Arcadian Inn Bed & Breakfast

328 East First St. At First & University, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
Innkeeper(s): Gary & Martha Hall
  • Making Baby Getaway

    Price from: $269
      • Romantic persuasion (Rose petals, Strawberries and Creme', Champagne Flutes)
      • Couples massage (not available in Emerald Nights, Garden Room or Captain's Quarters)
      • Milk 'n' Honey Champagne Bath
      • 1 pm check-out

      $269.00 plus room includes complimentary champagne (non-alcoholic may be substituted)

  • Milk 'n' Honey Champagne Bath

    Price from: $79
      • Draw a hot bath with soft lighting provided
      • Champagne is then added to bath along with our Milk 'n' Honey recipe for an indulgent romantic bath
      • Gift of our signature Seasalt Scrub included

      $79.00. plus room

  • Private En'suite Massage

    Price from: $75

      One therapist comes to your suite with a table for one hour. Can be split into 2 thirty-minute massages. $75.00 En'Suite Couples Massage In rooms that can accommodate 2 tables, 2 therapists will come and do 1 hour massages simultaneously. If room cannot accommodate 2 tables, 1 therapist can do the 2 massages during a 2 hour appointment. $150.00

  • Romance Persuasion

    Price from: $49.95

      Silk rose petals on your bed linens Strawberries and Creme Champagne flutes to keep $49.95 plus room includes complimentary champagne

  • American Heroes

      Honoring our Military and Public Safety In honor of our Heroes in Uniform, including Police and Fire, the Arcadian Inn Bed and Breakfast is proud to give a 5% discount for a one-night stay or 10% for a stay of two or more consecutive nights. Proper ID required. May not be combined with other discounted specials or promotions or No Frills packages. 5% Discount for one night 10% Discount for two nights or more

  • Over The Top

    Price from: $799

      The total indulgence for your getaway

      • Massage for Two
      • Dinner for two served by candlelight in your room
      • Silk Rose Petals on your bed linens
      • Champagne Flutes to keep
      • Strawberries with Chocolate Dipping Sauce and Almond Cheesecake Dipping Sauce
      • Dozen Red Roses
      • Milk & Honey Champagne Bath
      • Spa Basket III
      • 1 pm Check-out

      $799.00 plus room includes complimentary champagne (non-alcoholic may be substituted)

  • Honeymooner Getaway

    Price from: $169
      • Midnight Picnic for the hungry bride and groom
      • Romantic Persuasion (Rose petals, Strawberries, Champagne Flutes to keep)
      • Milk n' Honey Champagne Bath
      • 1 pm. Check-out

      $169.00 plus room includes complimentary champagne (non-alcoholic may be substituted)

  • Last Fling Babymoon

    Price from: $269

      Looking forward to your new baby?... Enjoy one more night of sweet romance and a whole night of sleep.

      • Couples Massage - Prenatal for mother
      • Romantic Persuasion with Non-alcoholic sparkling Wine
      • Baby gift 
      • 1 pm Check-out

      $269 plus cost of room

  • Flowers

    Price from: $55

      Red Roses by the Dozen: For classic romance, a dozen red roses is always the perfect choice. One dozen long-stemmed red roses in a clear glass vase. Approximately 20" W x 24" H $85.00 Pink Roses in Six: Grand Pink Roses arranged in a clear glass vase. Approximately 14" W x 18" H $55.00 Spring Colors Bouquet: Someone special makes your days a little brighter? Show them with this smiling mix of Bright Spring time colors. Approximately 13" W x 22" H $60.00 Passionate Reds Bouquet: Passionate reds and pinks convey your love. Approximately 18" W x 22" H $85.00 NOTE: When you order these bouquets, colors and flowers may vary based upon availability. Please remember that each design is custom made. No two arrangements are exactly alike, flower or color substitutions may be necessary.

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