The King's Daughters Inn

204 N Buchanan Boulevard, Durham, North Carolina 27701
Innkeeper(s): Colin & Deanna Crossman

A Special Thank You to Our Vendors and Colleagues! 30 Jan 2014, 1:18 pm

What a harmonious relationship the bee and the flower share.
Without nectar, how would our buzzing buddies eat?
And without pollination, how else could a single flower become a field? 

It is easy to view the world as large, an obvious perception. It is far more difficult to remember the minute intricacies that truly churn our daily lives. What if the bee could thank the flower, or the flower thank a bee?  How does one show gratitude for the mutual continuation of life...?

Well, of course, A PARTY!!!

We had incredible vendors flying around our beloved Durham fields this week. The King's Daughters Inn likes to take the opportunity to thank you for your services, your people, your work, and our collaborative effort in creating a beautiful Triangle. We had an incredibly fun evening, with all luxurious amenities accounted for, of course.

We dressed up the hotel for the occasion with linens provided by CE RentalsRocky Top Catering prepared a bevy of delicious morsels. Durham's own Tre Bella arranged our elegant dining room with fresh bouquets. And the icing on the cake? Desserts were by Cary's Details Cake Design (baking out of The Cookery).

Last, but not least, what's an event to do without a little spirit?

The King's Daughters Inn poured Colin’s new cocktail, a fabulous hot toddy made with Maker's Mark, honey, lemon and black tea - the buzz for our beloved bees! It was the perfect way to knock off the chill from outdoors.

Thanks to all who came to eat, drink and be merry.  Here’s to a marvelous 2014 for all!

Here at The King's Daughters Inn, We Love to Love 21 Jan 2014, 3:10 pm

We love to eat.
We love to drink.
We love to laugh.
And we love to share.

This Valentine's day, we would love to have you to join us for a beautiful, romantic evening filled with some of our favorite activities. We have a sumptuous menu planned, overflowing with bubbly fun and deliciously paired canapes. The details, proverbial meat and potatoes, are forthcoming as you excitedly read on and your mouth begins to water...

Fun Fact:

On average, the mouth contains 10,000 tastebuds. (Give or take, perhaps your coffee was too hot this morning and you knocked a couple out of commision for a little while.) Valentine's Day notoriously accomodates the sweet buds, but we here at KDI prefer a little well-rounded hedonism. We aim to please all 10,000 of those flavor recepticles to kick off your tongue – in whatever way necessary for this evening!

Champagne Anyone?

Our Annual Sparkling Wine Tasting is our favorite event of the year, quite simply because it is delicious. No need to stay the night (but don’t you want to?!); we simply want you to indulge in love this February 14th. Be it your beloved, your best friend, your daughter, your collegue – all roles of love are happily invited to come celebrate. Love your company, love your evening, and get ready to love this line up of lavish pairings we have selected just for you:

To awaken our pallets, we begin with the bright Domaine Louvetrie Atmospheres and continue on a bubbly and savory journey with Sokol Blosser Sparkling Brut (Colin and Deanna’s wedding wine, turned bubbles! Magnificent!), Franck Besson Rose Granit Beaujolais, Berlucchi Brut Rose Cuvee 61 (wouldn’t be complete with out pink bubbles!), and Nicolas Feuillaitte Brut Reserve Champagne.

By this portion of the evening, we hope your mouth is well at work. Perhaps around the 9,000 taste bud range. Drinks and words flow. Mouths and minds in harmony. This is where we introduce our dazzling nightcap, the Montevina Terra d’Oro Zinfandel Port.

Festivities will be held in our elegant dining room from 5:30-7:30PM. We aim to make your evening delightful. Reserve your spot *here*, at only $25 a person or $45 a couple, to ensure your beautiful Valentine's Day this year!

For The Uber Romantics...

There are only a few rooms left for Friday the 14th, but we love a little romance any time of year. Wine lists are located in each room, available to you with a quick dial to the front desk. As the occassion calls, we may suggest the lovely Moet Imperial for a radiant bubbly at to enjoy at your own leisure, or perhaps an upgrade to the Moet et Chandon Imperial Rose. Reduced to $50 a bottle in light of a little love and romance, Moet & Chandon is an industry leader of luxury, fine champagnes, wines, and spirits. Are you salivating yet?  We will even add in some fresh chocolate covered strawberries!

As February draws nearer, our holiday dust settles and we begin to enjoy the new year. There is a good air about 2014, don't you think? Come celebrate with one of the most magnificent, beautiful, and universal symbols – CHAMPAGNE!

Just kidding.
(But the bubbly doesn't hurt either!)

Updates from the Inn - It's Been A BIG Summer! 6 Oct 2013, 12:12 pm

The summer has been a time of weddings, beautiful weather and change here at the King's Daughters Inn. We know that when the Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies come back it's time for fall. We've had a few people who were dear to us head on to other endeavors and we couldn't be happier for them. Luckily for us, we've been able to find amazing people to step in and we're going on stronger than ever!

New Members to the Team

Maite Vigil - General Manager

Maite joins us after more than decade at Rocky Top Hospitality where she was their Director of Operations. She was recognized for her accomplishments at Rocky Top in 2012 by The Triangle Business Journal when she received one of the 2012 Women in Business Awards! Her vast experience in management and her attention to detail make us stronger than ever. And, all her talents will also be going to the Mayton Inn project as well! So, as we move forward, Maite will be an integral part to the daily operations of the Inn.

Renée Pelton - Marketing Director

Renée has joined our team to take on our marketing efforts. As a Strategic Marketing Consultant over the past 7 years in the San Francisco Bay Area she has been exposed to the cutting edge of the social media and marketing worlds. A serial entrepreneur, she brings years of experience in start-up and business development, branding and marketing to the team which will be very helpful with the Mayton Inn project too! She has been our graphic designer since the Inn's beginning and we know that bringing her into the role of Marketing Director will only strengthen and develop our connection with our community and guests.

The Mayton Inn Moves Forward!

We're happy to announce that he Cary Town Council has unanimously approved us moving forward with The Mayton Inn! The groundbreaking will be this fall, date to be announced soon.

We want to say a big thank you to all our partners in the project, starting with the Town of Cary. You've been welcoming and supportive of our goal and we're proud to be part of the downtown revitalization efforts. We look forward to being your neighbors!

Also, a big thank you to all the awesome people at Bridgepoint General Contracting, Center Studio Architecture, Triangle Electrical Services, Newcomb and Company, Hillsborough Plumbing, Lysaught & Associates, Pabst & Hillburn, and Emerson Land Planning for all the hard work they've put in to make this project happen.

If you'd like to keep up with what is happening on The Mayton Inn project, please "like" our facebook page or you can follow our Mayton Blog: Musings at the Mayton Inn!

Be sure that you're getting all of our updates on the network of your choice... Add us!


Patrick & Whitney's Wedding 10 Sep 2013, 5:00 am

Patrick & Whitney's wedding was beautiful and Carol Hedspeth of
Conway Photo Shop captured some amazing moments at the Inn.
Take a look and see a little glimpse of their big day!


Welcome Maite!! 2 Sep 2013, 4:58 pm

Big changes are happening at the King's Daughters Inn! We say goodbye to Lora, who is moving on to launch Soigné Special Events, LLC - her new catering adventure. With Lora leaving we have added a new General Manager to our staff that brings with her a decades worth of experience in a variety of aspects in the hospitality industry and has been recognized by the Triangle Business Journal's 2012 Women in Business Awards.

Everyone here is thrilled to welcome her aboard, especially at a time where her experience in organizing and launching businesses can help with both the King's Daughters as well as The Mayton Inn project which is coming along nicely.

When you swing by the Inn be sure to welcome her to the team!

From all of us here at KDI, WELCOME TO THE TEAM MAITE!

The Ãn Pop-Up Dinner 17 Jul 2013, 11:42 am

The Pop-Up Dinner series is continuing along fantastically with the amazing culinary art that Chef Steven Greene brought to The King's Daughters Inn.  He brought quality ingredients, exquisite display and some spectacular service that befit everything we knew about the luxury of the Ãn experience.

The night started with Cañapés and Cocktails in The Parlor. The Chef's cocktail was a rye whiskey concoction with gingerbeer and hints of citrus. Along with it were fresh spring rolls and a hybrid of a dumpling and a mini taco, both which complemented the drink superbly.

Chef Steven D. Greene's Specialty Cocktail:
Ginger Lemonade with Rye Whiskey
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Duck Dumplings

Once we were given this lovely hint of the meal to come we were ushered into the dining room where the first course of Hamachi Tartare was expertly crafted onto a beautiful plate.

Hamachi Tartare
Yuzu, Cucumber, Coriander, Barley, Aged White Soy

The second course was an artfully crafted Scallop dish. The presentation was fantastic as the dish arrived and another server came to pour something amazingly tasty coconut milk-like liquid over it.

Sea Scallops
Tapioca, Asian Pear Salad, Ginger Purée, Thai Coconut

The third course looked like a three-dimensional painting with the use of bright green vegetables, the intense yellow preserved lemon and the 7-spiced honey as paint. 

Sea Border Springs Lamb
Marbled Potatoes, Preserved Lemon, 7-Spiced Honey

The last course, the amazing dessert, was a Goat Cheese masterpiece.
Goat Cheese Cheesecake
Pickled Strawberries, Szechuan Dust, Moscoto Sherbet

Chef Greene then surprised everyone with chocolate covered fortune cookies...

and take home cookies too!

Overall, this meal was magical. From the beautiful room decorations, the amazing food, the superb service, the delicious food and artistic detail of each piece you could feel the luxury and elegance of the Ãn experience. 

Here are a few more of our favorite shots:

Pop Up Dinner with Salted Pig Recap! 30 Apr 2013, 7:20 pm

Our Pop Up Dinner with Salted Pig was an incredible success!
With Johnny Cash crooning in the background, a SOLD OUT crowd of guests enjoyed a five course meal infused with pork and a LOT of love. 

The Dining Room was Buzzing!
Due to rainy weather the greeting Course was in the Sun Porch & Parlor, but the Crispy Chicharron Slider certainly was a bright spot on the dreary day! The crisp, the crunch!

Three Cheers for Chicarron

Guests were greeted by Chef Justin Rakes in the Main Dining Room. He introduced the concept behind Salted Pig as a fun and interactive restaurant that encourages shared plates and experimentation with fun flavors and delicious dishes.

After the delectable Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts with Red Eye Aioli, Adam from Mutual Distributing discussed the wine and beer pairings while Chef Martin plated the Sunset Ridge Bison Tartare with Kewpei Mayo, Spiced Cucumber & Nasturtium.

 Colin from The King's Daughters Inn introduced the venue and discussed plans for their new project, The Mayton Inn, over family style plates of Cut Pork Chops with Charred Ramp and Shallot Gravy accompanied by a Herb Salad.

Pre-Plated Delicious CHOPS!
The Dessert Course was a Roasted Banana Budino, salted NC peanuts, candied bacon served in a mason jar served with a Sauternes.

Sweet Sauternes to Finish
We were so pleased to host Salted Pig and can not wait to join them at their brick and mortar restaurant in Fall of 2013!

Stay tuned for our next Pop Up dinner in early June!! 
Chef Martin Celebrating!

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Four Years Fly (When We're Havin' Fun)! 16 Apr 2013, 10:18 am

Image from:

As I reflect on the 4th anniversary of the Inn coming up on April 18th, the staff often jokes that the Inn is Deanna and Colin's baby. It took exactly 9 months to renovate and it seems to be a living and breathing at every moment. Sometimes it behaves and every once in awhile there is an occasional outburst - a broken piece of furniture or a small leak.  As the Inn has grown and developed, we've watched it crawl, walk and now run at full speed. In fact, Colin and Deanna are able to leave the Inn with a qualified babysitter (front desk). They have the ability to go on an occasional date night or meet with friends to relax.

While the Inn may never be on its own, Colin and Deanna have kept their passion for inn keeping. Deanna wakes up early to cook an amazing hot breakfast. She can be found clanking around the kitchen preparing raspberry pancakes or pumpkin French toast. Colin takes the evening shift, taking care of cocktail hour. He will share his mixology secrets with some of his favorite guests.

Life will get hectic again when the Crossmans break ground for their new construction 45-room boutique hotel in Cary, NC.  The King’s Daughters Inn has gained so much momentum that the town of Cary approached the couple to aid in developing the downtown area. The plans are in progress and the hotel will boast over 13,000 sq. ft. of public space with a library, full bar & restaurant as well as event spaces including meeting rooms and an outdoor terrace that will be open to the public. A high tech gym facility and spa will be on the ground floor and available for guest use. Check out updates on the Mayton Inn here.

Our staff is proud of all the accomplishments that our small, independent business has conquered and we look forward to continue growing the NEXT 4 years.The Inn is a reflection of the many wonderful small businesses that have kept North Carolina's economy thriving and The Mayton Inn will be an extension of the Crossmans' entrepreneurial spirit and drive.  New challenges await them as a new hotel looms in the future, but the Inn will always be their first baby. 


POP UP PORK DINNER! 2 Apr 2013, 11:23 am

If you haven't heard, there is going to be a 
Pop Up Dinner at
The King's Daughters Inn

Sunday, April 28th at 6:00 PM
hosted by Chef Justin Rakes and Chef Scott Martin
With plans to open a permanent location in downtown Durham in late Fall 2013, the restaurant will be named Salted Pig. The venture will be a "pork centric" modern American eatery serving inventive interpretations of pub food. To showcase their unified talents, Chef Rakes and Chef Martin will create a pork-based menu for a four course dinner. And now to the dinner line up.... 

  Greeting Course on The Front Porch
Crispy Chicharron Slider 
on Parker House roll with Local Lettuce, Confit Tomato & Dukes

First Course in Dining Room 
Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts with Red Eye Aioli 

Second Course  
Sunset Ridge Bison Tartare with Kewpei Mayo,
Spiced Cucumber & Nasturtium

Third Course  
Thin Cut Pork Chops with Charred Ramp and Shallot Gravy
accompanied by a Herb Salad

Dessert Course 
Roasted Banana Budino, salted NC peanuts, candied bacon

Mutual Distributing Company
will assist in the wine & beer pairings that can be added for an additional charge

To register (HURRY - WE ARE 60% BOOKED) for April's Pop Up Dinner, please click this link:

Falling In Love In February: Kathryn + Matt 26 Mar 2013, 9:29 am

I wanted to begin this post with a photo of Ms. Pam, Kathryn's Mother. She was the brains and organizational whiz behind the beauty of Kathryn & Matt's stunning wedding! You can tell from the above photo that she had an amazing time and enjoyed the fruits of her labor. She could not have been happier that day for her daughter and son-in-law and she looked gorgeous to boot!

We will now rewind to share all the charming photos by the talented

Kathryn had her bridesmaids and mother in the Trinity Suite
 to get ready for the wedding & reception. Pam Hyung, of OnloKtion Make Up, did Kathryn's make up.

The Flower Girl was adorable!

Matt was able to spread out in the large Austin Suite.

Kathryn and Matt traded gifts prior to the ceremony, but were sure not to see each other!

The program perfectly placed on a sofa.

Strings greeted the guests before the ceremony.

Kathryn's bridesmaids make their way to the ceremony. The bouquets were created by Harris Teeter and came out beautifully!

Kathryn incorporated purple and white into all aspects of the wedding (including the flower girl's sash!).

Kathryn had a few seconds for a bridal photo minutes before the ceremony. Krystal caught the light perfectly!

Krystal lead the couple outside for a few extras shots.

We always love the balcony shot! It has our logo in the iron work!

Pam's helpers were on hand all day setting up decor for the Main Dining Room. The addition of the candelabras created a warm light for the space. American Party Rentals supplied the purple table runners and a dance floor!

Catering was provided by Jujube of Chapel Hill and the cake was created by Cake Trays.

Kathryn & Matt had their first dance in the Main Dining Room. The couple took dancing lessons prior to the occasion and knocked it out of the park! 
Move over 'Dancing With The Stars'!

The party continued into the wee hours of the morning in Brodie Duke Hall. Kathryn didn't leave the dance floor thanks to Jeff Simpson of Simpsound spinning away!

To see the film from Blueberry Fusion, click here

Congrats to Kathryn & Matt! We look forward to seeing you soon!