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Arcadian Inn Bed & Breakfast

328 East First St. At First & University, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
Innkeeper(s): Gary & Martha Hall
  • Making Baby Getaway

    Price from: $269
      • Romantic persuasion (Rose petals, Strawberries and Creme', Champagne Flutes)
      • Couples massage (not available in Emerald Nights, Garden Room or Captain's Quarters)
      • Milk 'n' Honey Champagne Bath
      • 1 pm check-out

      $269.00 plus room includes complimentary champagne (non-alcoholic may be substituted)

  • Milk 'n' Honey Champagne Bath

    Price from: $79
      • Draw a hot bath with soft lighting provided
      • Champagne is then added to bath along with our Milk 'n' Honey recipe for an indulgent romantic bath
      • Gift of our signature Seasalt Scrub included

      $79.00. plus room

  • Private En'suite Massage

    Price from: $75

      One therapist comes to your suite with a table for one hour. Can be split into 2 thirty-minute massages. $75.00 En'Suite Couples Massage In rooms that can accommodate 2 tables, 2 therapists will come and do 1 hour massages simultaneously. If room cannot accommodate 2 tables, 1 therapist can do the 2 massages during a 2 hour appointment. $150.00

  • Romance Persuasion

    Price from: $49.95

      Silk rose petals on your bed linens Strawberries and Creme Champagne flutes to keep $49.95 plus room includes complimentary champagne

  • American Heroes

      Honoring our Military and Public Safety In honor of our Heroes in Uniform, including Police and Fire, the Arcadian Inn Bed and Breakfast is proud to give a 5% discount for a one-night stay or 10% for a stay of two or more consecutive nights. Proper ID required. May not be combined with other discounted specials or promotions or No Frills packages. 5% Discount for one night 10% Discount for two nights or more

  • Honeymooner Getaway

    Price from: $169
      • Midnight Picnic for the hungry bride and groom
      • Romantic Persuasion (Rose petals, Strawberries, Champagne Flutes to keep)
      • Milk n' Honey Champagne Bath
      • 1 pm. Check-out

      $169.00 plus room includes complimentary champagne (non-alcoholic may be substituted)

  • Last Fling Babymoon

    Price from: $269

      Looking forward to your new baby?... Enjoy one more night of sweet romance and a whole night of sleep.

      • Couples Massage - Prenatal for mother
      • Romantic Persuasion with Non-alcoholic sparkling Wine
      • Baby gift 
      • 1 pm Check-out

      $269 plus cost of room