes, burst pipes, and the jaw-dropping beauty of trees encased in layers of ice. We also had some noteworthy boarders, such as these Belgians who spent the night in our Cowboy Barn and attracted a lot of attention for their size and gentleness.

Check out the size of those Belgians!

Now that the weather is warming up, we’ve had more people taking lessons and enjoying the nice weather on horseback. From left to right, we have Philip on Marmite the parade mule, his fiancée Carly on Crispin (Spotted Saddle Horse), and Megan on Glow, our Paint gelding for sale. Quite a mixed bag, but everyone had a great time!

Left to right: Philip on Marmite, Carly on Crispin, and Megan on Glow.

Arena Reports

Keep following this segment as we bring you announcements and reports from recent horse shows. We often travel to shows or host events right here at Clearview, and we love to share photos and stories from the show ring!

Columbia Mule Day (April 6th-12th)

Columbia, TN, the “Mule Capital” of the world, has been hosting its annual celebration of all things related to mules for nearly 170 years, and we had a blast competing in the shows, checking out the crafts, going on wagon rides, and finishing out the week with the Mule Day Parade.

Ronnie and Loretta, one of our gorgeous home-bred mules, won a blue ribbon!

Remember our baby Loretta? She’s all grown up and winning blue ribbons now!

Our friend Kenny Price won the blue ribbon in the racking class.

Kenny shows his mule in the racking class.

But of course one of the highlights was the annual Mule Day Parade! Marmite made for a comfy ride as he did what he does best, which is being a classic parade mule.

Marie and Marmite, ready for the Mule Day Parade!

MTSU Stock Horse Show (April 17th-18th)

The Tennessee Stock Horse Association recently hosted a clinic and show in Murfreesboro. We spent the weekend bettering our cattle working skills at Steven Freeman’s clinic and then competed in trail, stock horse, ranch pleasure, and reining classes.

Attending the Steven Freeman clinic at the MTSU Stock Horse Show

This weekend also marked Dallas’ (Dually Lil Lady) first show (Green Horse Division), and she and Marie did wonderfully! She demonstrated a knack for hooking onto livestock during the cow classes and placed 5th in trail and 3rd in ranch pleasure in a large class of competitors!


Dallas’ first time hooking onto a cow.

Marie and her buckskin mare Tackie (Nu Tackie Chex, half sister to Corona Extra Chex) won the high point award for the weekend. Josh Foster (Right) rode Playin’ Wicked (Peaches) for Jana Anderson to 3rd place in Open Reining.

Left to right: Don Charest of DC Performance Horses, Marie with her girls Dallas and Tackie, and Josh Foster with Peaches.

POA Show at Clearview Horse Farm (April 25th-26th)

We were delighted to host the Tennessee Double IBC-H show for Ponies of America. The weekend was great fun for the whole family, with regular classes, games, and even a costume contest!

The show barn was bustling with activity as competitors boarded their ponies, tacked up, and took breaks in between classes.

The show barn was jam packed for the weekend!

The ponies competed in a variety of classes, and they showed their versatility in pole bending, barrels, and plenty of other skills. We even had folks show off their ponies in driving.

POA-registered KS gelding “Got My Alibi” with Laura Grimes

Sunday was dedicated entirely to games open to any horse breed, and of course, everyone’s favorite class was the costume contest!

Pick your favorite costume!

Clearview’s own Tinker Belle did exceptionally well in pole bending and barrels, combining her natural lead changes and cleverness to place well in multiple events.

Well done, Tinker Belle!

Equines and Services for Sale

Glowing Assets – 8 year old registered Paint gelding, $5000

Glowing Assets is a stunning Paint gelding and clever all-rounder.

Glow is a responsive, subtle ride and has been shown in Western Dressage, Hunt Seat, Western Pleasure, Ranch Riding, and Stock Horse. He can be ridden English in a snaffle or Western. He has been trained with nobs and buttons! He picks up the correct lead departure, does a simple lead change and can do a flying change when asked. He has a correct slow lope, an incredibly smooth jog, and can hold himself in frame. He trail rides out alone fine or in company. He is easy to catch, be around, bathe, load, clip etc. He needs sun cream on his nose in the summer and he doesn’t grow much winter coat so he needs to be blanketed in the cold weather.

Look at that stunning coat!

Glow is a great all-rounder and would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s stable!

Tinker Belle – 8 year old POA-registered mare, 55 inches, $2500

Check out that adorable face!

Tinker Belle is a super gentle pony with plenty of potential to do well in any discipline. She shows a natural talent for pole bending with natural lead changes, and she’s incredibly versatile and clever. She has been ridden by a retired judge and spent plenty of time on trails in the past four years, so she is happy and laidback. She competed for the first time at our POA show, and she took to it like a duck to water! With just a bit of training, she could make any child a great pony for games and a wonderful trail horse for a small adult. She is steady, broke, sound, and looking for a new forever home.

Tinker Belle is gentle, clever, and ready to make someone an excellent trail or game pony!

Corona Extra Chex – Stud Service, $850

Corona is a stunning Palomino stallion with intelligence, personality, and a stellar show record.

Charlie Hutton’s palomino stallion Corona Extra Chex is available for stud service at Clearview. If you want an incredible bloodline, plenty of intelligence, and the expertise of Charlie Hutton, one of the world’s most renowned reining trainers and breeders, definitely contact us to come meet Corona!

Contact us today to make an appointment to meet Corona!

Upcoming Shows and Events

Watch this space for announcements of upcoming shows that Clearview will be hosting! We will provide contact information for the show contacts so that you can ask questions or register to compete.

For now, we have three events scheduled for the month of May, with plenty more coming your way this summer!

May 1-7

Parelli Super Camp

Parelli Clinic with Carol Coppinger

6 Star Master Instructor and Licensed Parelli Professional

Contact: Carol Coppinger


May 16-17

POA Show

Tennessee Pony of the Americas Club Show

Contact: Sherri Holingbaugh

Phone: 615-644-3728

May 30-31

Western Mounted Shooters

Contact: Darren

Phone: 931-632-0408

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July 20 – Loretta Born 27 Jul 2014, 12:35 pm


Loretta the mule was born this week, daughter of Abigail our spotted saddle mare. She has to be the most beautiful mule on the planet!

July 19th 25 Jul 2014, 7:59 am

July 10 – World Show 25 Jul 2014, 7:57 am

July 17 – The Royal Horses Move In 17 Jul 2014, 5:49 am

The cast and crew moved  in Monday. What a lovely bunch of people and horses. I cant wait to see the show in Nashville Saturday night.
We are all going to go, except Ronnie who will stay with the Pwhat show.
Armand Lacayo on one of the Freisians

The American Ranch Horse World Show – July 7th – 12th, 2014 14 Jul 2014, 4:55 pm

I just want to say a big thank you to Don, Charlotte, Charlie and Kate. It was a team effort and I couldn’t have done it without their help.  Charlie and Kate left about 5pm Friday night, which was just as well, poor Charlie looked exhausted and he had to get back to Clearview to help with the Stock horse show there and Kate and he had clients in the clinic.
At 5am, Saturday morning, We gave the horses their breakfast, then went to bed.
Saturday about 10.30. we started to pack up to go home, by the time I had closed out my show bill (Too many mucho dollars!!!) and checked out the awesome pictures by SOCO media, we set off about 2pm. I had finished in the Top 5 in the select Division, out of goodness knows howmany people, I placed 4th High point with Corona.
I ended up 8th over all in NovAm on Reno, and would have done much better if he had not turned tail in the final boxing class at 3 oclock in the morning. He was telling me he was done, I had dropped my hand to let him work the cow, and he just ran right past it and the  cow ended up chasing us, it ws a comical end to a hectic week!
Just another reminder not to take anything for granted, and Reno is just a cartoon character of a horse!
  The  American Ranch Horse World Show, was an amazing week, it was sooo busy and huge classes. In fact too huge, I was still showing horses at 4am Friday night/Saturday morning. The working cow classes were supposed to follow the Boxing. That didn’t get through till 4am. I was whooped, so was everyone else. I had to scratch the working cow classes, which is my favourite, but I couldn’t go on any more!!! Don and Charlottle hung in there with me the whole time, talk about a team effort.
Don hauled Corona, I hauled Tackie and Reno, and we got stuck in the road works for over an hour just north of Nashville on the I65.
I got back to Clearview around, 7pm, we dropped off the horses, then Charlotte and I went to support the boys at the Mule Show.
Ronnie had got his World Champion  Title with John Law in the gaited halter on Friday, a lovely trophy  and ribbon etc, so he was tickled. Junior ended up having to canter Hawkeye in the western class at the end of the night and did a great job, unfortunately the judge didn’t agree with me and he never got a ribbon. bummer!! John Law and Jesse were in with a great class and did superbly.
I got to bed at 1pm. Then Charlotte rode Agatha, Mary rode Buckwheat, our new reining mule, and I rode Doolittle and we all rode the mules at theStock horse show here Sunday. Trail, pleasure, working cow and I won the reining, on Doolittle, which considereing I couldn’t string a sentence together,  was rather a miracle. Turned out I rode him in a snaffle bit one handed….go figure!!  I was very pleased that they finally allowed mules in the Stock horse shows, so I was only to happy to show my support. My body didn’t feel the same way. !
By 5pm Saturday, my calfs were cramping, I had to flip rooms for new guests and I  put the dirty sheets in the dryer instead of the washing mashine, I had also flipped the wrong troom. I should have done the Mule lodge, not the quarter horse room, so when our guests arrived at about 10pm, we had that room to do too. !. Charlotte, god love her, stayed with me and helped at 10.30 pm when the  3 horses hauled in for an overnight layover.
Monday 14 July, Eric and the Gala of the Royal Horses have moved in. 15 stallions on national tour, are staying with us for 2 weeks, lovely bunch of people, they look how I feel right now. Exhausted. Hopefully we will all feel a bit better by about Wednesday!
A  rider has arrived for a lesson, that I have forgotten about, so must go and I will catch the first horse that comes to me…..

American Ranch Horse World Show Bowling Green, KY 14 Jul 2014, 4:47 pm

Arrived July 6th, Charlotte is such a huge help. I am placing in the top ten so far on all my classes with Corona, charlies beautiful stud.
I was really pleased with my trail class as Charlie said Corona had never done trail before, but we practiced at home and he was a natural.he enjoys it. I didnt enjoy pulli g the concrete log, but we did it!
Reno was a super star in the ranch reining, one judge put us in 1st place, which was wonderful, the composite score put me 3rd. And there are 26 or more in the class, the classes are huge. Its a great show.
Doing all the cow work today, cant wait! Ronnie and the boys are at the mule show, and mary is showing buckwheat. I think she will have fun.


Charlies championship ride on Corona in the senior ranch reining. He got a standing ovation From The crowd. It was the most beautiful elegant ride, slow and precisie, Corona and charlie leave the arena with hands free spins!,,,. I think it was one of those moments that will remain with me for along time and anyone who was there today will agree we were watching the master work his magic once again!


Halter Class



Team Clearview is doing well! Jana and Don won World Grand Champion Mares with Peaches. It was the biggest class ever. Awesome!


June – New Round Baler! 20 Jun 2014, 1:08 pm

Our new round baler finally arrived. It replaced the old one that caught on fire in the field a couple of weeks ago. Scary but true. Off to a fresh start. Thanks PD and Yearwood equipment for the help.

June 17 – Working the cows…. 20 Jun 2014, 1:07 pm

June 17 – working the cows on the trail course…! Not quite what I had intended on. We were bringing the cows in for a practice. …and oh boy do we need it. We wanted them to turn right out of their respective pasture and they turned left and scattered around the trail course. Too funny! Kate was on Bozo..He was totally unfazed by it all.

April – Lincoln Show 20 Jun 2014, 1:06 pm

Charlie riding Buckwheat the mule at Lincoln show