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166 Middle Creek Road, Cosby, Tennessee 37722
Innkeeper(s): Janice & Tifton Haynes

New pie crust recipe! 3 Apr 2013, 11:54 am

Spring wildflowers and visit to midnight hole 3 Apr 2013, 11:47 am

Spring hiking in the smokies from  my best buddy wilm jenkins visited from her ranch in arizona!

Mowing buddies 3 Apr 2013, 11:46 am

View from our kitchen!  Bed and breakfast culinary arts graduates another pastry chef!  Congratulations!

Porter flat trail 16 Mar 2013, 7:36 am

Awesome winter hike from creekwalk inn bed and breakfast in cosby.   My best friend rancher wilma exploring with me.

Hiker heads up to Mount Cammerer for fall adventure 15 Nov 2012, 1:38 pm

Just when you think all the leaves should be on the ground, a stunning red and yellow tree jumps into sight. Not all the leaves are down in the Smokies. Of course, winter hiking is the best with amazing vistas and the evergreens and rhododendrum cover the trails like tunnels year round. Our bed and breakfast guests adventure out according to their ambition and interest to over 800 miles of trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Culinary arts classes have been a favorite this year with pie baking and sweet roll baking the top favorites. Ask about our fondue dinners at the our close to Gatlinburg bed and breakfast farm beginning in December. Great gift certificate idea for your last minute Christmas shopping for Tennessee bed and breakfast visits. We had a campfire this morning but enjoyed breakfast inside--huevos rancheros with salsa and avocado and sunny side up ranch eggs.
Janice Haynes Creekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast and Cabins at Whisperwood Farm, Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby, TN

Smoky Mountain Wildflowers earlier than ever 17 Apr 2012, 11:20 am

Janice HaynesCreekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast and Cabins at Whisperwood Farm, Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby, TN
When the Smokies say spring, it is said in wildflowers!
Imagine the excitement of spring happening in full color all around you.
Our delicious breakfasts at Creekwalk Inn set the day off right for walking the trails of the Smokies. We have seen so many wildflowers this season already. Join our Creekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast walking visitors and photograph all the seasons of nature on over 800 miles of trails throughout the mountains.

Troutfest year round at Creekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast 25 Feb 2011, 8:37 am

This trout pool is a mile and a half hike into the Smokies. Gorgeous year round!
Some of our guests ask for an early morning breakfast, heading in to join a fly-fishing guide in Gatlinburg. Then they drive into Gatlinburg, then drive right back past our inn on the way to the best fly-fishing in the Smokies!
Guess they could have slept in an hour later!
Of course, Cosby Creek is stocked with trout right from our bridge to the farm. We have 1300 feet on the river and the herons shouldn't be the only ones catching the fish. And the wild trout upriver in Cosby Campground are a challenge, plus the 20 minute drive over to Big Creek makes walking up the river from the picnic area one of the best fishing spots for fly-fishing and trout hunting. One of my guests said he did the best above Mouse Creek Falls.
Bring your fly-fishing gear and practice your casts in the pond. The Townsend Troutfest is a free exposition and just a fun drive from Creekwalk if you can bear being around that many people. It is free, May 14 and 15, and supports a good cause, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Friends of the Smokies. Or just let me pack you a lunch or make you an early early breakfast, come on back with good stories to tell. I've heard some doozies in the kitchen! My favorite remark was from the dad of a groom who decided to have the bachelor party be a guided fishing trip into the park. Dad was exhausted at the end of the day and said, "I've been climbing over boulders the size of Voltswagons all day!" You can always rent all 7 rooms at the lodge and we will wait on you hand and foot! And grill your fish if you clean them!
Janice Haynes Creekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast and Cabins at Whisperwood Farm, Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby by Gatlinburg, TN

Gatlinburg bed and breakfast favorite hike 22 Feb 2011, 10:30 am

One of the most treasured experiences of our close to nature getaways is a hike to a waterfall in the Great Smokies. Cosby Campground has many trail heads into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is Cosby's own national park entrance. There are over 800 miles of maintained park trails in the Smokies. This trail is just 2.2 miles in to a beautiful waterfall with bridge crossings, amazing rock formations, and huge hemlocks.
Hello to Sylvia and Joe O'Neil...great friends of the Smokies and of Creekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast just outside Gatlinburg, TN.
Janice Haynes
Creekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast and Cabins at Whisperwood Farm, Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby, TN

Natural Amphitheatre for Tennessee Outdoor Weddings 22 Feb 2011, 10:18 am

Courtney and Micah planned the perfect place on Whisperwood Farm for their wedding. Our chapel has a natural outdoor amphitheatre and the platform and decks around the chapel are perfect for the wedding party and minister to stand above the guests.

Each of our weddings is a custom design reflecting the dreams of a lifetime for our bride and groom. The entire grounds may be reserved for weddings. Most of the time we are a quiet getaway bed and breakfast for couples to escape and reconnect with each other and nature. Contact our partner to plan a personal chef visit to the farm or your cabin reserved through us! Spring is in the bud with soon the forsythia to bloom and all the flowers along the creek. Romance was in the air this weekend with a proposal and engagement dinner! Congratulations to Felicia and Ben!
Janice Haynes Creekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast and Cabins at Whisperwood Farm, Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby by Gatlinburg, TN

Rolling Rescue cuts ribbon today in Newport 17 Feb 2011, 1:38 pm

Dr. Carol Hood and her co-volunteers and partners at the Newport Animal Shelter cut the ribbon today for the rolling rescue building in Newport, named the Robert Brannon Rolling Rescue after contributor Robert Brannon. Over 6000 dog lives have been saved with the rolling rescue of pups taken to other parts of the nation needing dogs for adoption.
Lots of barking was the backdrop (barkdrop!) for the event just outside the new shelter. A van transports the pups to New York and Wisconsin and other areas of the nation desiring dogs appropriate for adoption. Newport Animal Shelter is the leading center in the southeast for saving lives of animals. All of the veterinarians, including Dr. Carol Hood and Dr. Compton, volunteer their time at no charge for the love of the animals. The next "Big Fix" is scheduled for March 12 and is the spay/neuter program to assist with animal population control. Five veterinarians from the surrounding area will be assisting and the surgery area will be expanded at the Newport Animal Shelter for the day long event.
Any contributions are appreciated as this is a privately owned facility supported by loving contributions without any tax burden to the population of Newport and Cocke County.
Janice Haynes
Creekwalk Inn Bed and Breakfast and Cabin Rentals at Whisperwood Farm, Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby by Gatlinburg, TN,

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