Grey Gables Bed 'N Breakfast Inn

Highway 52 P. O. Box 52, Rugby, Tennessee 37733
Innkeeper(s): Bill & Linda Brooks Jones
  • Grey and Gables Bed 'N Breakfast

    Grey and Gables Bed 'N Breakfast

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  • Ladies of the Red Hat Society

    Price from: $15

      Women of such discrimination as the Red Hat Society will delight in the rural pastoral setting as a place for partaking of food at Grey Gables Bed ‘N Breakfast Inn, touring the 1880's village of Rugby, tasting the wines of near by Highland Manor Winery and enjoying the beauty and diversity of the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau.

      Decorated in country and Victorian antiques, Grey Gables reflects an ambiance of both the friendly tradition of the south and the gracious hospitality of the English heritage. For a memorable, entertaining and enjoyable excursion, we ask that you consider Grey Gables.

      What a royal welcome awaited members of the Nonpareils Chapter of the Red Hat Society of Knoxville, Tennessee on a recent visit to Grey Gables. The dining room was filled with vintage red hats. Each table was decorated with a red hat centerpiece, purple napkins and red hat napkin rings (made by Linda). Following a scrumptious lunch fit for the Queens we all are (even including a red dessert), Linda entertained us with stories about growing up in Rugby and the pioneering spirit of the residents. A memorable day and one of our best trips.


      Jerrine Bogan ~ Grey Gables Queen
      Lucinda Denton ~ Nonpareils Founding Queen

      Innkeeper, Cookbook author, and native Rugbeian, Linda Brooks Jones is known for her Plateau Gourmet meals and has been privileged to have guests from all parts of the world around the table at Grey Gables. For your pleasure she can present at the request of the Ladies a program that includes original writing, and storytelling of her remembrances of the people of the diverse community of Tennessee county heritage and genteel English. Displaying original clothing worn by the early residents and varied memorabilia passed down through generations is of special interest.

      Lunch Includes

      • Entree
      • Vegetables
      • Salad
      • Dessert
      • Homemade rolls
      • Beverage 
      • $15.00 per person includes tax and gratuity

      Dinner Includes

      • Soup
      • Salad 
      • Entree
      • Two Vegetables
      • Homemade rolls
      • Beverage
      • Dessert
      • $20.00 per person, includes tax and gratuity

      Bed and Breakfast Includes

      • Lodging
      • Country Breakfast
      • Plateau Gourmet Dinner 
      • $135.00 plus tax for double occupancy
  • Murder Mystery Farce

    Price from: $25

      Grey Gables Murder Mystery is available for groups that are interested in a creative, out of the ordinary, fun weekend experience. An original murder mystery farce that takes on the character of the characters who give them their personality. Enjoy a plateau gourmet dinner, an entertaining time of make believe, a restful night's lodging and a hearty country breakfast. Get your friends, families or organizations together for a memorable weekend event.

      Feugh Pence, Esquire, a second son travels with Thomas Hughes to the 1880's Victorian Settlement of Rugby to begin a life of independence and to seek his fortune. He meets and marries Miss Minnie Moneybags, the daughter of the country tycoon, Maurice ( Mo ) Moneybags and his wife Mareme Moneybags. The event to which you are invited is the nuptial tea and dinner to honor the newlyweds. Every character in attendance has a flaw and a secret they prefer kept undiscovered, however, unexpected events occur revealing the true nature of the guests, but justice prevails.

      Invited Guests

      • Feugh Pence, Esquire, groom
      • Minnie Moneybags Pence, bride
      • Maurice (Mo) Moneybags, father of the bride
      • Mareme Moneybags, mother of the bride
      • Violet Temper, sister of the bride
      • Holdin Temper, brother in law of the bride
      • Judge Tobias A. Future, county judge
      • Rosie Future, wife of Judge Future
      • Hiam Onthetake, Rugby Overseer
      • Solicitor, Charles Cunning, English Lawyer
      • Frada Kant, school teacher
      • Tessie Teetotlar, librarian
      • Lord Havva Nather Cuppatee, visiting dignitary
      • Lady Constant Cuppatee, wife of Lord Cuppatee
      • Twylla Twinnings, Feughs, former fiancee
      • Dr. Quincy Qackinhouse, local doctor
      • Shirley Eulamae Neytme, femme fatale and Entertainer
      • Izzie Hugh E. Seamms,??
      • Fred E. Freeloader, brother of Mareme
      • Sheea Freeloader, Fred's wife

      Each character provides their own costume. A biography of the character and that persons clues are provided in advance. When dinner begins each person assumes their role until the killer is revealed. A facilitator will be here to discuss beforehand each persons role and to help them understand the part they are to play. Number of characters can be adjusted as needed.

      Murder Mystery and Dinner

      • $25.00 per person

      Mystery, Dinner, Lodging and Breakfast

      • $135.00 for double occupancy
  • Ride the Roads of Tennessee

    Price from: $95

      We at Grey Gables welcome those riders who enjoy a winding road and picturesque panorama of rural countryside. An abundant table and a restful bed at the end of the days excursion awaits at the Inn. A hearty country breakfast is served to begin the day of another adventure.

      A perfect combo...a ride along the rambling back roads of Tennessee and a hearty welcome, a restful bed and a full table at Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast Inn. Highway 52 was judged one of the best roads in the southeast by Car and Driver Magazine. It is soon to be redesigned to be a four lane highway loosing many of its curves and back road scenery. The next few years afford the rider the opportunity to enjoy the country landscape and yesteryear's gentle way of living. We welcome riders to Grey Gables. It is our desire to seek the market of those persons who enjoy the wind in their face, occasional rain on their backs and adventure in their hearts. It is our hope to have you come as individuals, couples or groups. There is a variety of activities available in the area of the Tennessee Plateau. Our website highlights many of the attractions that Riders may see as they travel through the region.

      Package Includes

      • Lodging
      • Country Breakfast
      • Evening Meal
      • $85.00 plus tax for single occupancy
      • $135.00 plus tax for double occupancy