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Whoopie Pie Festival, What is your favorite flavor? 10 Sep 2012, 8:49 pm

The whoopie pie....Is it a pie?  Not at all.  Is it a cake?  Sort of.  Is it a cookie?  Only that it looks like one.  It is about the size of a hamburger bun with two rich, chocolate cake layers and a creamy filling sandwiched between them.  The whoopie pie's origins are thought to be with the Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that settled here in the early 1700s, although Maine and New Hampshire also lay claim to the birthplace of the whoopie pie.  It is the official state treat of Maine.

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Farm Fairs in Lancaster County 21 Aug 2012, 5:29 pm

As summer wans and the fall season and end of harvest is upon us, several Lancaster County towns are host to farm fairs, a celebration of community and farming.  What might you see at these fairs that the whole town seems to turn out for?   Of course, there are the animals, sheep, swine, cattle, goats and rabbits, all vying for that blue ribbon.  The summer harvest has been put up.  Jars of pickles, chow chow, beets, jams, relishes and vegetables hoping to receive a blue, red, yellow or white ribbon.   Did I mention the baked goods?

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The American Music Theater 2 Aug 2012, 6:40 pm

There is more to Lancaster County than beautiful farmland, Old Order Amish and horse and buggies.  There is top notch live entertainment.  Right now through the first week in October, The American Music Theater, which hosts 300 live performances a year, is featuring an original show called American Icons.

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Lapp Valley Farm, Best Ice Cream Ever! 18 Jul 2012, 1:43 pm

Just 3 miles south of New Holland is Lapp Valley Farm. This Mennonite dairy farm has a herd of Jersey cows....those lovely brown cows with the big brown soulful eyes.  The milk from this herd is processed, bottled and sold only at the farm.  They even have a drive-up window.  They also make the best ice cream around.

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Ryan and Friends, Laugh out loud in Lancaster County! 26 Jun 2012, 8:58 am

I recently attended a production of Ryan and Friends, presented by Lifestream Productions, at the Living Waters Theater in Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pa.  Ryan is a ventriloquist and his friends, Little Jakey, Harold and Irene, Tiffany and Ardie give a delightful and humorous look at Lancaster County culture.  A fun hour of song, laughs and audience participation awaits you.  You will leave the theater smiling.  An enjoyable show for young and old.

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