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Arcadian Inn Bed & Breakfast

328 East First St. At First & University, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034
Innkeeper(s): Gary & Martha Hall

Fall Breakfast 30 Sep 2014, 10:37 am

Fall Breakfast

Doesn't get any better than this.


  • Pumpkin Pancakes with tart apples, Oklahoma pecans, brown sugar  
  • Drizzled with our famous "To-die-for" Vanilla Butter Sauce.  
  • A Breakfast Potato Stack with Brown Sugared Bacon,  
  • Fresh Fruit topped with Caramel Amaretto, 
  • Orange Juice and Coffee or Tea
Arcadian Inn
Edmond, Oklahoma's Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Celebrating 25 years of Excellence
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Your Personal Romantic Getaway Concierge 17 Feb 2014, 6:42 pm

Ever wish you could Google romantic getaway concierge and get a private, personalized getaway all set up for you? That's exactly what we do? Take a moment to shop our website where you can see each room or cottage, and then look through our packages and special touches. How about a cozy glamorous room with a luxurious comfy queen-size bed, a jetted tub out in the room in which to enjoy a champagne toast, a handful of movies and all night to celebrate. Plan to grab your robe in the morning and open the door to let your Innkeepers in with your amazing breakfast. They will set the table, announce breakfast, light the candles and slip out! All about you and nobody else!

At the Arcadian Inn and Aaron's Gate, we can arrange a private en'suite couple's massage, a dinner basket for your room, flowers, even a birthday party for two. We are happy to make dinner reservations, set up a mani pedi appointment, get church service times, even sew a button on for you.

(True story, one guest was putting on his tux for the wedding where he was a groomsman...the tux didn't have any buttons! We cut the buttons off of Gary's black suit and quickly sewed them on his tux for the wedding!) (True Story 2, young wife dressing for romantic dinner only to discover that Victoria's Secret had failed to remove the ink security tag on her lovely new lace bra. Innkeeper called Victoria's Secret, explained the situation and asked them to come remove the tag of which they did)

Yeh, we spend our days personalizing your guest-suite and setting up your special touches and packages, rounding up a pastor to do your elopement, mixing up our homemade honey-mustard dip for your Midnight Picnic, and teaching our staff how to set a formal dinner table for that extra special detail. (we never let you eat out of a styrofoam box with a plastic fork)

All about you and nobody else! At your Service and It is our Pleasure!

Arcadian Inn
Edmond, Oklahoma's Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Celebrating 24 years of Excellence

All Dressed up For Fall and Pumpkin Pancakes! 28 Aug 2013, 12:40 pm

With a temperature and rain record-breaking summer about to end, we look forward to a beautiful Fall at the Arcadian Inn.  This is the time of year to finish up outdoor projects, think about indoor comforts, plan for the holidays and take a break for yourself. 

The Arcadian Inn has put on her Fall dressings with a little inspiration from Pinterest!  The trash man must think we are alcoholics the way our recycle bin is full of wine bottles.  But Pinterest has given us lots of creative ways to reuse the beautiful glass bottles.  Add red and white tablecloths and you have a beautiful little European outdoor cafĂ© just outside your door for your morning coffee. 

It's Pumpkin Pancake time, everyone's favorite.  Even if one thinks they don't like pumpkin, when they have these pancakes with our "to die for" Vanilla Butter Sauce. 
Check out our Pumpkin Sunflower Bed. 

Check-out all of the exciting and unique events and restaurants in Edmond this Fall and reserve now for your Fall Getaway!

Arcadian Inn
Edmond, Oklahoma's Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Celebrating 23 years of Excellence

Not Your Grandma's Bed and Breakfast 10 May 2013, 9:14 am

I've been tempted many times to put this on a billboard with the caption, "not your Grandma's Bed and Breakfast"!   The Arcadian Inn and many Inns like it could certainly be said to be the influence towards "boutique" hotels.   Boutique hotels are normally historic buildings turned into luxury accommodations.  Hm-m-m.  Did it all start with Innkeepers that turned historic homes into luxury accommodations.  

A Better Way to Stay  - Bed and Breakfasts have come along way.  A popular TV talk show host bashed B&Bs saying he hated eating with everyone.  Here at the Arcadian Inn, we pride ourselves in that we want to serve you privately in your room!  We don't want to break the mood by making you get up early, get beautiful to sit with other people and make conversation.  It's all about the Two of you. 
Here at the Arcadian Inn, we have many special touches that you can add to your stay.  
Your Arcadian Inn getaway is waiting for you with your needs and expectations first on our minds.  Take a moment to visit our website and "shop" for your next getaway.

Martha, Your Innkeeper

Season of the Arts! 11 Apr 2013, 2:09 pm

 With much excitement and anticipation, we look forward to the upcoming Art Festivals around the Arcadian Inn.   Just minutes south, in downtown OKC, you can enjoy the Art, Music and Food at the Festival of Arts, April 23-28th.  Perfect date ingredients, check-in at the Inn, head south to the City, stroll through the art, picnic on the grass with fabulous food choices from Oklahoma City's best restaurants and clubs, grab a bench and a glass of wine to enjoy great bands and musicians as the stars come out.  When you are relaxed and cuddly head back to the Arcadian Inn. 

For a more spontaneous and intimate getaway, plan a stay at the Inn during the Downtown Edmond Arts Festival, May 3,4, and 5th.  Just 4 blocks west of the Arcadian Inn, you can drop by the Festival all weekend while you enjoy a private getaway.  Ordered a couples' massage, no problem...enjoy the Festival for a bit and grab a lemonade for your stroll back to your room.  After your massage, head back to Downtown Edmond for dinner and music.  It's all about you. 

Book online now to get your special Art Getaway reserved.
Arcadian Inn Edmond, Oklahoma's Boutique Bed and Breakfast Celebrating 23 years of Excellence

Mumford and Sons, September 6 and 7th, 2013 8 Feb 2013, 3:41 pm

Guthrie is a hot ticket today as Mumford and Sons fans scramble to buy tickets for the hottest show in the area.  Mumford and Sons will be in Guthrie for two days on September 6 and 7th for the 2013 Gentlemen of the Road Tour.   A two-day concert ticket requires a bed as well.  Just this afternoon, we sold out of Cottages immediately and have just a couple of Arcadian Inn guestrooms left! 

If you're still looking for accommodations or maybe have some but would like something really special, look over our websites.  A fantastic event like this deserves a special weekend away as well. 

Tickets to Concert click here

Classic Cars, Route 66, M'Lord's Chambers 5 Feb 2013, 12:26 pm

So...23 years ago, we set out to open a bed and breakfast.  A frilly, girly, antique, historical, B&B.  But in Oklahoma, where B&B was a fairly new word, we felt we needed to have a room that spoke to the guys!  We were told by the Ziemer family that original kitchen had been Grandson, John's gun room in the 70's.  Thus the 1908 kitchen became M'Lord's Chambers.  Over the years it has adapted, bigger bed, jacuzzi, fireplace, balcony, take down the deer head, etc. 

And you know what?  The women love it!  I'm reminded of when a best friend told me as a newlywed that couples' bedrooms or master bedrooms as we call them now, are always feminine because women decorate them to their tastes.  So I have always tried to decorate our master bedroom in a more traditional non-feminine decor.  Perhaps that is what we, the ladies, like about M'Lord's Chambers.  Maybe we like spending the night with him in "his" room. 

In our travels, I came across some beautiful photos of classic cars.  Inspiration struck.  A man's car is very sexy.  So slowly and meticulously we are adding some classic car touches to M'Lord's Chambers.  We can't forget that M'Lord's Chambers looks right out over the Mother Road, Route 66.  Classic cars and Route 66 go hand and hand. 

It's all about keeping the Romance Alive so Get your kicks on Route 66 in M'Lord's Chambers. 

Merry Christmas and Heres to a fantastic 2013! 23 Dec 2012, 12:53 pm

Gary and Martha, your Innkeepers, are looking forward to your visit this coming year!  They know there is always a reason for a celebration getaway!  Be sure to make a great memory for your anniversary and birthdays this year.  No matter the age or number of years, each one deserves a big splash.  Share it with your loved one at the Arcadian Inn with a couple's massage, or a private dinner, or a huge spa basket. 

Come to the city to shop and pamper yourself with an overnight.  Take in the zoo, a casino, the Jazz Lab, the 4th of July parade....yes, the parade goes right by the Inn!  Then make it into a "sleep over".  

Arcadian Inn 

Edmond, Oklahoma's Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Celebrating 22 years of Excellence 

Special Occasions 9 Oct 2012, 4:44 pm

We are in the business of making your special occasion Special!  Some of the occasions this month include an Elopement in the Crown Jewel Villa, many Wedding Nights in the Magnolia, Captain's Quarters, Royal Master Suite, many Anniversaries are scheduled for Remembrances, M'Lords Chambers, and Garden Room.  Don't forget the Birthdays in Emerald Nights and many of the other rooms too! 

Your Innkeepers move silently in the background, preparing the Midnight Picnic, setting up your Milk n Honey Champagne Bath, serving your Private Candlelit Dinner

Not to be left out, our Corporate Guests had a Special getaway as well.  Best way to start a Business day is a breakfast of Pumpkin Pancakes and our "to die for" Vanilla Butter Sauce.  We enjoyed having our film producers from San Francisco, David, Ed, and Eileen with us this past week. 

Arcadian Inn 

Edmond, Oklahoma's Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Celebrating 22 years of Excellence 

Summer Bed and Breakfast 13 Jul 2012, 1:56 pm

Summer is about ice tea, blueberries and strawberries! And vacations! Are you worn out from your vacation? On vacation all summer? No vacation?! You deserve a break today! The Arcadian Inn is all about summer, pampering, ice tea, blueberries and strawberries.

Our popular Apricot Ice Tea awaits you this afternoon along with our Maple Walnut Cookies. For Breakfast, blueberries and strawberries on our Belgium waffles with our "to die for" Vanilla Butter Sauce.

Pampering come by way of a private couples massage or a dinner basket catered by Lottinvilles, perhaps a Spa Gift Basket full of wonderful bathing potions.

Book now for your special getaway.

Arcadian Inn
Edmond, Oklahoma's Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Celebrating 22 years of Excellence
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