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Innkeeper(s): Patti & Gary Wiles

Autumn Date with Bug Life 29 Sep 2015, 12:42 pm

Much in this world can create separation in people.  Religions, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic factors and cultures.  For today’s blog, I will concentrate on “lovers.”  The lover’s of bug life.  They find their subjects interesting, colorful, industrious, diverse and a source for really thorough investigation and study.  The Non-Lovers of bug life- They that scream “EEK” as they run frantically helter skelter completely- oblivious to even their own personal safety- in their desperate attempt to flee bugs of any description.

This blog is a primo opportunity for the lover’s of bug life.  Our NC Arboretum is place of intense natural beauty and also, unbeknownst to many, even our local residents, a place of great educational opportunities of all kinds.

We’ve been innkeepers in Asheville for a really long time.  We strive to avail our guests of out of the box opportunities; the kind that turn a mere few days away vacation into an eco nature adventure.

Our Southern Appalachian region is home to a unique and very diverse bug population and our NC Arboretum has taken advantage of that in offer a Saturday class appropriately named Field Entomology in Autumn.  This class will provide participants to go out into the arboretum in company of professional entomologist, Jonathan Marchal,  to both collect and identify insects.  The main focus is on butterflies but dragonflies, beetles and other classifications of bugs will be included in the discussion.  Class is:  $52 and is four hours in duration.

The Details In Short Form:

Place:  The North Carolina Arboretum  Price: $52     Date:  Saturday, October 3   Time Frame:  1 p.m.-5 p.m.

The bugs are lonely and they are waiting for you.  Don’t make them feel unloved.  Oh, remember at the beginning of this blog when I began discussion involving the lovers of bug life vs. the non-lovers of bug life.  You may consider this innkeeper a girl of only one word.  “EEK.”

Greek Festival Asheville 2015 22 Sep 2015, 1:37 pm

At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn is ideally situated to get thee to the Greeks.   Of course, I mean the Greek Festival held in Asheville every September. Folks have been attending this popular fest in Asheville since 1986.  This year the dates are September 25-27 11 a.m.-9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 11:00 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday at 227 Cumberland Avenue within the confined area of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Asheville, as we locals know and our visitors appreciate, is no stranger to festivals but the Greek Festival holds a special place in my heart.  The music reflects the geography of Greece, existing as it does at the very crossroads of  eastern cultures of Asia and the western influence of Europe.  Even in their earliest culture played a role in the education of boys and was reflective of societal changes at any given time.

It is nothing short of invigorating to watch the Greek folk dancing in traditional dress as participants of all ages move in rhythms begun in their earliest years.  It is joyful, colorful and rich in tradition.

All that dancing works up quite an appetite and believe me, the Greeks are grand cooks. This festival offers an opportunity to partake of such regional favorites as lamb shank, baklava, spanakopita and souvalki.  For those who revel in a great “cuppa” tea, a fantastic professional brew of Greek Mountain Tea can be enjoyed.  It is delicious and known for its healthful qualities.

A tour of the Greek church, Holy Trinity is also available for those either interested in learning about Greek Orthodoxy or architecture buffs.  The building is beautiful, simple and the stained glass windows with the sun shining through is a lovely and peaceful way to end your day at the festival.  It may call to your mind the Greek philosopher Plato who said, “Be kind, for every one you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Biltmore Vineyard Wine Club 11 Sep 2015, 9:55 am

Biltmore Red or Biltmore White!

One of the very best things about owning a bed and breakfast in Asheville’s historic district is our proximity to Biltmore Estate.  The 3 mile drive offers easy and convenient access to the estate.  Our guests, like the nearly one million guests each year that visit Biltmore, fully enjoy their experience on the estate.  It goes without saying that one of the most popular stops is the winery.

From now until September 30, 2015 Biltmore Estate is offering a free gift  of a complimentary wine tool set. along with the purchase of a membership to the Vanderbilt Wine Club.  Offering the very best vintages of Biltmore wine, this opportunity could serve as either a wonderful self indulgence or a really special, thoughtfully chosen gift for someone on your gift list that really enjoys wine.

Each quarter of the year, shipments of specially chosen wine, creating interest and inspiration for the season arrives at your door. It can be in the form of a robust red, a lavish white or, if you enjoy both, a lovely combination of wines.  As most true connoisseurs of wine know, there is a story behind each wine, the grape chosen for a specific nuance.  Each shipment of this wine arrives with special notes from the winemakers, recipes Biltmore chefs have used these specific wines in and other interesting information.

There are many ways to capture memories of a special vacation.  Given their choice between a tee-shirt or membership in the Vanderbilt Wine Club as a souvenir,  I think it’s possible that the latter choice will come much closer to ensuring that you have a babysitter or dog sitter for your next vacation.  Just Sayin!

5 Must See Spots for Fall Color in Asheville 31 Aug 2015, 10:43 am

Before launching into the places we send guests at our bed and breakfast to observe the best of Fall color I want to  say that Fall 2015, according to the experts, will be ” a thing apart” -A breathtaking display of beauty!

Evidently, the chlorophyll in the leaves of trees, responsible for their green color, can begin to retreat a bit earlier in response to less rain fall.  This retreat, due to stress, caused by low water, allows the carotenes and xanthophylls (orange and yellow) , always present in the leaf but camouflaged by the green, to shine through.  The red color, caused by anacyanthis, created only in the fall is a protective color providing shelter against dangerous radiation and freezing of the tree’s leaves.  The combined actions of the carotenes, xanthophylls and ancyanthis are responsible for the vibrancy of color all “leaf peepers” travel from their homes searching.

Because some of these mechanisms are temperature dependent, the higher elevations, which maintain colder temperatures first,  will see the first changes.  This same cold cascades down to the lower elevations as the season deepens.

Here are 5 Must See Spots for Fall Color

Earliest Season Color:

1.  The Blue Ridge Parkway North (Asheville)

2.  Mt. Pisgah  (Buncombe County-County in which Asheville is positioned)

Later Season Color:

3. Blue Ridge Parkway South (Asheville)

4.  Dupont State Forest (Near Brevard)

5.  Kimberly Avenue (Residential street in North Asheville)

The bonus of varying elevations in the area is that within a short drive generally from late September moving through the end of October, a magnificent display of color worthy of magazine covers is available for viewing in Asheville.

Plan to spend some Autumn time 2015 here.  It’s a spectacle you won’t soon forget.  We still have a bit of availability and we’d love to help make your Fall 2015 a picture postcard memory forever.

How To Make The Most of your Bed and Breakfast Holiday 25 Aug 2015, 9:38 am

Per the most recent statistics from the lodging industry, about 1/3 of available accommodations in the United States are bed and breakfasts.  We were presented with a wonderful opportunity, having owned our bed and breakfast for so many years, to poll our guests as to why they chose a bed and breakfast accommodation rather than the more customarily chosen hotel experience.

A Wonderful Vacation!

Here are the most popular responses:

This was a special trip and we thought a bed and breakfast would do that best.

They are more private and we are looking for down time.

We’ve been through some challenging times lately and wanted some TLC.

Desired an “insider feel” of the place we chose to vacation.

In an effort to really maximize the value behind these responses we thought to explore them and make suggestions that would allow guests to really make the most of the bed and breakfast holiday.

Every guest is special to bed and breakfast owners.  They are not dealing with 300 guests a day. They sincerely desire to help make it memorable for their guests.  I believe we would all agree that is best accomplished when it it clear what would make it special.   That differs widely among guests.  The surest way to actually get what would make a trip unforgettable for you is to share that information with your innkeeper. Both of you want exactly the same thing!  That’s an ideal situation to secure what you want.  If you’d like flowers, a card, a special dinner or anything else that is achievable- share this with your innkeeper.  They will do all in their power to “make it happen.”

There is an unfortunate and I think, largely unearned reputation that some innkeepers really overstep your personal boundaries and seem not to understand that you would like some “alone” time.  Innkeeping is a busy job.  While in your job you may have a function, an innkeeper dons many hats every day.  She is laundry, marketing, special events, advertising, web design, receptionist, guest relations expert and more. I say this to let you know that while her highest purpose is your best stay-It is highly unlikely that she will be sitting down for the long, protracted discussion you fear where breaking away seems hopeless and the conversation drones on and on.  Your innkeeper is delighted to have you in house and if your stated objective is peace, privacy and quiet, you have an ally.

It has been of interest to me that many of the “helping” professions find themselves transitioning into innkeeping.  I am a Registered Nurse and my husband worked in Employee Relations-both very people focused.  Innkeeping is well over 50% taking care of people.  Whether the innkeeper is about creating a room designed for pure comfort and beauty or trying to identify what would make her guest thoroughly relaxed and joyful-It’s the caring that’s behind it.

Unlike other jobs where one’s choice of living location is completely based upon where the job is-Many inn owners have chosen their location specifically because they wanted to live there.  They love where they live and because they are having the “local” experience every day they are in an ideal situation to share it.  Whatever you want to do they can get you there with a minimum of muss or fuss.  Many innkeepers send their guests communication at point of booking.  Responding to that note with specific likes in dining, interests or special hopes you have for this vacation is a great way to help your innkeeper do what she does best- Make your very best personalized vacation experience to date.  A win-win by any definition.



8 Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With Asheville 17 Aug 2015, 12:11 pm

We have now been Asheville residents for 17 years.  As those of “a certain age” will know, 17 years can pass in a flash.  Very much like the complete “out of body” experience gleaned when the child you gave birth to moments ago steps out of her room in heels and perfect make up and just for a split second time stands still as your shock at this apparition begins saying  “Mom, do I look allright?”

In very much that same way our time in Asheville has flown by.  I did not arrive in Asheville by choice.  The corporate forces at Florida Power & Light transferred my husband to Turkey Point requiring a move from Port Saint Lucie, Florida where we’d lived a large part of our married lives.  Such small accidents of fate can become the catalysts for big life decisions and so it was for us.  In middle age, largely as a hedge against any more catastrophic, unexpected decisions by corporate structures, my husband and I decided to carve our own future in Asheville with the purchase of a bed and breakfast.

I will never forget landing in Asheville that fall.  I was quite simply sad…. feeling as though I’d left friends of a lifetime, my profession, my home of long years and all that had constituted my life behind.  The automatic doors of Asheville Regional Airport opened and I stepped outside to witness  the most beautiful display of foliage I’d ever seen.  I felt something else too.  Something entirely and totally unexpected.  I felt home. I have explored that phenomenon many times in memory.  I still don’t have an answer for it.  Maybe it was the comfort of God, the serene beauty of all that surrounded me or both of those things.  I’ve never felt anything but love for this community in which I never expected to live.

Here are 8 reasons you might love it too.

1.  Asheville is large enough to be interesting and small enough to know your neighbors.

2.  Diversity is more than tolerated.  It is respected, it is encouraged.  From the well heeled and well educated, to the hippies jiving to the drum circle.  All of this is Asheville.

3.  The scenic natural beauty is unparalleled.

4.  You don’t have to have big money to enjoy the area.  Festivals and events reign supreme.  Art in the Park, Shindig on the Green and Friday after Five to name just a few. All free.

5.  Educational opportunities abound. Colleges answering the needs of all levels of educational pursuits and all fields of study.  OLLI  (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) is a great opportunity for seniors to gain knowledge about nearly anything you can think of from learning to play a musical instrument to becoming a computer guru.

6.  Culturally Enhanced:  Several community theatres  in town contribute mightily to a very robust and diverse Art community. Music, an opera and symphony thrive here too supported by locals and visitors alike.

7. Asheville remains polite.  An anecdotal tale.

We did a wedding here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn. I was on the way to a cake tasting for a bride whose wedding we were hosting. Regretfully I crossing the street in a Jay walking frame of mind concentrating more on the cake tasting I was to arrange for the bride more than lawfully crossing at the crosswalk.   A car making a turn kindly stopped his car in the middle of his turn putting his hand out the window motioning me  to continue crossing the street.  I got to the other side of the street and he smiled.  Now, in some places you would have gotten an extended middle finger rather than the smile. We are all lucky to live here.

8.  Ashevillians are not asleep at the switch.  Whether is is politico or social in nature we are involved.  We seek to become informed and we are actively engaged in our community involved in preserving in Asheville  all the attributes valued here.

I heard a song on the radio the other day as I was channel surfing in the car.  It’s a country song I believe.  It was called, “I Feel Lucky.”   That about sums it up.




5 Rules for Vacationing With your Wife 10 Aug 2015, 1:53 pm

The definition of vacation is “an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home, or in traveling.”

A Great Vacation Idea!

For the purpose of this blog, I will first concentrate on the recreation part of the vacation definition.  No woman alive wants to be responsible for all the jobs she is charged with at home while on vacation. While at first blush, taking her to a cabin in the woods might seem an opportunity to have it just be the two of you butwith no available dining venues within 100 miles this choice basically mandates someone must cook.  Unless of course,  you all plan on starving during the vacation.  If cooking is primarily her venue at home, the continuance of this task will not seem like a vacation.

Ditto the laundry.  While, I agree washer-dryer options are a nice back up…Doing heaps of laundry while taking a vacation could make it seem like not much of a vacation.

Ideally, both partners had some input into the choice of recreation that was going to be called a vacation.  If you are an avid golfer and your wife is an avid swimmer, a choice where both of you can be well served is going to meet with the best results.  A choice where she watches as you play 18 holes likely will render about the same enthusiasm  you would feel watching her move through her paces in the lap pool.  Not.

Now on to the travel aspect of the vacation.  In the time we’ve owned our bed and breakfast, the distance people will choose to travel with only 2 nights away amazes us.  Frankly, if you’ve only got a brief time away-spending it all in the car getting there is pointless.  The percentage of travel time to vacation time should make sense.  Otherwise, you’ve spent so much time getting to your destination there was no time left to relax enjoy your destination.  End result, you arrive home tired, not renewed and having seen and done nothing but your car.

A successful work life requires high performance, accountability, intense focus and effective planning.  Sometimes, the benefits of being able to leave all those high charged requirements behind is the best part of being free on vacation.  Try very hard not to be available to those people in your life that might sabotage your vacation with less than urgent things.  It is highly unlikely that you can get them to lose your number permanently but free yourself just for a few days. Freedom can prove intoxicating.



Will Vacationing Together Teach You About Each Other 31 Jul 2015, 1:18 pm

We’ve owned At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn for 17 years now.  We’ve hosted many vacations of every type imaginable.  Serving as a romantic destination and also a small wedding venue we have a very large couple base.  Many of those couples have very high stress jobs and their time away is vitally important both personally and also to the relationship.

Vacation is unlike real life in a myriad of ways.  It almost always occurs in a location other than the one the couple lives in.  Hence, directions, navigation, finding a drug store or grocery usually completely easy in one’s normal environment can be a stress producing event.  Even a lovely dining reservation can get off to a uneven start when finding said restaurant proves challenging.  It’s time to be at the restaurant, it’s dark, you’ve circled the same block 5 times looking for a place to park and anxiety is on the rise.

How the two people involved deal with unfamiliar environments, unusual occurrences, things that don’t go as planned many of which could prove stress producing.  Sometimes, these couples become a well oiled machine.  Each of the partners discover and bring to the forefront their best, most sterling qualities both working to the best resolve of the presented challenge.  Sometimes, well, it doesn’t exactly go like that.

Scenario A

He misses a parking space due to the unfamiliar environment and his efforts to watch the road.  She, already concerned that the reservation time is nearing and they have not even parked the car,  becomes a bit impatient regarding his failure to note the only parking place in the downtown area.  In response to her irritation, he reminds her that they began the trip to the restaurant later than the agreed upon departure time because she did not have her dress ready and had to iron it.  She does not reply but begins to think that he is not impressed with her efforts to go to this very important dinner looking her best.  He interprets her silence as anger and retreats into silence himself.  I think we all get the picture.

In answer to the question of whether traveling together can offer opportunities into learning about each other I offer a resounding “YES.”   Let’s do the scenario again.

Scenario B

In noticing that a bit more time might be needed than she planned for, he offers to iron the dress or failing that he possesses that skill, he thoughtfully calls the restaurant alerting them they might be 15 mins late.  They leave on time.  He drives past the premium and only parking place.  She, aware that it’s dark and not his usual territory calmly suggests they circle the block .  Regretfully, the spot is taken.  He’s stressed about missing it and she is reassuring, even throwing in that sometimes she is so preoccupied with being careful she neglects to spot a parking place in time too.  Together they decide on a close parking garage and park there. There were all kinds of impediments in place.  Each party of the couple was dedicated to a good outcome.  Each responded both behaviorally and verbally to bring that to fruition.

Clearly, qualities that might make for a good vacation partner would serve no less well in navigating a successful life partnership.  All of these character traits and personalities would eventually be revealed as the relationship rolled along  but we have noted that this can happen at “warp speed” in vacation land.  Let’s face it.  All of us would rather be living in Scenario B than in Scenario A.  Choose your vacation partner carefully!  Your vacation could depend upon it.






How to Book Lodging Directly that will help you Save 24 Jul 2015, 1:19 pm

It’s time to book your vacation.  This job is pleasant for sure but it is also a big responsibility requiring the ability to really break it down uncovering all the components necessary to create a nirvana land experience-rather than the Death Valley scary kind we all have heard about from friends.

This blog is not designed to help you decide on a destination, nor an accommodation type.  This blog is designed exclusively to help you keep as much of the money you have budgeted available to do some very cool, memorable and highly fun things.  To accomplish this is no mean feat.

This blog is going to concern itself with saving on the biggest ticket item any vacation has in common.  Accommodations.  Now, on to all the OTA,s and GDS.  Ok, wait now, don’t get nervous.  I know all of you are not in the lodging industry so I will offer a brief explanation of these terms.

GDS- Global Distribution System   Primarily, we will concern ourselves with what this does.  It attempts to gather information about all aspects of vacationing.  Accommodations, airlines, cars and more.  This system offers this data minute by minute to OTA’s. and others interested parties.

OTA- Online Travel Agents.  While you may not know what this is, they have been relentlessly marketing to consumers for some time now.  Once I reveal what some of their names are,  you will realize that though you did not know their fancy name- you do know them.,, Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline are to name just a few.  These companies offer consumers a way to access thousands of travel options from cars to flights to accommodations at the click of a mouse.

Now, I promised earlier in this blog that I would tell you a way to save money on accommodations.  Here is it.  Contact the lodging property of your choice directly.  Call them up and tell them you prefer to book their property through them.  Tell them you’d like to hear about their property from the people who know it inside and out.   Tell them really important personal criteria in lodging that will make the difference between your having an ok time or a really awesome time.  Tell them you’d really appreciate a bit of a cost break for having contacted them outside of an OTA.

OTA’s can serve a huge business concerns well.  They have thousands upon thousands of rooms to book.  With that many rooms,  the exposure these systems offer is key to booking as many of those rooms as possible keeping everyone in the black. It can be a win-win.  These huge concerns have so many rooms that it is a far better economy for them to pay a company 20-35 % of their room revenue to gain the booking than to have that vast sea of rooms remain unbooked for lack of exposure to sufficient numbers to accomplish that.

As you might imagine, a smaller property takes a much larger hit.  Take bed and breakfasts or a small boutique property. These properties really specialize in personal contact, delivering excellence and truthfully, time consuming, labor of love, customer service. Their entire operation, due to the smaller numbers involved, is run entirely differently from the sheets to the furnishings to the breakfast offerings.   The average number of rooms is generally six.  To have to cough up 20-35% of room revenue can mean the difference between economic solvency and a struggling business.

Give it a shot.  Book locally.  You clearly like the locale enough to schedule a vacation there to explore it. You’ve chosen this place out of all the others.   Don’t start with an OTA.  Start with someone who lives there, works their property and has as much a vested interest in your best vacation as you do.  They are not anonymous and they don’t want you to be either. They don’t just hope to see you at their property one time.  They hope you’ll return again and again.  Call ’em up and you’ll see what I’ve told you is spot on!

Bug Life 13 Jul 2015, 8:40 am

Some people find bugs interesting.  Some find them to be total pests-no pun intended.   Some feel actual fear at their very presence.  I fall into the latter category.  Though my conscious mind is in complete understanding of the fact that largely insects are an annoyance factor and their level of engagement in our lives constitute irritation not death, I would still run a country mile rather than face a roach or some flying bug that catches me unaware.

Two weekends ago we had a young, newly married couple staying at our inn.  They were up bright and early leaving right after breakfast their burgeoning excitement clear on their young faces at the prospect of their unfolding day.  They were planning a trip to Mt. Mitchell.  They were ebullient at taking this hike and so full of hopeful expectation that the view at the top was all it is purported to be.  It was a vision.  For this couple however, the vision was short.  Why, you ask?  The weevils had come 6,684 ft. to the summit of  Mt. Mitchell just to welcome the newlyweds properly.  They took a 5 second selfie and rapidly made it back to their car leaving the vista of all that beautiful scenery for someone else to enjoy exclaiming, “They fly right at you…Good thing there are guard rails up there or someone could freak out with those things flying at you and just run over the side.”

All sorts of movie for television plots began to dance deliciously through my mind when she said that but, Hey, they’re newlyweds so I kept them to myself.

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