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Discover the Wildlife Diversity at Haystack Rock 27 Jun 2016, 5:00 am

Cannon Beach is a charming coastal town along the rugged coastline of Oregon. Though it comes as no surprise to us, Cannon Beach has been called one of National Geographic’s most beautiful places in the world.  For many, a trip to the coast means colorful tide pools, beautiful sandy beaches, dramatic rock formations, and stunning vistas up and down the coastline.  Places like the iconic Haystack Rock are just the beginning of things at the coast.  Nevertheless, these are the places forever ingrained in our hearts as minds.  Stay at our luxurious Bed and Breakfast near Cannon Beach this summer, and experience the wonder of the Oregon Coast for yourself.

Haystack Rock’s Intertidal Area

Haystack Rock is one of Cannon Beach’s most iconic rock formations.  Here, you’ll find some of Oregon’s most colorful tide pools and diverse bird life.  This beautiful rock formation rises a dramatic 235 feet from the edge of the beach and is easily reachable at low tide.  Formed by lava flows millions of years ago, Haystack Rock is now part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The intertidal area itself is one of seven protected Marine Gardens in Oregon. Exploring the tide pools here will reveal a colorful array of sea stars, anemone, crabs, chitons, limpets and nudibranchs.  In order to maximize your visit to the intertidal areas, it’s best to head out there about an hour before low tide.  Please note that the protected status of Haystack Rock prohibits visitors from removing any material from the area and from climbing above the barnacle line.

Bird Watching at Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock is also a spectacular location for year-round bird watching.  It also happens to be one of the best and most accessible places to view Tufted Puffins in the Northwest. Tufted Puffins typically nest from early spring to mid-summer, with the best months for viewing being June and July.  These beautiful birds are easily recognized by their bright orange bills, white faces and tufts of yellow feathers above the eyes. They tend to hang out on the grassy north slope of Haystack Rock where they burrow tunnels to protect their nests.  Along the south facing cliffs of Haystack Rock, you’ll find the nests of Pelagic Cormorant.  Watching these birds dive from the cliffs is an incredible treat for all who visit these rocks.  Other common seabirds include the Western Gull, Pigeon Guillemot, Black Oystercatcher, Harlequin Ducks, and occasional visits from Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons.

A day spent exploring the intertidal zones around Haystack Rock is sure to be one of your most memorable along the Oregon Coast.  Afterwards, enjoy the magnificent coastal views, a warm fire, and the romantic ambience at our boutique Inn.  Book your summer getaway today, and let us show you the unimaginable beauty of the Oregon Coast.

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An Oregon Coast Getaway 20 May 2016, 5:00 am

From the stunningly beautiful Haystack Rock to the dramatic caves and waterfalls at Hug Point, Cannon Beach is an inspiring place to explore throughout the year. Summer at the beach holds a special place in the hearts of many.  The Oregon Coast has long been popular destinations for summer travelers looking to getaway from the hectic frenzy of modern day life. The Arch Cape Inn, just south of the Cannon Beach area, is a true summer retreat perfect for those looking for a romantic few days by the sea.  Book your summer getaway with us today, and see for yourself the unparalleled beauty of the Oregon Coast this summer.

Oregon Coast in the Summer

Though there are a tremendous variety of things to do in and around Cannon Beach during the summer.  Whether you’re here for the abundant nature or just here for the romantic escape, the Oregon Coast is an unbeatable getaway destination.


In total, the Oregon Coast trail spans 382 miles along stunning uninterrupted beach trails.  From there, your possibilities for adventure are truly limitless and breathtaking.

  • In Beautiful Oswald West State Park, wander through old-growth Sitka Spruce and enjoy incredible vistas of the iconic rocky shoreline of the Oregon Coast.  The Cape Falcon Trail emerges from beautiful coastal rainforest at Cape Falcon, where you’ll enjoy stunning coastal views north to Tillamook Head and south to Cape Lookout. You’ll also find a trail leading up the challenging slopes of Neahkhanie Mountain, where you’ll be rewarded with wildflower-covered meadows and an unbeatable view.
  • Another popular destination for hiking on the Oregon Coast is Ecola State Park, where you’ll find trails leading to Indian Beach, Crescent Beach, and the Tillamook Head Trail.
  • For a truly challenging hike, head up to the top of Saddle Mountain, which happens to be the highest point in the Coast Range.

Beach Combing

A visit to the Oregon Coast would be wholly incomplete without at least a little bit of time dedicated to the time-honored tradition of beach combing.  The sounds of ocean waves and seabirds will soothe your soul as you stroll along the beach, and the treasures you’ll find along the way will delight and bring out the inner child of all who travel to these beautiful rocky shores.  As it happens, you don’t even have to venture very far from our luxurious Inn to find some spectacular tide pools.  During low tide, Hug Point State Recreation Site has plenty of pools to keep you enthralled for hours.  You cannot miss the iconic Haystack Rock and The Needles, the former of which rises 235 feet out of the Pacific Ocean. The tide pools at Haystack Rock are one of seven protected Marine Gardens along the Oregon Coast, which also provides valuable bird habitat.  Nesting Puffins are a favorite in this area. Other popular beaches for beach combing include:

  • Chapman Point & Bird Rocks is a great place for birdwatching, as it’s home to a dense colony of Common Murres, Bald Eagles, and more.
  • Tolovana Beach, which offers colorful tide pools and abundant wildlife.
  • The Beaches of Ecola State Park are a favorite for surfing and beach walks.
  • Arcadia Beach is a great place for picnicking, exploring tide pools, and watching surfers catching waves.


Sunsets, romantic walks on the beach, and a romantic dinner. It sounds a lot like your favorite romance novel, doesn’t it? The Oregon Coast is one of the most romantic destinations in the west.  The sunset views along the wide sandy beaches of Cannon Beach are impossible to describe.  Once the sun has gone down, enjoy a glass of wine and a simple picnic beside the glow of a beach fire, or head to a romantic dinner at one of Cannon Beach’s gourmet restaurants.  Favorites include Newmans at 988, The Bistro, The Wayfarer, and Mo’s.

No matter how or where you choose to spend your day on the beautiful Oregon Coast, know that a cozy fire, good friends, food and wine will be waiting for you at the stunning Arch Cape Inn and Retreat.  Don’t Wait.  Book your Oregon Coast Getaway with us today!

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Mother’s Day at the Beach May 12, 2013 21 Apr 2013, 7:46 pm

The beach, the beach, the beach…there is no place more relaxing, rejuvenating and romantic than an Oregon coast get-away for the special person that we call ‘Mom’.

This year we are hosting a very casual Mother’s Day Weekend, where our entire staff will be waiting to create a wonderful weekend experience, complete with a beautiful brunch presentation each morning and a Wine and Cider Appetizer Hour every afternoon.

Let us do the work, while Mom can rest and enjoy being waited on hand and foot for the entire weekend.

Can’t think of that last minute gift?

Surely, a special stay at our Castle on the Coast will make any Mom feel like the Queen she is!

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Winter Storm Watching on the Oregon Coast 27 Oct 2012, 11:21 am

The Pacific Ocean can be truly mesmerizing to watch during its winter furies. The thrashing waves, foaming whitecaps and the howling wind – it is an exciting and epic show. Storm watching at Cannon Beach is a great way to spend a blustery day in the winter.

Storm watchers gather along the Northwest coast once the air becomes chilly and nights get long, wanting to witness water’s relentless assaults on terra firma. Some prefer to watch the crashing waves from a toasty-warm ocean view B&B room or grab a spot at a coastal restaurant that offers window seating for storm watching.  Others venture outdoors to get a first hand feel for this amazing weather experience.

The Tillamook Lighthouse is a quick 20 minute drive from our B&B

To help make it easier for you, we are offering a Winter Storm Watching Special starting on Nov. 1. Make sure to check back to see the details!

Words of Wisdom: Storm watching is a spectator sport. Always stay a safe distance away from the ocean. Do not climb or hike on wet slippery rocks. We recommend warm beverages and a cozy room with large windows.

We have several luxury rooms at our Cannon Beach bed and breakfast with outstanding ocean views that would provide a beautiful setting for watching nature’s fury and power.

Advantages to Visiting the Oregon Coast at Winter

  • Fewer people
  • Lower prices for lodging
  • You are likely to see a spectacular winter storm
  • Less traffic on the roads
  • Two for one specials

After a storm is the best time to find treasure on the beach. Beachcombing for agates, shells, petrified wood, and glass floats is lots of fun. Your chance of finding a glass float now is better than ever since coastal communities began “seeding” the beaches with them.



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Fine Art Galleries in Cannon Beach, OR 16 Jul 2012, 3:30 am

Cannon Beach galleries feature high quality original art in a wide variety of styles and media.

The dramatic cliffs and beaches of the Oregon coast are a natural inspiration for creativity. It’s not surprising that so many artists call this area home. Even if their artwork doesn’t take inspiration directly from the landscape, artists find the coastal community’s laid-back atmosphere and slower pace make it a great place to create.

Below we’ve listed some of the Cannon Beach galleries and artist groups. Most are clustered on or near Hemlock street. For a more complete list including individual artist galleries and studios, please visit (click on “Galleries | Art”).

Bronze Coast Gallery
Focused on showcasing and educating the public about bronze cast artwork, this group of over 30 award-winning regional, national and international artists also features fine original paintings, photography and giclee prints. @ 224 N. Hemlock

Cannon Beach Art Gallery / Arts Association
The Cannon Beach Art Gallery is home to the Cannon Beach Arts Association, a community arts organization which “supports, funds, and enhances the arts and artists in the Cannon Beach community through education, events and exhibits.” The Art Gallery has monthly rotating exhibits of fine arts and crafts by local and Pacific Northwest artists. Their inviting open space also has a coffee shop for visitors’ enjoyment. @ 1064 S. Hemlock

DragonFire Studio & Gallery
DragonFire features contemporary original works in paint, fiber, metal and other media. In addition to gallery showings, this group of local, Northwest and national artists conducts two- and three-day workshops. @123 S. Hemlock

Haystack Gallery
With over 75 artists represented, a wide range of media and styles are offered at Haystack Gallery: from traditional to contemporary work rendered in paint, pastels, clay and metal. Exhibits change monthly. @183 N. Hemlock

Icefire Glassworks
Icefire shows the work of four contemporary glass artists: James Kingwell, Suzanne Kindland, Michelle Kaptur and Mark Gordon. Stop by to see the magic of a beautiful glass vase blown before your very eyes! @ 116 E. Gower

Modern Villa Gallery
Modern indeed, this gallery features artists whose work reflects a distinctly contemporary flair. There’s a very wide range of styles to see, from photorealistic to colorfully abstract. @ 224 N. Hemlock

Northwest by Northwest Gallery
This gallery focuses on the fine arts and crafts inspired by the spirit and culture of the Pacific Northwest. Artist work includes original ceramics, sculpture, photography, painting and art glass as well as Tlingit and Haida jewelry. @232 N. Spruce

Primary Elements Gallery
The artists of Primary Elements work in every medium, from found materials to paint, wood and glass, creating original paintings, photography, sculpture and fine furniture. @172 N. Hemlock

Tolovana Arts Colony
This non-profit organization is community of artists who share their skills to instruct and inspire others to develop their own creativity. Affordable classes and workshops are offered year-round. @ Tolovana Community Hall ~ 3779 S. Hemlock

White Bird Gallery
A regionally and nationally recognized fine art & craft gallery, White Bird features prints, paintings, jewelry, ceramics, glass work, sculpture and photography by established artists. @ 251 N. Hemlock

While you enjoy your stay at our Cannon Beach, OR accommodations, we recommend you enjoy the richness of Cannon Beach’s local art scene.

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