Water's Edge Inn at Folly Beach

79 West 2nd Street, Folly Beach, South Carolina 29439
Innkeeper(s): Paul Lauer
  • Welcome to Water's Edge Inn!

    Welcome to Water's Edge Inn!

  • The Floridian guestroom

    The Floridian guestroom

  • The Islander guestroom

    The Islander guestroom

  • The Charleston guestroom

    The Charleston guestroom

  • The Atlantic guestroom

    The Atlantic guestroom

  • Private guest bathroom

    Private guest bathroom

  • 24-hour hot tub access provided for all of our guests.

    24-hour hot tub access provided for all of our guests.

  • Enjoy breakfast on your own private screened in outdoor patio

    Enjoy breakfast on your own private screened in outdoor patio

  • Breakfast and happy hour are served daily

    Breakfast and happy hour are served daily

  • Happy Hour served daily 4-7. Includes lite hors d'oeuvres, wine, beer, & world famous Folly Punch

    Happy Hour served daily 4-7. Includes lite hors d'oeuvres, wine, beer, & world famous Folly Punch

  • Enjoy dining at our outdoor patio area.

    Enjoy dining at our outdoor patio area.

  • Beach chair and umbrella rentals available.

    Beach chair and umbrella rentals available.

  • Private guest bathroom

    Private guest bathroom

  • Our newest guestroom - The Regatta

    Our newest guestroom - The Regatta

  • 3-bedroom 3-bath villas are available for larger groups.  See our website for more details.

    3-bedroom 3-bath villas are available for larger groups. See our website for more details.


Elope on Folly Beach 2 May 2015, 12:20 pm

Have you found that special someone that means the world to you and you want to tell them how you feel? Do you have a ring picked out and just need the right moment to pop the question? Or maybe you have already proposed and are ready to seal the deal.

Folly Beach is the perfect location to do any of these things! This quirky island does it all. From beautiful beaches, driftwood, wildlife, marshes, sunset sails, rustic restaurants, unique bars, paddleboarding, kayaking, and bike riding, you can customize your trip to fit your relationship. The lighthouse inlet makes the perfect backdrop for any special romantic occasion you might be planning.

If you are looking for an actual ceremony, Water’s Edge Inn is the hotel that handles it all! Our basic elopement package is perfect for that spontaneous couple that simply wants to say “I do” without all the fuss of an extravagant event. We handle the intimate, romantic ceremony. Everything from the officiant, photographer, cake and champagne. We cater each wedding to fit the needs of our brides and grooms and make it a memorable experience. If you want to share it with any loved ones, feel free to bring them along!

Our other options include a boat to the lighthouse where you can get married among the fishes and mermaids! Or get married on a beautiful sunset sail on the Atlantic Ocean.

Call us today to create the perfect wedding package for you! Elope with us on Charleston’s favorite beach!

Happy Birthday! 21 Mar 2015, 3:58 pm

Once upon a time, there was an innkeeper on the quirkiest of small island towns. The innkeeper owned a beautiful hotel on the edge of the water that drew people from all over the land. They enjoyed the delights of the little quaint inn, feasting themselves on the delicious homemade breakfast cuisine and dining themselves in the drink of grapes. The innkeeper himself loved meeting all of these great guests and sharing with them the story of his life, both his triumphs and failures, over glasses of this delicious elixir that makes tongues wag and folk frolic.

But even with this beautiful inn on this beautiful island with the beautiful guests that frequented the land of the innkeeper, his life was not fulfilled. He needed something more special and more precious that could fill his heart more. He searched the land for more, trying to find the solution. He tried all the elixirs of the land from all the grapes. None sated his thirst, not even the finest and most delicious. The innkeeper bought beautiful garments and not even the finest top hat, set upon his full head of hair, made him smile. He gave jewels out to all the beautiful women around him and still, their happiness did not fill him with happiness. When he was about to give up on his quest for happiness, he stumbled upon the answer.

A beautiful girl with long locks of hair and a beautiful smile came into his life. She was young and vibrant and the life in her brought out the best in him. That beautiful girl was his daughter and with her, his family was complete. He brought this beautiful young woman into his inn and showed her how great his life was and how great it felt sharing his new happiness with all his guests. She fell in love with the inn her father had built and decided to dedicate her life to learning how to help the inn grow and bring even more folk from even farther places in to its walls. She served them the breakfast cuisine and dined them on the drink of grapes.

On her 21st birthday, to thank her for the happiness she provides in his life, the innkeeper threw a special party for the young lady. All of her friends and family climbed onto the most beautiful boat in all the land and had themselves a grand ole time on the water. They drank and ate and laughed and had a merry adventure for the entire night. When they came back on the land, he gave her the best gift he could have ever given her. However, that gift is a secret and we will not be telling secrets.

It was a happily ever after.

How is that for a very anticlimactic story? It is still sweet though. Happy birthday Maddy!

Just A Normal Tuesday- Again 9 Mar 2015, 5:22 pm

We lost it but we found it! Our blog post of last week is back after it temporarily disappeared!

Despite the chilly weather and threat of snowfall here in Charleston, I have been having a great time here on Folly Beach today. Our bookkeeper may be relaxing in the sunshine this week on her tropical vacation but that doesn’t mean the rest of us left on Folly can’t relax just as much!

The Event Director from the Regatta Inn, our sister hotel, and myself spent the day having lunch with Joe, from Charleston Outdoor Adventures. We stopped in the Drop-In Deli to go over the rapidly approaching spring season and to hopefully get a free kayaking trip on the Folly River.


Dine in. Take out. Delivery. They do it all!!

The weather can’t get you down when you are eating The Redneck, a chicken cheese-steak with Cheese Whiz, bacon, caramelized onions, jalapenos, and ranch on an Amoros Roll. Apparently, this sandwich has been voted the best hangover food in town and I can definitely see why (though no, I was not hungover when eating it!) I did end up with ranch and Cheese Whiz all over my hands, but I have no regrets. And while I didn’t personally try the Grouper Sandwich, it smelled delicious as well.

We got to hear some great stories from Joe about his adventures on the water as the owner of a top outdoor adventures company. Bachelorette parties in particular know how to have a great time on the water, especially when they have a captain as sweet and fun as Joe. Maria and myself also learned the names of the dolphins who frequent the Folly area and dine themselves on the fish outside the Regatta Inn’s rooms!

This might be Machete, our newest dolphin friend.

Overall, a productive day for us. And we will be able to head out onto the water soon enough for our own personal kayaking lessons (and Maria is going to get a lesson on cooking fish) but for now, we will stay inside, by the fireplaces, drinking hot chocolate.

Enjoy your week, Charleston!

Gearing Up For Summer 5 Mar 2015, 2:59 pm

The weather has given us a teaser for what is in store shortly and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Folly Beach came alive today with beachgoers and locals alike as the sun decided to show its face once again. The fog burned off and the rays of sunshine went a long ways towards warming the chill in the air. But enough about the weather!

Today was spring cleaning day here at the inn! We gave the entire place a quick sprucing up and let me tell you, it sure felt great. Our event coordinator, Maria, and myself spent the hours sweating in our storage area, moving everything around and organizing everything our hotel owns. And we can definitely vouch now that we sure do own a lot! Our beach chairs and umbrellas are ready to be used and see the sun and sand once again. Our beach towels are soft and fluffy and our ice machine is ready to fill those coolers that all our guests bring to the beach.

The island is not actually full. Don’t turn back. Take a right on Indian Ave and a right on W. 2nd. We have room!

Amidst all of the sweating, organizing, and back-breaking work, I think I caught spring fever. I can feel it in my bones. I am ready to fling off the jackets and scarves and start donning the flip flops and sundresses. Plus, now I have realized that I should probably go home and do the same thing. It is the time of year to dig through that pile of stuff you haven’t touched in months and start donating everything you no longer need. However, after all the cleaning we accomplished today, I feel more like sitting down in a nice lounge chair with a glass of Folly Punch in hand or possibly a glass of our new wine.

Did I mention that we have a new wine in house now? We all love our Monte Maria Pinot Grigio but it is nice to mix it up every now and then with a new refreshing bottle of Trebbiano d’Abruzzo.

A productive day, overall!

Southern Living Boasts About Regatta Inn! 15 Jan 2015, 12:01 pm

Our beautiful new sister property, the Regatta Inn, just gained national attention in Southern Living’s articles this month. Located on Sunset Cay Marina, this beautiful hotel has not only been named one of the best new hotels in 2015 but also the best budget hotel! We couldn’t be more proud of this accomplishment. Click on the picture below to read the article and come stay at our beautiful new property. Watch the dolphins and sip on Folly Punch while you enjoy the most relaxing stay!

Folly News! 7 Jan 2015, 7:53 am

Are you getting sick of seeing all of the construction while driving onto our beautiful island town? Have no fear, soon it will be over! Our new bridges are getting closer and closer to being done.

The bridges, one crossing the Folly River and the other the Folly Creek, have been under construction since around 2011. The bridges will not add any extra lanes but will provide more space for walkers and bikers to traverse the waterways safely. The finished date is currently set for before summer 2015!

In other news, don’t forget to come to the Oyster Roast at Bowen’s Island on January 11. They will be raising money for the Morris Island Lighthouse. If you are looking for somewhere to stay this weekend, come to our hotel. We are right down the road from Bowen’s Island and just a short walk to the beach as well.

Happy New Year’s Eve! 31 Dec 2014, 5:13 am

Looking for something to do tonight on New Year’s Eve? Charleston has a great number of events going on!

Celebrate on the USS Yorktown for great music, food, and a splendid kick off for the New Year.

Go down to the Aquarium for the Snyder Grand Ball. Wear your best attire and meet some fabulous people to spend your first night of 2015 with! Drink, eat, and be merry.

For a beach adventure, come down to the Tides Hotel tonight for their bash as well! The best part is that we still have rooms available so you can continue celebrating into the very wee hours of the morning.

Thank You! And Happy Holidays, Y’all! 20 Dec 2014, 10:58 am

We wanted to send out a thank you to everyone who has been a great help to us this year! And what a year it has been! We have had some great times and some hard times but through it all, Water’s Edge Inn has had the greatest support and the best staff we could ever ask for.

Thank you to the Folly Beach community for helping us to open a new and amazing boutique inn on the island. Without the Folly Beach locals, we never would have been up and running as quickly as we were.

Thank you to the Folly Beach fire department for helping us after we were struck by lightning. Our beautiful inn is back to its original state and you can’t even tell that we took damage this past August!

Thank you to wonderful photographer Merideth from A Spot in Time Photography for all the work she does with our beautiful eloping couples! We love helping people get hitched and we couldn’t do it without Merideth and also our great officiants. Thank you to Folly Beach Massage, Jerry, Randy, and everyone else who takes time out of their day to support our little hotel.

Thank you to the entire crew of CDI Homes and everyone else who helped to build the beautiful property we now call the Regatta Inn. They built us the most beautiful sister property we could have ever asked for.

Our wonderful staff and family here at Water’s Edge Inn is the best part of our hotel. They deserve all of the thanks in the world for all the work they do.

But most of all, we want to thank our guests. The new guests, the return guests, the guests who could only stay for a night, and the guests who stay with us for weeks. Without you all, we would be nothing more than just a house on Folly Beach. Because of our great guests, we are able to give the best hospitality in the South!

Folly Beach Christmas Parade! 12 Dec 2014, 1:36 pm

Folly Beach knows how to do Christmas the right way! Kick start your holiday spirit with our small town parade. On Saturday, December 13th at 1:00 pm, starting at Marsh Winds Condominiums, this local parade will begin the trek down Center Street. Make sure you are on the island before 1:00 though because we shut the streets down for this great holiday spectacle!

We are all ready for it. Are you?

Dashing through the snow! 8 Dec 2014, 12:13 pm

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, Charleston is lacking in snow at the moment. A lack of snow doesn’t mean a lack of holiday spirit though! Christmas is rapidly approaching and Charleston is prepping for the season. Here is just a small peek into what you can expect from this beautiful city!

This past Saturday, December 6th, downtown Charleston lit up with the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The 60-foot tree of lights is a magnificent sight to see when wandering the historic district.

Next weekend is the 33rd Annual Holiday Parade of Boats. View the parade as it travels through the waterways between Mount Pleasant and Charleston. It is a Charleston event that you won’t want to miss out on!

Also currently running is the James Island Festival of Lights! Best light spectacle in the lowcountry!

If you would like more information or need help planning your trip to Charleston this holiday season, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We love giving recommendations to all of our future guests.